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  1. Hey there Dad! What is your WoT Name? I found you.. Invite sent.
  2. How does one join any of the fleets? I must have missed the thread on which fleet was which. If I can join, not sure which fleet would want me, cause I suck.. badly.
  3. Congrats on your retirement.. Missed this post as I have only really been checking out this forum as of late.. Its been 11 years since my retirement, and I still have to get a haircut (M-1R) every two to three weeks..
  4. Invite sent.. we are casual but activity is down..
  5. Seems no matter the site.. I still suck.. Now I can see the average of suck across multiple websites! Thanks! 🙂
  6. Sixman_Up

    no topic

    I have a feeling that WoT Burnout is fast approaching me.. I just sit logged in, looking at tanks..
  7. QuickyBaby chimed in as well.. was critical of WG but not at a SirFoch level.. That's the one I am waiting for..lol
  8. Oooh! That would make the IS-6 the old Tier 6 KV-1S.. That would be fun lol
  9. The only suggestion that I can offer, based on my limited observation is; The most frequently asked question is about DHO events e.g. Skirms/Strongholds, Toons and Grinds. Then we all try to point that Dad in the right direction to who happens to be the most organized at the time. Usually, (as far as WoT goes) the Dad will find that DHO-X is the most conducive to their cause. However, most do not meet the qualifications or feel that they could justifiably ask for a CO Waiver Authority to join. If we remove/move the scattered threads to Strongholds, CW, Toons and Grinds to a specific area, we could possibly keep the curious and seeking Dad fully engaged in the game. If I missed something on the forums that already exists to fill this need, then I apologize for my "Refrigerator Blindness". It was just my two cents, having been an active participant in the WoT Clan Invite Requests thread..
  10. OP was looking outside of DHO-X. Unless you relax the requirement to join X, I am not sure that the OP will qualify yet. But stranger things have happened. 🙂
  11. Most of the clans don't do the rain or shine clockwork skirmish schedule. For most, its a come-as-you-are and don't-care-what-tank-you-have as long as you're having fun mantra. When new patches, battle modes or tank lines hit, skirms dump out for a bit as everyone is trying to grind their lines. Everything requires patience for the game to equalize and you will see folks come back. If not, speak to the clan commander and ask to help organize the skirm program where you want to be. My two cents though..
  12. Welcome to DHO brother.. I am sure that someone from DHO-X will be looking at you soon..
  13. Sounds good! You going to just see if we have a quorum each night or organize a specific day of the week?
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