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  1. I never knew about this. I'm terrible at keeping up with the events in this game, even though I play almost every day. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!
  2. I never make bonds, probably because I so rarely play my tier 10's. I think I have 35 or so tier 10's but for me the fun is the grind to get it. Once I have them I don't want to play them.
  3. I watched it every Friday to see what was happening over the weekend. It was more entertaining then reading a damn web page. I hate to see it go and hope they replace it with something similar.
  4. Yeah, right now I have 197 out of 380 ornaments. But I am at 37% bonus per battle, so not too bad. I haven't started using shards to get the things i need. Maybe I should.
  5. I bought 75 just like every year. This was a good year. 48,750 gold 3.4 Million Credits 50 days of Premium Both new Tier 8's (by the 7th box!) All the new skins Crew Commander Julia Progetto (which I already owned so it give me 11,500 gold) Firefly Bret Panther 3 times Sexton 3 times PZ3k (I think that is the name) 2 times Of course getting all this allows you to 100% complete the decorations. One of the cool things this year is getting nation blue prints, 60 of them for a bunch of the nations. That allowed me to 100% research: From tier 9 - Type 5 Heavy,
  6. 3 Marking a tank would be great. I was at 93.5% on my RamII just a few weeks ago and then dive bombed back to below 85%. I just don't have the patients (or skill apparently) for it. Too frustrating. But I would like to play my tier 10 tanks more. Once I research them I rarely play them. The fun for me is the grind to get them. I'm guessing I will have the T110E4 by the end of the holidays and that will complete my American line of tanks.
  7. So far so good. About 8 games and I haven't been two tiers down yet. At most 1 tier down in my tier 8's.
  8. Wow. Thanks for the info. I hadn't heard about it. This kind of sucks.
  9. I'm only on the tier 6 and am shocked at how much I like it. I did get the turret and top gun because I figured it would take me a while to XP through it.
  10. But man, I had so much fun after I was dead watching this video I just knew Claus would like it. So I begged the light and arty to upload their video's and I submitted the game to Claus a few times. I was shocked when I saw it. Now, that was one of my first games in the E50. I have a decent crew but it was stock and I was playing super cautious. I still suck in that tank. After 60 games or so I'm not even 40%. I was better in the Panther 2 and it was a way worse tank.
  11. Seems strange they are adding to the tier levels i games and not removing them. I heard Asia all all +1 -1 and they love it. No more 8-5-3. But they are talking about keeping 8-5-3 and adding 5-5-5. Why? Also being talked about is being able to select maps you don't want to play and friendly fire going away.
  12. He's the best. Only got about 5 minutes into the video but had to jump into a conference call. I'll watch the rest in a bit.
  13. Never mind. I bought 75 boxes and got 2 IS3a's in them LOL. I did get a defender and a poop ton gold and premium days. Worth it.
  14. QB and Dez opened 400 boxes total with no IS3a. So might not be a common tank. I'm going to get 75 boxes. I would like to get a Defender. I already have an IS3a, SkorpG and E25. I don't have any of the Tier 5 tanks they are giving away.
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