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  1. Heya guys, just got a new PS4, so my PSN id is icelus4548. Got a few games and will be trying out warframe this evening for those of you that play that.
  2. ... ham radio that is. :P I have a tech license and am slowly studying up for my general, and yes, I'm even studying morse code. Since money is an issue, I want to get into QRP which is mostly cw work. I'm just curious as to how many other operators are out there and what they like doing on air. Severian, KB1JOV
  3. hm, using VMware I'm having trouble finding a setup that doesn't lag. So far Fedora and Hiaku(which isn't linux) are the only two that response reasonably. Let me ask you guys this: what vm software do you recommend? I already have VMware and VirtualBox. Both see about the same to me at the moment. I there another option that I might try?
  4. Thanks guys. I should have thought of that. I'm installing VMware now and downloading Mint.
  5. I've been a linux fan for over a decade now and this laptop I'm on is the first computer I've had that I kept windows on. That's only because it's really hard to find games or to get games working in linux. With that said I'm really itching to get back to linux. Given that I like windows for gaming and linux for everything else, do you fine gentleman think that it would be worth dual booting this laptop. If so are any distros better for that than others?
  6. Cool. How did you like that nor'easter we just got? ;)
  7. Woot! It's another Downeaster! Welcome :)
  8. Heya gentleman. As the subject line says, I'm a new player on the PC version. It seems that I may need to wait until I'm mastery level 2 before I can join the clan(I'm currently level 1). I was hoping that those of you that get on the PC wouldn't mind adding me as a friend. I go by the name Ryntai in game. Thanks :)
  9. Hey guys, came across this tank game from 1985 that's been made to run in the browser. Go and check it out. It'll either bring back memories or make you thankful that WoT wasn't around in the 80's :P
  10. severian

    Sailboat Racing

    I haven't seen any post about this so I was wondering if any of you Dads keep up with any sailboat racing. I tend to like the ocean races more. Races like the Volvo Ocean Race and the Vendée. Anyone else interested, or am I the only one with salt water for blood?
  11. Back when I was single I use to curl my mustache. I used Firehouse Wax. It's something you'll have to do daily. If you need more info or suggestions, a good place to look is on sites and forums that deal with straight razors, as those men are into facial hair products in a big way and usually have a section just on mustaches and beards.
  12. severian

    The Game of Go

    I was just wondering if any other dads here play Go (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_game), and if so, where online do they like to play. I play mostly on online-go.com, though I also play on DGS and KGS. At them moment I'm right around a 22k/21k. Sev
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