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    Skoda T 27

    There’s always that one.
  2. Also, the M4 and T-34 will be a pain to three mark. I’m not sure I could get three on either of them. They are historical and popular tanks so they will be played a lot by a diverse range of players. I’d try something unpopular and mid-tier with a strong crew that will allow you to abuse game mechanics, mainly camo and view range knowledge. Pz3/4, M7, Chaffee, T21, T20, Crusader.
  3. I have more tier Xs then anyone needs and, outside of checking my session stats when I logout, I don’t look at stats much (RIP vBAddict). However, I generally can’t just play either. There are a few tanks to grind, missions to work on (been one mission away from the 260 for like a year and a half), three marks to earn, crews to train up, etc. Slightly different from your goals, but I’m almost always working on something and not just playing WoT. Like a lot of us, I should probably play at tier X more.
  4. gpc_4

    Skoda T 27

    Played 55 battles in the T27 to complete the Czech missions. Overall, my initial impressions that were shared in the opening post of this thread haven't changed; good tank that fits with the high tier tech tree tanks. Two ace tankers from this weekend. Bottom tier on Prok. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4998609#prokhorovka-gpc_4-koda_t_27 Full tier 8 on Redshire. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4998625#redshire-gpc_4-koda_t_27
  5. gpc_4

    Skoda T 27

    Completed all the Czech Holiday missions with the T27. The style is very nice and now I can crew the T50 with a new female crew. Also, the crew books you get through the missions provide a nice starting crew. New crew before the books... New crew after the books...
  6. I'm okay with the tier 8 LHMTV. Lots of similarities to the SpIC and HWK, but the gun is better because it has 226 pen and good shell velocity. Plus, you can scout when the situation is correct. Here's a new position I found on Ghost Town - Encounter (wanted that ace.....) http://wotreplays.eu/site/4998584#ghost_town-gpc_4-lhmtv
  7. So...tank locking is a hell of a thing.
  8. @Mykk Post your Valentine II loadout 🙂
  9. Then @rewguy79will set you up.
  10. I’d say limited schedule with the understanding we won’t be getting any rewards. People like CW, might as well play a few nights. As an aside, I hate the style rewards. Give me some freaking camo.
  11. gpc_4

    Skoda T 27

    I picked up this tank in order to complete the Czech portion of the Czech Holiday missions as the female crew you can earn would allow me to crew the Skoda T50 (a great tank that has been crewless in my garage for a long time). Overall, the Skoda T 27 is a good tank. Not a must have; it isn't OP and doesn't bring any new features or gameplay. Nobody is going to rage against its addition to the game...which I think is a good thing. Playstyle is very similar to the tech tree Czech IX and X tanks, and the crew layout is also the same. If you like those tanks, which are fun and competitive in random battles but not generally used in organized play, then the T 27 is basically perfect. Pros: Autoloading fun. Quick intraclip reload so you can get your 3 shots out in a short window (1.8 between shots, for comparison the Lorry is 2.5 seconds). Gameplay and crew layout match high tier tech tree counterparts. Cons: Surprisingly sluggish for a medium, my first battle I went to a medium tank position I often use but got caught out and destroyed without getting any damage. Reload is longer then you might expect for a clip with three 240 alpha shots. 202mm AP pen is fairly poor for tier 8 in WoT 2019. Not a Progetto. I was able to ace the tank on my 5th battle. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4986761#overlord-gpc_4-koda_t_27
  12. Purchased the tier 8. Initial impression is that the tank is uglier but the gun is more useful. 226 pen is pretty good for any tank at tier 8.
  13. I’d prefer they keep the premium ammo in its current form. The ammo changes that have been tested are drastic and the history of WoT and WG has not given me confidence they can carry out a drastic change. Premium ammo is part of the game. It’s a tool and you should use it as you see fit (and I’d fire plenty of it at an IS-M without hesitation or remorse). If someone wants to fire all prem then that is their prerogative. I didn’t load it for their tanks but I took out @Golfcrazy and @Hepiusyesterday with prem rounds. Between DHO it’s a sign of respect 🙂
  14. I have about 20k XP left on the Setter. Played 25ish battles. Felt like I’ve had some okay battles, no ace but a 1st class or two, but I really worked hard to get those results. I keep forgetting it’s a tier VII. LTs at tier VII tend to be strong tanks and I generally wouldn’t hesitate to challenge a lower tiered tank, but I think the Setter would lose a fight with just about every tier VI medium. It’s all very strange.
  15. Liked the mode initially but it got old so very fast. The MM hurt you too much. Outside of a platoon you could almost never get a one tier battle and it was difficult to win. I think I earned two of the styles and paid gold for the rest. The US and Brit styles look good.
  16. @rewguy79will get that setup for you soon.
  17. After playing the Lynx and EBR 90, I also hate the wheelies. Not because they are overpowered, but because they suck.
  18. Changed the thread title and making it our Twitch Prime thread. Twitch Prime Golf is available starting today. It is German themed; main rewards are a 3 skill German commander (with 0th skill 6th sense) and a 14 day Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 rental.
  19. This is a confusing post for the WoT forum.
  20. No thanks, I’ll take some free styles. Every reward, in every mode, doesn’t need to be easily available for everyone.
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