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  1. mrholsy

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Yeah, just finished it a couple days ago. Around 4k in the Batchat was good for about .25%
  2. mrholsy

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    @Lt_jackson_13 What dmg+assisted was required on the STRV? That would be one I might think about going for. Also have you 2 marked the Obj 140? Curious what that one takes, that is my dream 2 MoE. Oh and this...
  3. mrholsy

    Down Goes Wonka!

  4. mrholsy

    Down Goes Wonka!

    Dads OP please Nerf.
  5. mrholsy

    last game in a 6 for 20 night

    Nice one. I'd have quit playing long before that point.
  6. mrholsy

    Do you want more out of your game-play?

    I've heard plenty of people over the years inquire about things like this. I'll send them your way in case someone mentions coaching. Also if someone makes a bad trade in CW and gets their 140's turret knocked off, I'll send the your way.
  7. mrholsy

    Clan wars is back

    Tonight, Thursday 9/27 at 10 ET is our first CW of the season.
  8. mrholsy

    DHO-X Nostalgia

    I heard if Kilo comes back to X they will bring back the Waffle. Tell Loki o7.
  9. Scheduling Battles Tanks to Grind Players Guide Strategy Basics Map Strategies
  10. mrholsy

    Clan wars is back

    If you are in DHO-X see the link in the main post to mark down your normal availability.
  11. mrholsy

    Clan wars is back

    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/clan-wars/global-map-season-10-is-here/ The 10th anniversary season on the Global Map starts on September 24 at 8:00 ET through December 4 at 8:00 ET. This season they have a new feature called alliances. Basically you can group up clans into an official alliance and cover battles for each other. Pretty interesting change for clans than hold land. I don't see this changing anything for how DHO-X approaches CW. We'll just mainly focus on Saturday night CW and pick landing tournaments that produce fun matches. Get your TYPE5s ready! If your interested in joining DHO-X to participate in CW read this and message me. If you are already in DHO-X click here and fill out your availability so we can gauge which week nights are best for CW. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MJWhKwx7w7_4BoNADwe0OzSRITXOkDXPeIqj3YSkcsI/edit?usp=sharing
  12. mrholsy

    DHO-X Officer Changes

    We changed around some roles around in DHO-X yesterday. I'll be handling the Commander duties. @xtc4 and @Juggernaut41 have been promoted up to Executive Officers. And in case you didn't hear clan battles are now on discord: http://www.discord.gg/YKpADaU
  13. Yeah, I just haven't made it on much lately, didn't mean to take a break, just kinda happened due to just being busy.
  14. Hey xtc, curious whose been running them you? Also anyone else need rank to be able to drop Arty strike? Btw dad, I usually created like 50-100 strikes at a time, they are cheap iirc.
  15. mrholsy

    Training or XP ??

    I have a pretty good system... just don't pay much attention and it works itself out. I generally have plenty of convertible xp on hand b/c I routinely forget to check 'accelerate crew training'.