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  1. Grimm65

    Twitch con WOT Bonus codes!

    cant get any of them to work now
  2. I guess if a watermelon can cause a 152mm round to deflect then thin armour on a arty or TD can also
  3. So - I just watched the following YouTube video and at the end these slo mo guys are firing Russian 152mm D20 field cannon. The round gets deflected by a couple of watermelons!!! Yes I said watermelons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpJ8EoGmLuE
  4. Grimm65

    Frontline Returns!

    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/frontline-2019-episode-1-ends-0219/ "Frontline: Episode 2 kicks off on March 11 — please see the Regulations page for complete information:"
  5. Grimm65

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    I will be on every night you need me!
  6. Grimm65

    Holiday Ops 2019

    Open 25 Magic boxes - got 3 M4 Improved (had), Turan III, Defender (had), Skorpion G (had) and IS3A. Also got the skins for the IS7 and the BatChat, and the Santa Claus crew member
  7. So WG put out an explanation of ow to tell if your X5 is working https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/scavenger-hunt-1218/
  8. Grimm65

    Advent Calendar 2018

    So the Advent Calendar is disappointing today - 360 days of Premium It is only 15% off so down to $103 CDN from $121 CDN - $82 us down from $96 us Now you can buy it for 20400 gold in game. I did just check and if you buy 20400 gold it comes to $105 CDN I was hoping for a bigger discount on prem time
  9. So WOT NA has started a monthly Scavenger Hunt - there are several places to look for codes and you can enter 4 a month - for each code you enter you get 9 personal reserves - so that is 36 in total you can get. But if you enter all 4 you will get a bonus mission So the codes come from several locations. 1 - WOT NA Community contributors - can only redeem 1 2 - WOT NA social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) some code for the 3 3 - WOT Weekly video (www.youtube.com/channel/UC1h424KQY-jGGQe3inlqfiA) 4 - WOT News portal (https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/) This bonus mission from what I understand is to play 5 games and upon completing that it will turn all of your X2 into a X5 just for that day that you complete it ALL 4 codes are below WOT NA Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTanks.NA/) BRACEYOURSELVES Claus Kellerman YouTube - (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjgS6Uyg8ok4Jd_lH_MUKgg) CCCLAUSDEC WOT Weekly video - IMTOMATOANDTHATSOK Last Code - WINTERISHERE (thanks to @gpc_4 for finding) So - word of warning when you enter the 4th code it will change your X2 to X5 for the rest of that day until reset the following morning.
  10. Grimm65

    Devastating Family Crisis

    I want to thank all of my DHO brothers for the support you have given me over the last year. Last night my brother finally lost his battle with cancer. He was 56. At least he is no longer suffering. But again I want to tank this community for the support it has provided me. You all are a blessing!
  11. Grimm65

    What's Yer Grind - Winter 2019 Edition

    I am actually not grinding anything anymore. There are a couple that I am still working down till the tier 10 but I now have all the tier 10's needed for CW's and personal wants Now I can truly say I am playing for fun
  12. Grimm65

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    1660 - used 3 HEAT shells but bounced them all
  13. Grimm65

    Devastating Family Crisis

    So I thought I would give an update - It has been a real long hard year for me! I have been dealing with my brother's cancer as you know from this tread. I have also had to deal with my daughter telling me that she never wants to see me or talk to me again as she has decided that I broke the family up years ago when her mother left me 9 years ago so I have not been able to talk to her since March this year and have not seen her since last Christmas, which has been heartbreaking. I am hoping that one day she will finally see what really happened for herself and allow me back into her life. As to my brother (Terry) I have running back and forth to his chemo treatments every week for the last 8 months - this may sound weird but I have come to enjoy this time with him every week. My work has been fantastic allowing me to work from home every Tuesday to do this running. I was just informed that he only has to more sessions and then his chemo is done. He is being placed in palliative starting Dec1. The doctors are only giving him until mid January. When he started this journey a year ago his cancer was in his esophagus, kidney, lymph node, and hip joint. It has now spread to his brain and his entire stomach. He has lost over 300 lbs now (yes he was a big man) and he has about 50lbs of loose skin so that can tell you what this has done to him. The doctors have been continuing his treatments to allow my brother to see one more birthday (mid Dec) and Christmas. After my divorce 9 years ago I suffered from suicidal depression and the therapist told me that once depressed always depressed - it is just what you do to deal with it. I bottle a lot up but I know I shouldn't. I have a great support system here at home with my current wife an my son but sometimes you need to talk about this with friends and that is what I classify you all. Sometimes it is just real hard....
  14. Grimm65

    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    Glad to see new life coming back into this community! I found Dad's Hide Out just as I was coming off of an ugly divorce, a job layoff, and depression - This community of Dads have been instrumental in getting my life back together again, especially those dads in DHO3 at first and now DHOX in World of Tanks - Just having that group to talk to that have gone through similar issues and being able to have a good laugh does wonders to a guys mental stability. And for never meeting any of you face to face and still making real friendships this is a great community to be in!
  15. Grimm65

    Random Funny, Cool & Strange Videos from the Internet

    I guess this son will no longer mess with his Dad again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSZUF-26MbU