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  1. Hey Dads, I didn't see a thread and couldn't find any with the search function, so I thought I'd start one. Looking for League players. I am still very new to the game and am at 21 ATM. I prefer top Lane/Support while running Sion or Kayle as my mains. Feel free to add me: WingedHuman
  2. LOL Hells yea I remember you BD! and no worries. I've been gone a while as well, but when I jumped back in, it looked like everyone was outty. Glad to hear there are still dads in DHO2 that I can party up with, I hate playing alone.
  3. subject line says it all. Everyone seems to have disappeared.
  4. Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card $34.99 via Newegg with Promo Code: EMCKAKS78 . http://ow.ly/Tr0W2 If you already have a sub, you can buy this and it will add one year ontop of what you've currently paid for.
  5. Listening to the last podcast, I had an idea... The achievement can be: "Internet Fame" and the icon can be that of a microphone. And it could be awarded to each member of the site who has been on the podcast with the bozos... I mean boys. Thoughts?
  6. I'd be more than willing to sub in as a ringer for Jeremy next time... :)
  7. http://www.razerzone.com/E3-2015?my_referral=2f1195b628171548cdbff004d26cef9a Good luck dads!
  8. definately the most fun podcast I've done so far.
  9. WingedHuman#1897 HotS, Hearthstone
  10. If anyone on PC still has a beta code for HotS I would love to play it. Thanks!
  11. typically I'm online after 2000hrs CST on tuesday/friday/Sat nights. Do any of those work for you guys?
  12. I don't see a whole lot of DHO2 clan stuff going on... is this more of a relaxed/recreational clan? I Love to platoon, SH, and just run with my buddies, and I really can't stand gaming alone. Who is with me?!
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