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    I don't believe the tank is made available at the end of the rental. However, I haven't actually used a rental in a long time.
  2. Fairly widespread issue. Update mods or launch the game in safe mode.
  3. Welcome, sir. @rewguy79or @The_Dadwill get you an invite to DHO.
  4. You need to confirm that the contact info you used to sign up with discord is correct. Usually by selecting a link that was sent to your email from discord.
  5. You likely need to verify your account.
  6. Hey, Bob. Why don’t you get on Discord some evening and we can sort things out for you.
  7. Welcome, sir. I'd suggest joining some tankers in Discord and seeing if you think DHO will be a good fit.
  8. These are the kind of updates we need.
  9. Welcome, sir. Find an X officer on Discord sometime this week and we’ll get you sorted.
  10. Welcome, sir. @rewguy79 or @The_Dad will get you an invite to DHO soon-ish.
  11. Welcome, sir. What are you looking for in a clan?
  12. Welcome James. You can join DHO or DHO4 until you're ready for org play with DHO-X (you'll need more tier X tanks, specifically at least a 140 or 277/5A). Also, we generally require a bit more of an introduction (mention the family, that kind of thing). Once that is complete, @rewguy79or @The_Dadcan invite you to DHO.,
  13. Updated the original post. Primary changes..... 1. Added basic requirement for membership. One tanker, one account, one clan. A single WoT account can join a DHO clan. The owner of the account is expected to be its only user while engaging in clan activities. In summary, no alt accounts in DHO and no sharing accounts. 2. DHO4 joins DHO as an Active but casual clan. 3. Slight update to DHO-X membership guidelines.
  14. 10-4. @rewguy79or @The_Dadwill get you an invite.
  15. It appears you live in Australia. Do you have an NA account?
  16. Starting today, August 12, you can get a free day of WoT premium for logging into the game. This can be done for ten consecutive days. Enjoy! WGNA Announcement: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/10-year-anniversary-10-days-wot-pa/
  17. Welcome back. @rewguy79will get you into DHO.
  18. Welcome, sir. New, casual tankers generally join DHO. @rewguy79will get you an invite soon-ish. One other thing, we appreciate an introduction that includes a little about your family.
  19. I think it was a successful event. 29 total tankers were present for at least one battle. We had a couple good drops with 8-12 total DHO in a match. Winners..... 1. ZillaNut , 2 gpc_4 kills for 3000 gold. 2. Blackroan , 1230 base XP for 30 days premium. 3. Vinsent , random draw for 1250 gold. Prizes have been sent. Thanks to everyone that stopped by.
  20. If you can make a teamkill happen without team damage then I’ll count it.
  21. Addendum 1. You can only win one prize.
  22. I’ll be hosting a live event for the community on Thursday, July 30 from 9pm ET to…at least 11pm ET, but most likely until 12. To be eligible, you need to be a member of the DHO community and present in Discord voice chat for at least one of the group drops. You do not need to be in a DHO clan. We will be doing single player drops in random battles from tiers 6-10. The format will be drops at each tier and then start over at tier VI. Repeat until the event concludes. To maximize your participation, make sure only standard battles are selected in settings. Prizes
  23. Securing the kills. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5478350#sand_river-gpc_4-m4a3e8_fury
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