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  1. MoBoom

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Hmm ... accidentally added "yug87" to the DHO Div2 clan but couldn't find him on the Member list here on the forum/website. I rejected him but please add him back if he really is a member of DHO.
  2. MoBoom

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    moboom on UPlay. I can't wait to play Div2 tomorrow after work!
  3. Hey everyone! I just recently picked Warframe back up (never got that far in the first place) and am loving this game. On the PC, with my WF username as MoBoom. I'd love a clan invite!
  4. MoBoom

    New update today

    I logged in and played a fruitless Langley game, but I didn't notice any changes. Are there patch notes up anywhere?
  5. MoBoom

    Favorite Ship so far?

    I'll have to second the St. Louis. I'm up to the Myogi (T4 BB) and the Phoenix (T4 cruiser), but still enjoy(ed) the St. Louis the most.
  6. MoBoom

    ANyone got an extra code?

    Sorry Dark, I don't have any (and I wish I knew where I could get a few to hand out!). However, I've seen the WoWs twitter account tweet beta codes twice now ... so that might be a way to get your hands on one. Good Luck!
  7. MoBoom

    WoWS first thoughts

    I played a few hours yesterday and am really enjoying the game. It definitely is different than WoT as I agree with about the game speed (unless you find yourself under fire from several ships ... Then it seems like time has been sped up!). However, I really like this aspect since it almost forces you to think more about tactics. My highest is the Tier 3 St. Louis cruiser, but I'm looking forward to trying out a battleship and a destroyer eventually. I think the "ranking"/leveling system they have is really a great idea and I made it to Level 4 after playing for just a few hours. Feel free to add me to your friends list since I've yet to play with anyone together (I.e. Division).
  8. MoBoom

    World of warships 3/12

    I got in as well! See you out on the water!
  9. MoBoom

    World of warships 3/12

    I submitted my CBT application as well. Here's hoping that we all can get in!
  10. Hey everyone! I've been eagerly following the development of WoWs for a while now and haven't been able to get in on the Alpha Test or the Beta Weekends. With the opening of the CBT applications tomorrow, are there any tips/suggestions that might help me get past any litmus tests to get in on the CBT? I'm not interested in lying or anything, of course. If I don't get in, at least the NDA will be lifted and I can enjoy the game vicariously through YouTube/Twitch. I plan on watching the WoWs homepage like a hawk tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to submit an application at the very least. Thanks! MoBoom
  11. MoBoom

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a clan invite as well. Thanks! WoT Name: MoBoom
  12. MoBoom

    Introduce Yourself # 4

    Hey everyone! I'm Rob from flyover country (Ohio). My WoT name is "MoBoom". Yes, I'm a sucker for a tank with a Derp Gun! :-) I have two boys, 11 and 7, who eat and breathe Minecraft but play WoT occasionally. I got into computers/programming because of video games ('ol Vic 20/Commodore 64) and I'd love to get into a DHO Clan to get better at WoT and have some fun. Thanks!