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  1. The environment reminds me of James Cameron's Avatar. Considering it's Bioware, it wouldn't surprise me if it had some sort of heavy handed environmentalist narrative Sent from my XT1563 using Tapatalk
  2. My 7 year old has read all the books he can get his hands on. He loves the absurd humour. So this is a definite watch for us. tapatalkin'
  3. I'll give it a shot if it's a deeper experience than the first. That said, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out a month later, will be hard pressed to compete with that. tapatalkin'
  4. FemRyder is hideously homely tapatalkin'
  5. Ad here's some new gameplay. UI looks a little clunky but we'll have to see. Otherwise combat looks and sounds awesome! https://youtu.be/NK6pgNxyunI tapatalkin'
  6. Anytime I'm Battlefielding I open a new lfg on the dho club. Don't see a lot of guys playing lately though. tapatalkin'
  7. Hit me up, I'm eastern time but by the time kids are asleep I don't get on until late in the night. The 2-3 hour delay would probably work well across time zones. Dadbeat XB1 tapatalkin'
  8. I don't like how EA/Microsoft have for all intents made these backwards compatible but have locked them behind the EA access "paywall" Apparently people are having issues with the double disc ME2 tapatalkin'
  9. Canada here so even saying "after Thanksgiving" is waaay too early! We have a fake tree but try to aim for first week of Dec. However, depending on post holiday business it has stayed up well past Feb tapatalkin'
  10. Get knifed/gassed/run over by me, here's what you would see https://emblem.battlefield.com/uYda1tdKYx tapatalkin'
  11. You can link your account but I don't think any characters can transfer over tapatalkin'
  12. Totally with Canuck. Can't believe you're even entertaining the idea of letting a 5 yo's tantrums dictate your adult relationship. Make sure you're not taking her to McDonald's or for a "treat" when you take her out of the house when acting up. Otherwise you're teaching her that treating the fiancé badly gets rewarded rather than punished. Sure, remove her from the situation to save the fiancé grief, but take her and sit in the car, or some other mundane activity, then take away a favourite privilege when you return to really drive the point home. It's almost impossible to get 5 yo's to understand logic, but they sure do learn cause and effect real fast (if you stick with it) tapatalkin'
  13. Canadian exchange + markup :( tapatalkin'
  14. I dunno, at $130 for the "ultimate" version (the only one that currently has the car pass) I'm a little put-off. tapatalkin'
  15. Cook or quarantine EVERY pillow/cushion/stuffy/blanket etc. Quarantine by putting it all in garbage bags or plastic bins and leave them for a month. Carpets are tougher, if it's bad just keep vacuuming every day and douse with lice killer. We had one "scare", tea tree oil shampoo and nit comb every night for probably a week and a half. tapatalkin'
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