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    Star Citizen

    Was wondering if there were people playing this on the DHO discord? i logged into Star citizen for the first time in a few years and it’s been interesting playing the 3.5 PU my computer is ancient (5 years old) i5-4690k. 16GB GTX 970. It actually runs fairly well once everything is loaded. still trying to get a hang of flying the ship, totally augered in left an impact crater in the planet when I kept the speed up trying to land. ive only got an Aurora LN, Avenger a Titan, and a Reliant Kore. Played a few delivery missions, discovered that the cargo boxes keep falling thru the floor of the Reliant Kore, so you can’t do any delivery missions with it.
  2. The scuttlebutt that is going around is that the Admirals Bounty May be a better deal Admirals Bounty is $49.99 for 30 days of warship premium and 12500 doubloons then go into the in game client and spend 12000 doubloons for 360 days of warship premium end result 390 days of warship premium and 500 doubloons for $49.99
  3. Just don't load into coop and quit back to port without playing.... like one unfortunate player who complained in the WoWS forums. If you do this enough times you end up being orange. He has a 48-game suspension to coop only games.
  4. Analysis of Clan Base 2.0 (reposting from what I posted in the WoWS forums) I took a look at the Clan Base in the PTS, so the numbers are based on what I found on the PTS which are not final. I looked at how much oil we have invested in our current base (assuming you are maxed out at 50 captains and all base structures are built out fully) and I am breaking down what is currently invested and what is needed to provide an equivalent amount of service in clan base 2.0 Assuming your base is completely built out - you will have 38,350 oil plus your current clan oil reserve to rebuild your base. TL;DR -> assuming you rebuild your Base 2.0 to provide what your current base is already providing you will have 12,550 oil plus whatever oil you currently have in your clan oil reserves to build additional services So you can already take the leftover oil and build new services fairly quickly to provide free XP, commander XP, and coal bonuses that don't exist in our current base. The oil required for steel bonuses are steep so the clans that don't play in clan wars probably won't see any point in building out those services until after everything else is built out. Anyways hope this helps. Basically we'll be some slaving oil milking fools when Base 2.0 hits with 0.7.9. ----------------------------------------------------------- detailed breakdown below this line if you're interested in finding out more ----------------------------------------------------------- Oil required for complete base build out Current - 158,350 oil Base 2.0 - 782,300 oil Rostral Column Current - 100 oil Clan 2.0 - 0 oil Net 100 oil remaining after rebuilding to current base level Clan Size - Base 2.0 will not touch your headquarters - oil spent on headquarters is left in your headquarters / Officer's Club Current - 120,000 oil to complete build out to 50 members 40 Members - 20,000 oil 50 Members - 100,000 oil Base 2.0 - 120,000 oil to complete build out to 50 members 35 Members - 5,000 oil 40 Members - 15,000 oil 45 Members - 35,000 oil 50 Members - 65,000 oil Post Battle Service - (Current - Dock / Base 2.0 - Dry Dock) Current - 18,000 oil to provide -10% credits discount for post battle service for all 4 classes destroyer - 4,000 oil cruiser - 4,000 oil battleship - 5,000 oil aircraft carrier - 5,000 oil Base 2.0 - 14,800 oil to provide -10% credit discount (4 expansions) - 84,800 oil to provide maximum -15% credit discount for post battle service -5% credits for Tier 1-6 ships - 200 oil -5% credits for Tier 7-8 ships - 600 oil -5% credits for Tier 9-10 ships - 2,000 oil -5% credits for all ships - 12,000 oil -2% credits for all ships - 20,000 oil -3% credits for all ships - 50,000 oil Net 3,200 oil remaining after rebuilding to current base level Tech Tree Discount - (Current - Shipyard / Base 2.0 - Shipbuilding Yard) Current - 6,250 oil to provide -10% credit discount for Tier 5-8 ships Tier 5 ships - 50 oil Tier 6 ships - 200 oil Tier 7 ships - 1,000 oil Tier 8 ships - 5,000 oil Base 2.0 - 500 oil to provide -10% credit discount for Tiers 1-8 ships (2 expansions) - 39,500 oil to provide maximum -15% credit discount for Tier 1-10 ships. -10% credits for Tier 1-6 ships - 100 oil -10% credits for Tier 7-8 ships - 400 oil -10% credits for Tier 9-10 ships - 3,000 oil -2% credits for all ships - 6,000 oil -2% credits for all ships - 10,000 oil -1% credits for all ships - 20,000 oil Net 5,750 oil remaining after rebuilding to current base level XP Bonus - (Current - / Base 2.0 - Research Center) Current - 14,000 oil to provide +3% XP bonus for USN / IJN / RN / VMF / KM / MNF / PA ships, but not Italy, Poland, Pan-American USN - 2,000 oil Japan - 2,000 oil UK - 2,000 oil France - 2,000 oil Russia - 2,000 oil Germany - 2,000 oil Pan-Asia - 2,000 oil Base 2.0 - 10,500 oil to provide +3% XP bonus for all ships (including Italian, Poland, Pan-American, etc) - 55,500 oil to provide maximum +5% XP bonus +2% XP for Tier 1-6 ships - 100 oil +2% XP for Tier 7-8 ships - 400 oil +2% XP for Tier 9-10 ships - 2,500 oil +1% XP for all ships - 7,500 oil +1% XP for all ships - 15,000 oil +1% XP for all ships - 30,000 oil Net 3,500 oil remaining after rebuilding to current base level Free XP Bonus Base 2.0 - 55,500 oil to provide maximum +25% Free XP bonus +10% Free XP for Tier 1-6 ships - 100 oil +10% Free XP for Tier 7-8 ships - 400 oil +10% Free XP for Tier 9-10 ships - 2,500 oil +5% Free XP for all ships - 7,500 oil +5% Free XP for all ships - 15,000 oil +5% Free XP for all ships - 30,000 oil Commander XP Bonus Base 2.0 - 33,000 oil to provide maximum +10% Commander XP bonus +2% Commander XP - 100 oil +2% Commander XP - 400 oil +2% Commander XP - 2,500 oil +2% Commander XP - 10,000 oil +2% Commander XP - 20,000 oil Coal Bonus Base 2.0 - 124,000 oil to provide maximum +10% Coal bonus +5% Coal - 4,000 oil +2% Coal - 20,000 oil +3% Coal - 100,000 oil Steel Bonus Base 2.0 - 270,000 oil to provide maximum +10% Steel bonus +5% Steel - 60,000 oil +2% Steel - 90,000 oil +3% Steel - 120,000 oil
  5. That's what gun cutouts are for.... lol. In theory it keeps the gun from firing into the super structure, but explain that to the Perry FFG CO who's wondering why the CIWS mount is lying in pieces on the flight deck on top of the SH-60B helo after the 76mm shot through the stack and then took out the CIWS mount.
  6. wtfovr


    The third gamescom mission is earn 2508 ribbons for 5 gamescom camos (basically took out my Tirpitz and Massachutsetts and just secondaried my way to 2508 ribbons) and the fourth gamescom mission is earn 25,082,018 credits to get 5 gamescom camos and the gamescom flag
  7. Looks like we got 500,000 views https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pinup-music-video/ The codes are: ALLFORONEANDONEFORALL for the 300k views (3 Basilisk signals) INUNIONTHEREISSTRENGTH for the 500k views (3 Scylla signals and 1 Anniversary container) More importantly - if we keep watching and rewatching the pinup video and get 1 million views they are going to release a third code. (3 Leviathan signals and 1 Premium Anniversary container)
  8. I think it’s the same way for the Yamamoto campaign and the second campaign (honorable service I think). Those require a tier 8 or greater as well. i guess I have an incentive to grind the Colorado to the North Carolina now.
  9. Dallas... (maybe not) although nothing replaces the Cleveland at tier 6.
  10. Subscribed, but audio is hard to hear... had to turn up the audio to double what I normally have it set for the other Youtube videos. (but i assume that everyone has much better equipment and as your channel grows and gets more subscribers that you'll be able to invest in better equipment) Looking forward to more of your videos
  11. Subscribed to everyones channel... So you just play your game except you're streaming it? How much of a drain on your PC resoruces is it?
  12. I got my first Tier 8 ship (New Orleans) and managed to grind it all the way up to Baltimore. I can defnitely say I don't have as much fun at the higher tiers than at Tiers 6-7. So I haven't taken Baltimore out yet except in coop in an attempt to get at least the hull upgrade before I take it out into a random battle But I just don't feel the motivation to play either. I've been spending a lot of time in Operations getting my Tier 6 ship's elited and grinding them to 7. The XP gains there are nice, but it gets monotonous in scenarios. I guess when all else fails, I just run Atlanta in Coop - and go pew-pew-pew and I don't care if I win or lose. just the ability to put 14 rounds downrange at bots puts a smile on my face - get my one container and call it a day.
  13. Thought this was pretty cool. What started out as a puzzle in game, ended up in real world treasure. https://kotaku.com/destiny-2-puzzle-leads-players-to-actual-treasure-in-ne-1825978852
  14. wtfovr

    Update 0.7.4

    The code is 5000LIKES - gets you 5 SM flags
  15. When the split happens will that XP on the tier 6 mainline Cleveland transfer over to the tier 8 alternate line Cleveland? i was under the impression that the XP would stay on the mainline and get transferred to the tier 6 mainline Pensacola and you get peanuts for XP on the alternate line tier 8. i am working on getting the XP on Omaha to unlock the tier 6 alternate line CL/Dallas or whatever they decide to name it.
  16. I don’t like to hug islands in a US cruiser. I do try to keep islands between me and the target, but I’d rather be maneuvering instead of stopped behind an island, poking out every now and then. I rely on maneuvering and constantly changing courses and speeds to get misses while shooting back. i guess for CLs IFHE works, but when you get to heavy cruisers, I shoot more AP than HE so IFHE is less useful for me in a heavy cruiser. when taking AFT, your main battery range also increases, but your TOF for your rounds out to that range is so long that without lots of practice and hoping your target doesn’t maneuver, you’ll rarely hit at extreme range.
  17. You can have more than one captain trained for a ship. Only one captain can be on the actual,ship. The other captains have to hang out in reserve or on a premium ship. swap them in as needed.
  18. Grind the Cleveland in the Tier 6 Killer Whale Operations - to get the upgraded modules and get your commander XP for your 10-point commander. Agree with Superintendent to get the extra radar. Cleveland doesn't have radar now at Tier 6, but she will get it at Tier 8.
  19. wtfovr

    Update 0.7.2

    Yeah I haven’t had much success with turenne either. I’d rather play a South Carolina but I have to put up with it to get to coubert
  20. Citadel city by a Des Moines from 12-13 km.
  21. Codes for the personal missions for Tier V or higher ships in Random or Ranked battles only. Rewards are 10 flags of the economic signals (Z, ZH, IBp3, =SpdCLondon, PP) - twenty total for each of the 5 signals if you complete all ten missions. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/vive-la-vroom/ 120218OUESTLESHIP 230817GUNSFORANYSHIP 230217VERYCOLDSHIP 160217GOTOUSSRSHIP 050117BETWEENERSHIP 040117BETWEENSHIP 301116REVOLUSHIP 020316SUCHABUZZSHIP 210815SUCHABIGSHIP 150715NOTHSFSHIP Mission requirements: Cause 350000hp damage to ships Win 3 battles Get 500 ribbons Win a battle and destroy 2 ships Earn 10000XP Win a battle and join the top 4 in your team by XP received Earn 7000XP Cause 30000hp of damage to ships by setting fire Shoot down 10 aircraft Earn 500000 credits
  22. wtfovr

    Bear with me

    Hope you feel better soon
  23. You have until 0.7.2 to get Missouri, so one more update about 3-5 weeks before Missouri disappears from the tech tree. Lots of Free XP flags flying Or spend $$$ to convert elite XP to free XP for the deal.
  24. I was the same way - I was Navy and it took a long time to warm up to warships. But now I'm done with tanks and over at warships. Premium time is shared between tanks/warplanes/warships. so if you have premium time on tanks - it's already active on warships. I still log on to tanks every now and then to collect the 24 hours of premium time they give for server downtime on tanks to extend the premium time on warships. So if you're done with tanks, don't spend your doubloons on getting premium time on warships, spend your left over gold on tanks/warplanes to extend your premium. Jump in on TS - most all of the active players are in D-H-O - once they get some slots open you can ask to get moved to 1.
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