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  1. Enjoy your break. You'll know your are ready to attempt a come back when you can go 24 hours and not think about tanks.
  2. Here's a detailed post of how I ran X's campaign years ago. Kinda fun to re-read and remember.... What bridge? http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/483491-one-guys-campaign-4-review/#topmost
  3. Glad it worked out.... Whew that was close. Dho-x's one campaign was equally as stressful. 3 hrs a night, 20+ days? We made the cut a bit easier, so the end wasn't that dramatic. Good advice and overview.
  4. Dho-x has alot of CW clan burn outs like yourself, here's how we approach organized play. We play CW or Advances 3 times a week, for 1 hour. We don't hold land so no weird defense times. We have 30+ online so we we just rotate people through who wanna play that night. Our pace is very casual. Let me know if X interests you or not. @rewguy79 otherwise rew can get you an invite to DHO
  5. It was in section 15. I stopped reading before I got that far.
  6. Other important details... 1. Looks like Clan that own land can apply for landings on the Basic Front 2. A 5x Fame point multiplier for fighting land owners 3. You are allow 1 no-show battle every 4 days. 4. Clan can invest/gamble clan Fame points to get bonuses that increase Fame point earning potential. 5. Clan Fame points determine the clans overall position on the leaderboard, the higher the clan is on the leader at the end the higher the bond multiplier bonus will be. 6. Personal Fame points are different from Clan Fame points. When the clan risks Fame point
  7. Thanks Kilo. Here is another section individuals should read. 5. Personal Bonuses 5.1. Players can exchange personal Fame Points for personal bonuses that speed up the earning of personal Fame Points. 5.2. A personal bonus for personal Fame Points is activated is soon as it is received by the player: Please note that the abovementioned exchange is irreversible, so consider your time and efforts carefully. Making the correct choice will allow you to earn more Fame Points and rank high in the event, while errors in calculations could lead to a ranking lower than you wou
  8. https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/global-map-soldiers-of-fortune-regulations/ Clan Wars starts back on Monday Jan 21 with a new campaign. DHO-X will participate a few nights a week, but keep to our casual pace. Which means no real chance for a reward tank. You'll have to settle for good times and lol while watching an unamed player shoot his type 5 rounds into the ground. First battle for us will be on Tuesday.
  9. Yeah, I needed to clean up the DHO-X roster for those who have been inactive for a month, just did that, and we are now at 88 players. I don't remember what criteria rewguy uses for activity, but DHO is in the ballpark of 70 active players. It still looks to me like 2 active clans is the right number to me based on the incoming and outgoing rates, just need to do a little roster house keeping. I would love to see our remaining active players (~100) who are spread out across 4 branches assimilate into DHO & DHO-X. Just seems like a better tanking experience for everyone, but people can
  10. Send mrholsy an in game friend request... I will invite you to dho-x advances when we do them. Definitely the best way to see if you like our dank memes.
  11. Also new to 2018 is Grant pointing out weird tank choices.
  12. To humor xtc I went city.... 3 tanks on my side held up 7 of the reds. Stalemate until the flankers from the field broke through came in a crushed the city tanks.
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