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  1. Ryan_NooB

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    HELLO ALL!!!!!! I'M BACK!!!!! :):):) if i could get an invite back to x that would be great i have my computer up an running again reliably i-net connecting leaves some to be desired but would love to come back since i'm back Thanks Ryan BTW IGN Ryan_Noob
  2. Ryan_NooB

    3 on 3 Tournament - 80% prize payout! Win an AMX 13 57!

    Dad's United team here we have been using an arl 44, kv-85, t-150 and did good our first couple but have lost the last few Ryan
  3. Ryan_NooB

    dads united gfct

    light type 64 326% med jumbo 186% type 58 283% heavy kv-85 188% m6 255% td kitty 289%
  4. Ryan_NooB

    Upcoming t4 Skirmish (Skirmish 14)

    due to the dho clans running internal groups i dont have enough to field a team, so i have not been doping tourneys for over a month now but if you get a group together would not mind joining Thanks, Ryan
  5. New tourney up tier 5 encouter on winter himelsdorf only 4 combatants Ryan
  6. Skirmish 9 is up looks like alot of fun tier 1 on winterberg 6 person team!! Ryan
  7. Skirmish 8 Info up!!!!! Need 3 more to field a team +4 reserves to fill Ryan
  8. Only have 2 signed up for current tournament need atleast 3 more to field a team!! supposed to submit tonight. Ryan
  9. sorry due to me losing internet last night and not gaining it back until it was too late i did not get our team submitted so from now on i will be submitting teams on wed night (so i have over 24 hrs to get it submitted should something happen) truely very sorry guys thanks ryan
  10. Thanks could not have said it better myself Elad! Ryan
  11. This one is bravo sry i fixed the main page, also if we get enough guys that are willing i would set up an alpha Ryan
  12. Ryan_NooB

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Invite sent! Ryan
  13. Ryan_NooB

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Invite sent...Welcome to the hideout :) Ryan
  14. Ryan_NooB

    WOT for me, I'm back

    dude i feel for you, your modem is total Ryan
  15. Ryan_NooB

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Invite out welcome to DHO!! Ryan