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  1. Haven't got to specialize anything yet, but it is a gamble when you choose to calibrate ? That doesn't sound like fun, I'd like to know what I'm getting 😒
  2. LMAO, that was funny. ' I'm going to show you how much better the Tiger II is, it's good'
  3. Got reply and they just added it to my account
  4. Got the email from WG with the 204WB code but it won't activate :( sent a ticket
  5. funny that the tanks have outlines in WOT but not the planes which are moving all over the place. I turned up the brightness, it is better.
  6. Keep me posted, WOWP is my go to game at the moment with a bit of WOT Blitz on the PC
  7. I had the same thing, closed the game a couple of times and everything was right again. This game is very buggy
  8. is there a mod or setting to illuminate the enemy planes better, that new map that is really dark pretty well makes them invisible.
  9. Do they do any videos on how to get Gud ? I'm watching this one
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