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  1. Haven't got to specialize anything yet, but it is a gamble when you choose to calibrate ? That doesn't sound like fun, I'd like to know what I'm getting 😒
  2. LMAO, that was funny. ' I'm going to show you how much better the Tiger II is, it's good'
  3. Modifications to BFG And a new one
  4. Got reply and they just added it to my account
  5. Got the email from WG with the 204WB code but it won't activate :( sent a ticket
  6. farcticox

    Mods for WOWPS

    funny that the tanks have outlines in WOT but not the planes which are moving all over the place. I turned up the brightness, it is better.
  7. Keep me posted, WOWP is my go to game at the moment with a bit of WOT Blitz on the PC
  8. I had the same thing, closed the game a couple of times and everything was right again. This game is very buggy
  9. farcticox

    Mods for WOWPS

    is there a mod or setting to illuminate the enemy planes better, that new map that is really dark pretty well makes them invisible.
  10. I am thinking of learning Autodesk Autocad and maybe Inventor as well as a new career, I am at the age now (52) were 10 & 12hr days on my feet doing maintenance work are just wearing me out. I often see jobs here for AutoCad / Inventor experience but I have only dabbled with it following Youtube guides. I am looking at some online training course, with certification, like ICS Canada. https://www.icslearn.ca/programs/technology/autocad-essentials-certificate Does anyone have any experience of any courses like this ? I guess the traditional route would be going to collage full time, but that's not really an option, I need something I can do in the evenings after work or weekends. Thanks
  11. Do they do any videos on how to get Gud ? I'm watching this one
  12. farcticox

    Mods for WOWPS

    I installed the mods, played a game to test them and was surprised to see only 2 humans on each team
  13. I got 12507 on minimum settings, that's the best my potato PC will run, so at least I can still play
  14. I got a Not Valid message, must have used it already
  15. Yes, I was in DHO X tanks but left and am still in DHO X planes
  16. Nerf modding seems quite a thing https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/new/ I'm into airsoft/airguns
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