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  1. The environment reminds me of James Cameron's Avatar. Considering it's Bioware, it wouldn't surprise me if it had some sort of heavy handed environmentalist narrative Sent from my XT1563 using Tapatalk
  2. I'll give it a shot if it's a deeper experience than the first. That said, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out a month later, will be hard pressed to compete with that. tapatalkin'
  3. FemRyder is hideously homely tapatalkin'
  4. Ad here's some new gameplay. UI looks a little clunky but we'll have to see. Otherwise combat looks and sounds awesome! https://youtu.be/NK6pgNxyunI tapatalkin'
  5. Anytime I'm Battlefielding I open a new lfg on the dho club. Don't see a lot of guys playing lately though. tapatalkin'
  6. Hit me up, I'm eastern time but by the time kids are asleep I don't get on until late in the night. The 2-3 hour delay would probably work well across time zones. Dadbeat XB1 tapatalkin'
  7. I don't like how EA/Microsoft have for all intents made these backwards compatible but have locked them behind the EA access "paywall" Apparently people are having issues with the double disc ME2 tapatalkin'
  8. Get knifed/gassed/run over by me, here's what you would see https://emblem.battlefield.com/uYda1tdKYx tapatalkin'
  9. You can link your account but I don't think any characters can transfer over tapatalkin'
  10. Canadian exchange + markup :( tapatalkin'
  11. I dunno, at $130 for the "ultimate" version (the only one that currently has the car pass) I'm a little put-off. tapatalkin'
  12. Coming to XB1 and PS4 September 16. I'm conflicted here. Sure the graphics are OBVIOUSLY dated but the gameplay is phenomenal. This is the BEST medieval RPG - Sword/horse fighting game to date. But again, I've already played 100's of hours on PC.
  13. "gameplay" in the loosest sense. Looks like there's free jumping now, so that's a big change. Still curious to see what combat looks like, space exploration, etc tapatalkin'
  14. This has to be satire. "The internet has been in mourning" "Righteous social media and accurate memes" LOL tapatalkin'
  15. Why? Xbox1 has the "exclusive” deal with EA on this one (for what it's worth, even if just early access, etc) tapatalkin'
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