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  1. I will be on for everyone when we play
  2. I got my Emil 1951 yesterday! Statistically it is not supposed to be better than the Emil 1 with lower DPM and slower speed. But with a higher Alpha and faster clip dump I find I am doing way better in the 1951. Its higher HP/T gets it up to speed faster on the hills even though it is slower overall
  3. So I have been watching YouTube videos of Jingles playing this - so my wife and I for our anniversary just bought a PS4 Pro an then this game. Loving it. My wife is even enjoying watching me play this - she says it is like watching a movie the story is that good
  4. Look at it this way - with a Prime membership you get the tank - but you also get Prime Video, and Prime music. just that makes it worth it
  5. I find that with this tank you have to know the maps really well to know where this tank will be effective. Some spots that I thought would be good are absolutely terrible. A lot of learning to do!
  6. finished the grind and got the 15/16 last night
  7. I thinks that they need to limit light tanks just like they limit arty but maybe only 2 per flank. Too many light/wheelies can really dominate a flank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Based on that list @SGrant7 there is absolutely nothing upcoming that I would want. I got my Sexton and my AX
  9. Yes I can get the Emil next month - once I prestige. I don't have to wait
  10. I already have the STA2 and the WZ-111 so yes I will be getting both the Emil 1951 and the tier 9. Yes I will have enough points to get the Emil 1951 after next months episode
  11. I know I am actually enjoying it. It actually does take some thought into how to improve your ranks, and I am learning. I have maxed out at Prestige level 6. I am having fun playing and knowing that in September I will be getting a tank that will be fairly unique since most people have said they were not going for it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @Juggernaut41 - this should be a 4 tier system: Tier 1: Callers Tier 2: 5+ battles Tier 3: 5- battels Tier 4: didn't play I think the callers deserve this - they not only participate but have to actually put up with the rest of us scrubs
  13. cant get any of them to work now
  14. I guess if a watermelon can cause a 152mm round to deflect then thin armour on a arty or TD can also
  15. So - I just watched the following YouTube video and at the end these slo mo guys are firing Russian 152mm D20 field cannon. The round gets deflected by a couple of watermelons!!! Yes I said watermelons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpJ8EoGmLuE
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