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  1. Archaic

    Ranked, where u at?

    Got stuck at 7 then back to 6 for a while. I've had a crummy few weeks of tanking. Last night I had 3 straight losses where I either held or gained a chevron because too many pubbies want to play ranked like a pub match. Pretty frustrating that I won't make a payout this round
  2. Archaic

    Ranked Battles Season 2

    So last time the 111-5a was my go to ranked tank, but I might have a Super Conq by the next go round as well. How much do you guys think the 268 V4 is going to alter ranked this go around? As much as I want to play the Patton or BC, I just don't see playing Ranked in anything but a heavy. The 430U might be interesting. I wonder if it will be the same maps again?
  3. Archaic

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Ensk

    lately I've been going to E6/F6 between the building and the tracks and getting side shots on the heavy brawl areas. Its still my least favorite map, getting lit 10 seconds from start while still in spawn is silly.
  4. Archaic

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Fisherman's Bay

    The last few times I played it middle has been more crowded then mens room at halftime. I yolo'd 1-2 line in my 430 with a 40t and an IS-7, we got all the way to J1 unopposed. Even though they had a purple toon, it was all clean up for us after that once the crossfire got locked in. All the TDs are preaiming those bushes in the mid now
  5. Archaic

    New Map: Minsk

    So, basically its Paris with a place for arty to drown themselves. Check
  6. Archaic

    Year long premium discount availability?

    Everybody was hoping for that deal again . . . we did get christmas boxes, which were almost as good. The $49 year of premium may have been a unicorn sighting.
  7. Archaic

    What's Yer Grind - Spring 2018

    I'm on the Black Prince and most of the way to through the T-44 again. I'm a lot more interested in the 430U for fun, plus its a way better grind. I'm kind of expecting the Super Conq to get nerfed so I'm not in a big hurry to play the black prince. My son has the new Object 430 and he is loving it, but its a HUGE XP grind to get the 430U, like 335K even if you skip the tracks, so I'm not in any hurry there either.
  8. Archaic

    Is 1.0 more fun than .9XX?

    For the most part I like 1.0, but they may have overdone the bushes. Instead of making LTs more able to spot they instead made everything able to bush wookie. I also agree that Erlenberg is pretty awful now, on the other hand El Halluf, Mines, Fjords, and Ensk all markedly better. I love the music.
  9. Archaic

    More Broken: 268 v4 or Wt Auf e100?

    The thing about the WTE was that the instant it got spotted it was doomed, it could not run, it could not hide, it was food 1 v 1 vs a tier 7 LT back in the day. Yes, it SUCKED coming around a corner and getting clipped out by a retard who yolo'd in one - but it was his one and only play of the game. When you spot the V4, your problems are just beginning. He just beat you to your bush and now your faced with having to deal with a tank that you cannot really harm that is going to be punching 650 damage holes in you just by auto aiming. It does not need nerfed a lot, either the speed or a weak spot is plenty, but right now it breaks games.
  10. Archaic

    Supertest News

    Its pretty darned good news for one very special DHO member . . . OMG I'm getting a 350 mm pen HEAT laser!
  11. Archaic

    WoT 1.0 - Going HD - 1.0 is LIVE!

    I think I'm going to like the new fjords a lot.
  12. Archaic

    Should I if Shouldn't I

    I enjoy it as much now as ever and both of my boys (17 and 14) have come back to playing after a year or two off. I find toxic chat actually pretty amusing, so YMMV but you can always turn it to friends list only.
  13. Archaic

    Ranked Battles Season 1

    Carbonward gets paid to three mark tanks, grind XP or credits, pad WN8, etc on other peoples accounts. I think he said he'd three marked something like 13 110E5s across all the servers or such craziness. Lunacy, but I guess it beats flipping burgers. A world we will never see, but I guess most of those guys will never see a real live naked woman so its probably a fair trade off for us old guys. ;)
  14. Archaic

    WoT 1.0 - Going HD - 1.0 is LIVE!

    Sacred valley, lakeville, live oak, etc and now Karkov - whats with all of these 'donut' maps with a giant unplayable center?. Its just lazy coding to make it look like we are getting more map than we actually are. Add to that maps like El Halluf, Westfield, Himmelsdorf and other maps where you can access the center but its an unplayable death zone. I just realized that Prokorahvka, Sand River, Ruinberg, Cliff, fishermans bay and most of the maps with a playable center are some of my favorite maps. Except mines, #^*& that map, nothing can save it
  15. Archaic

    WoT 1.0 - Going HD - 1.0 is LIVE!

    Am I seeing it right, did they completely seal off the middle buildings?