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  1. I’d do more this time around. The lowest auction winner from last campaign was 15k-ish (don’t recall the exact number but it was above 15k).
  2. Good times were had. Thanks everybody.
  3. I'd say you have the basics. From a gameplay perspective, really only missing a TVP or Progetto, so go for whichever of those floats your boat. At tier IX, I could see keeping the E50, Patton, 30prot, Standard B, and Skoda T50.
  4. The various coupons we get for the WoT prem shop have all sorts of restrictions; no special items, not for gold, spend X amount of money, time limits, etc. It can be confusing. I found that by going to your "My Coupons" tab and selecting a coupon it will display all the items that will work with that particular coupon. Apologies if everyone knows about this but it was new to me. Hopefully, it helps someone 🙂
  5. gpc_4


    Yeah, Aslains. Lots of options, too many really, and it has an installer.
  6. I didn’t pay enough attention to get the tier IV reward, but I did complete tier III over the weekend. Those German blueprints are going to speed up the Waffle grind nicely.
  7. I believe I reached 5.17, so still a bit ahead of my one prestige per FL week pace. Also, made 14 million credits.
  8. Low expected damage and they are generally played poorly. So, play well and get damage...easy peasy.
  9. LTs are the easiest tanks to use to pad your WN8.
  10. I want to know 😞
  11. Interesting idea, +1. Following the criteria...150 tanks. That’s too many too break down. What are the fancy stat sites that can do it for me @Mykk? Conclusion, I need a new hobby.
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