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  1. can you give my wife some tips on SAVING!!!
  2. These freaking tanks better be good! Making me play that Leo again...I mean that just ain't right!
  3. ratpak


    awesome... thanks!
  4. ratpak


    What the heck are tokens for and how do you know how many you have. Also what are bonds how do you them and what are they for. You can post links if you like. No long gibber gabber teacher mumbo jumbo (Maida)
  5. I've played like 10 games or so. Even got premium time. I'll play a little here and there. Not quitting the gym though, over two years and still hitting it about 3 times a week. They cut my blood pressure med in half and are thinking about taking me off all together
  6. New pc build so shouldn't be an issue. I will look up and see what the 1.0 is all about.
  7. Been watching a few streams on Twitch. I was thinking if it is worth coming back to play or not. Have not played since end of July. Watching some of the streams, players look just as toxic as before which is why I left after a long, long, long, time of playing. XVM still looks like a thing (hate it). However the game itself I like or I wouldn't have been playing since Beta. Give me some honest feedback of how you see the state of the game right now, as I have not been keeping up.
  8. I play PUBG on PC only. How is WoT lately? I would come back, but I don't think I have the willpower not to spend money on the game. I don't even want to think about how much I have spent since 2011, it makes me ill.
  9. wait, are you saying I don't get nothing? I mean I know I haven't played since July 30th, and I don't even have the game installed, but I protest. Actually I just haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I would. Hello all!!!
  10. I might reinstall just to play the Super Conq and the buffed Type 59 nah...
  11. If you are reading that on reddit then it's all bullcrap. There has to be 100% proof of this and not just a streamer say so. There has only been 1 confirmed ban that I know of for stream sniping. This is my main game I play (don't even have tanks installed anymore)
  12. steam names? It's all I have been playing. I play FPP only now. Haven't played tanks in ... I can't remember (haha Maida) steam = ratpak
  13. The love affair is over for me WoT, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing
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