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  1. Ayleward2

    New AMD Build

    https://www.amd.com/en/press-releases/2018-09-06-amd-reimagines-everyday-computing-new-zen-based-athlon-desktop-processors At the link above there is the press release for the AMD Athlon replacements using Zen technology; I am not sure if this is Zen + (Ryzen 2xxx) or Zen (Ryzen 1xxx), though I suspect it is the former. So a question looms, which is I was planning a new Ryzen build with a discrete graphics card after tax returns in 2019. Because this is AM4 socket compatible, would it make sense to get an Athlon processor and then upgrade to a Zen 2 (Ryzen 3xxx) or Zen 2+ (Ryzen 4xxx) later? AM4 socket is supposed to be consistent through 2020, so I could go with the processor as a cost savings and get a better GPU now. Mostly I am not playing AAA games, WoT and WoWarships are my primary games, with 7 Days to Die as an alternate. Ayle
  2. Ayleward2

    How to Discord video

    Also showing the steps for adding yourself to the DHO discord (using a alternate account to do all the examples in the video?) might be good, double the value of the video showing welcome, step 1 add this role.... roles are ..... Ayle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ayleward2

    How to Discord video

    How @ works in Discord, how roles can be used in conjunction with @ to give a group notification. Explanation of @ here works. That might all be included in the meaning of roles. Ayle
  4. Ayleward2

    Discord Overlay

    Couple of notes- I think most of the tankers will not want the full overlay (though you can toggle if you want the text channels overlaid on your game). More importantly (maybe?) you can have the voice channel you are in overlaid automatically without seeing any of the text. In the gear sign next to your name at the bottom of the discord window, choose overlay and Display names either when speaking or always. Always means you will always see who is in the chat channel faintly overlaid on your game, with the names becoming bright when a person speaks. If you select speaking only, you only see their name when they speak. Ayle
  5. Ayleward2

    Thinking of getting a new desk top

    It pcpartpicker is usually very good in compatibility. I don’t know your personal preferences and budget, but you may want to check an AMD Ryzen cpu and associated motherboard. My new build is tentatively scheduled for after taxes next year, and I am planning to go AMD on the CPU, possibly even Ryzen gen 1 and not gen 2 with the idea that the AM4 socket is supposed to be used into 2020, so could update the cpu up to gen 4 Ryzen later, and spend the saving on a better GPU now. Ayle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. For me, the addition and need for consumables in T6 strongholds and the removal of T6 CW just took some fun out of those modes, and mostly when I can play right now I am playing tier 5 and under for brief sessions. Bring back old Swamp and Lefty CW..... Ayle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ayleward2

    I'm a daddy! (AGAIN! LOL)

    Congratulations[emoji106]! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I wouldn’t mind helping out on the Discord side as an admin/moderator. Ayle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I am not sure now- it used to be Ships was more graphics intensive, but I am not sure now after the 1.0 tanks patch with all the graphics enhancements. Ayle
  10. Ayleward2

    Disney Cruises

    Anyone done these? Thinking of doing a cruise next fall (Nov 2019 ish). Currently the plan would be a 4 day cruise, not doing any of the excursions. Looked at doing the parks instead, but for similar cost we would have a lot more transit time each day. Girls would be 2 1/2, almost 4, and 5 years old in November. Ayle
  11. Ayleward2

    Marvel Strike Force- Starting out

    Okay, a bit of an update as the game progresses- we are doing the top level Ultimus raid (as of right now) and generally 1 level down on all other raids. Level cap and gear cap was just increased to 65. Best starting advice: If you want Iron Man or Star Lord, be patient. Don't expect to get them the first run unless you want to spend money. Mercenary squad should be a priority, there is a gold event that requires them. A Hand squad may also be very useful, at least have 5, so that you can do their event as well. Ayle
  12. Ayleward2

    Ode to the Derp

    Cruiser II with the howitzer, Cromwell with same howitzer, M4, KV-2, Japanese heavies if you want that line. Cruiser II is like the KV-2.... at lower tiers. What were the Derpsgiving favorites this year? Ayle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ayleward2

    t64 or t3485M

    I would go Type- as I recall it is still buffed as if it faced tier 9, and the 85M doesn’t really do anything special compared to the tech tree 85. If you get the tech tree tank and like it, maybe you get the M later. On the Chinese line, be aware the tier 6 is a bit of a challenge to play, and the tier 7 and up use medium tank guns in light tanks. Ayle
  14. Poll for day(s) that folks would like to run CW. This would be DHO4 running CW, probably starting at 2200 EST. If a later time is better (remember the tourneys mean you can easily add a couple hours to the start time), please add that to your posted response. Ayle
  15. Ayleward2

    Intel Hardware Discounts

    Desktop- I like building/maintaining the hardware, and a tablet/smartphone replaces a laptop for me in any cases where the desktop is not available. Ayle