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  1. Grimm65

    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    Glad to see new life coming back into this community! I found Dad's Hide Out just as I was coming off of an ugly divorce, a job layoff, and depression - This community of Dads have been instrumental in getting my life back together again, especially those dads in DHO3 at first and now DHOX in World of Tanks - Just having that group to talk to that have gone through similar issues and being able to have a good laugh does wonders to a guys mental stability. And for never meeting any of you face to face and still making real friendships this is a great community to be in!
  2. Grimm65

    Random Funny, Cool & Strange Videos from the Internet

    I guess this son will no longer mess with his Dad again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSZUF-26MbU
  3. Grimm65

    no topic

  4. Grimm65

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Loving the Polish Line: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4609622#el_halluf-grimm65-50tp_tyszkiewicza
  5. Grimm65

    2 weeks - 3 Tier 10's unlocked

    I had 37 million built up so still have 17 million after getting the 3 tier 10's and the tier 9 and all relevant gear for them
  6. So I will have to say that this has been a most productive 2 weeks with the Halloween Event. Because of the XP bonus (ground out level 8 then I went paid to get level 13) and my nightly Tier 8/9 'tooning with The_Dad - I first ground out the Conqueror Gun Carriage, then the Type 5 ad this morning final the Object 277. I also have gone up to the tier 9 T50TP on the Polish line - With today and tomorrow left of the Halloween buff! This is freaking awesome!
  7. Grimm65

    Free female Crew member + other goodies!!

    Dropped this commander into my Polish heavies - retrained the female commander I already had because this one can only be a commander
  8. Grimm65

    no topic

    Once you watch it - it can not be unseen!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDFBTdToRmw
  9. Grimm65

    Vehicle Ratings

    I am having the same pain in the butt grind in my Type 4 also - only 70K to go!!! I have unlocked and acquired the Conc GC finally!
  10. Grimm65

    Vehicle Ratings

    I was surprised to see I cracked the Top 10
  11. Grimm65

    Personal Missions: 260 Help

    Just let me know and I will run my TDs with you
  12. Grimm65

    Personal Tanking Goals

    I have never aspired to be blue - I just wanted to be consistent and dark green - well I am now up to 1167 - so only 33 points away from 1200. But was totally surprised to see that I now have a recent WN8 of 1602. Now I know that a lot of that recent has been because I found that 1 tank that I can play consistently and start padding my stats and that is the tier 8 premium STRV S1. 😉 After 269 games in the S1 I have an 1857 WN8!
  13. Grimm65

    New frontline mode

    it is like - I am done now what do I get for doing this now? if they had further rewards just for playing after completing it would nice
  14. Grimm65

    Memorial Day Weeknd - x3 XP

    Has anyone found out what the "Hidden mission" is for this weekend?
  15. Grimm65

    Teamspeak funding

    I have donated previously - but I don't understand why we would want to pay for TS when Discord is free and I feel it is better quality? - just my 2 cents