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  1. SHOGUN08ss

    1 million xp club

    It has been awhile but to update, my 1mil+xp tanks are... T6 VK36.01 H...2,247,784 xp with 2 moe T6 Jackson...1,082,098 xp with 2 moe T8 Rhm-B. WT...1,178,238 xp 1 moe T9 M53/55...3,664,211 xp 1moe My next should be my T29 but I haven't been in that tank for quite awhile, too many other tanks i'm having fun driving!
  2. SHOGUN08ss

    TankBowl 2018

    I am...but USA
  3. SHOGUN08ss

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    M4A3E2.............1 T-29....................1 Jackson..............2 Hellcat................1 M53/55...............1 (working hard for the 2nd, just below 80%, i'd like to be as good as Spartan Elite43 and Zoe Ballz in my 53/55...I know, tall order). Conqueror..........1 VK36.01 H.........2 Rhm.-B. WT.......1 WT auf Pz. IV.....1 T-10....................1
  4. SHOGUN08ss

    Xbox Gamertags Here!

  5. Finished event today, took 2 days and I used 3 tanks...T-127, Obj.140, and 53/55. At least this op wasn't a pain in the butt to complete
  6. SHOGUN08ss

    It's so pretty!

    Okay Brother!! I'll be looking out for you>platoon up
  7. SHOGUN08ss

    Late night Shenanigans

    Just wow lol! I've seen some last man alive kills, AND been in that position, but don't think i've seen a pile up like that
  8. SHOGUN08ss

    SR-71 Funny Story

    That is one BAD-A** article!!! = SR-71
  9. SHOGUN08ss

    The Czechoslovakian line is now live!

    I'm on the Skoda T-25 right now and autoloader is outstanding, BUT, pick weakpoints wisely and choose your targets. I found playing the T-24 more satisfying only because it has a lower turret but...the grind!
  10. SHOGUN08ss

    Someone in Wot Reported my gamertag

    This being reported BS is getting completely out of hand lately...as an admin on WoT HQ club on xbox1, about 2 out of every 10 reports I get are of the most rediculous nature that I have even messaged a couple back and had to ask, REALLY?!?
  11. SHOGUN08ss

    Someone in Wot Reported my gamertag

    Seems to be happening ALOT recently...I would bet a butthurt kid , you put a whooping on!
  12. SHOGUN08ss

    DHO Club on Xbox One

    Okay guys...those that are console players should look into this. We need to get our club populated! Right now there are 19-20 of us on DHO club. It is nice to be on xbox and have your DHO members right there where you can sidebar to the club section and post in the club chat what you're playing at any given time...give it a look!
  13. SHOGUN08ss

    DHO Clan now on Xbox.

    You're right SGrant7, can platoon together... but no chat, double edge sword for sure.
  14. SHOGUN08ss

    DHO Clan now on Xbox.

    Hello CMSUpunk! I sent you an invite to our console clan and added you to my friends list. I'll keep an eye out for you. When you see me on, message me and we'll platoon.
  15. SHOGUN08ss

    1 million xp club

    Haven't updated for a little while but my M53/55 is at 1,022,268xp right now...next 2 in line are my T29 and Jackson with both above 750k xp, ROLL OUT!