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  1. Heya guys, just got a new PS4, so my PSN id is icelus4548. Got a few games and will be trying out warframe this evening for those of you that play that.
  2. Cool. How did you like that nor'easter we just got? ;)
  3. Woot! It's another Downeaster! Welcome :)
  4. Heya gentleman. As the subject line says, I'm a new player on the PC version. It seems that I may need to wait until I'm mastery level 2 before I can join the clan(I'm currently level 1). I was hoping that those of you that get on the PC wouldn't mind adding me as a friend. I go by the name Ryntai in game. Thanks :)
  5. Hey guys, came across this tank game from 1985 that's been made to run in the browser. Go and check it out. It'll either bring back memories or make you thankful that WoT wasn't around in the 80's :P
  6. Back when I was single I use to curl my mustache. I used Firehouse Wax. It's something you'll have to do daily. If you need more info or suggestions, a good place to look is on sites and forums that deal with straight razors, as those men are into facial hair products in a big way and usually have a section just on mustaches and beards.
  7. Isn't it October or is 'September' a typo?
  8. Lots of good info here. :) I decided to get to tier 5 on my US MT and TD, as well as to tier 5 on the Russian path to get the heavy. From there it'll be practice practice practice :). Once I feel comfortable I'll start moving on up the line.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. :) I'll be watching some of those videos during nap time.
  10. Yes, I'm new. I have less then 50 games. Right now I have all 4 classes of US tanks at 2nd tier, except for the Tank Killer which I just got the 3rd tier. Before I ask my question I'm going to break down my thoughts on the 4 classes: Light Tanks: Almost useless. It's the only tank that I don't average at least 1 tank kill a match. I see them as good for spotting, but as cannon fodder to do it. Med. Tanks: My favorite all around tank. Gives enough armor to survive spotting and fire power to get those lights. Tank Killers: Now these guys intrigue me. I usually get at least 1 kill, more about a third of the time. I like the sniping and have no trouble waiting in hiding. SPGs: I love this class. I just wish I could get more protection in random solo games. So my question is, should I even bother with progressing my light tank? Is there a style of play that works well with lights that doesn't involve just running around hoping to kill someone before I get killed? Am i strange for liking SPGs? Any tips or suggestions, or outright 'don't do it man!' would be appreciated :) Sev
  11. Yes, yes I am :) Thank you for the invite.
  12. He, yeah i just remembered that I have a different name in game. My handle is Ryntai. Sorry for the confusion.
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