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  1. gpc_4

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Wasn’t a T-10 fan either. Tank is fine but didn’t stand out to me.
  2. gpc_4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    I freaking hate LTs that do that.
  3. gpc_4

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    Made it to 70% off and bought the tank...Fear the Unicorn! Played five battles and I like it a lot. Reminds me of when a new premium didn't break the game; solid, balanced tank. Now that the Brits actually have a useful tier X HT, the Caern AX will be a good tank to have. I think the low alpha (230) and speed (max out at around 35kph) will not appeal to many people. You can't just wade into lower tier tanks and expect to win (cough, Defender, cough). However, if you like gun depression tanks (like I do) then the Caern AX will be a good fit. Situated properly, the armor is very effective; I bounced 3k in a tier IX battle. Only had one top tier battle but the tank performed well.
  4. gpc_4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    Over time people play differently. I think the vast majority of people know to stay back while crossing towards the city.
  5. gpc_4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    What is it about 277s? Stats don’t seem outstanding but it’s a good tank. I’ve had multiple big battles in mine and I see a lot of good players in them. On Track plus flavor of the month?
  6. gpc_4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    Maybe you’re just playing higher tiers and people play better. This is when someone brings up the map meta, but I hate that word so that’s all I’m going to say.
  7. gpc_4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    People definitely go valley much more often. Still can’t bring myself to try it. ...and don’t freaking go valley on Encounter, please.
  8. gpc_4

    Earn the Caernarvon Action X... For Free!

    Have been aiming to get 70% off and am less then 5k away from completing that stage.
  9. Lakeville 1.0 Previous discussion: http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15974-map-discussion-week-xvi-lakeville/
  10. gpc_4

    Cookery with gpc_4

    Creamed Sweet Onions (Kiss My Casserole): Picked this out because it had a nice picture in the cookbook. It was good...maybe not worth the hour and fifteen minutes it took to cook, but good.
  11. gpc_4

    Cookery with gpc_4

    Slow Cooker Cuban Pork: Had a bunch of spices and citrus so I thought it would be interesting. Pretty bland though; needed the BBQ sauce.
  12. gpc_4

    Cookery with gpc_4

    Slow Cooker Cocktail Weenies (recipe from my Mom): Yay, for football season. I love these; simple and delicious. Take the below ingredients (only half the jelly), mix in slow cooker, heat up...enjoy.
  13. gpc_4

    Royal Navy Arc 7.9-7.11

    This wasn't listed in the premium shop in September post ( https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-september/ ), but after poking around the prem shop I noticed that there is a special offer for 10 Guineas for $0.99. You can only buy it once but it makes it a lot easier to get Cossack. Earn 40 Guineas and purchase the last 10 for a dollar. Also, I have a Huanghe special offer for $9.99.....Yay or Nay? 🙂
  14. gpc_4

    Royal Navy Arc 7.9-7.11

    A Royal Navy arc starts at update 7.9 and continues for two more updates. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/royal-navy/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-september/
  15. gpc_4

    British DD's

    Got Icarus through the missions. I like the low detection but you still can’t effectively torp from stealth. The floaty shells and short smoke duration are also going to take a lot of getting used to. Feels very meh.