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  1. gpc_4

    Need a new line to play?

    St. Emil ruins the whole line 🙂
  2. gpc_4

    Need a new line to play?

    Like that lame Grille line 🙂
  3. gpc_4

    Need a new line to play?

    4005. This has joined the Batchat and Maus as a tier X that everyone should experience. I’m on the tier IX for the 705A line and I think it is a solid line. IS-M and 705 have both been good to play and competitive. New stuff...I think the wheeled tanks will be here in 2-3 updates. That might meet your March deadline. Tier X replacements; they have discussed changes to the IS-4 line. Particularly moving up the ST-1 and somehow giving it two guns. Sounds crazy. So, take with a grain of salt. Only other new line I’ve heard about is a revived Pan-Europeon line but that would be months and months (years?) away.
  4. gpc_4

    DHO4 has a new Commander!

    Your M3 Lee will be glorious in CW camo.
  5. gpc_4

    DHO4 has a new Commander!

    Good night, sweet prince.
  6. You’ll definitely get bounces, especially when you can use the -7 gun depression. Also, the crew layout is the same as the tier X LT so that’s nice.
  7. Replay for anyone interested in the new tank; http://wotreplays.eu/site/4615882#highway-gpc_4-lt-432 During the middle section of the battle I barely move (1-2 minutes on either side of the UDES being spotted) because my son was having a seizure and I was dealing with that. Still...an ace is an ace 🙂 As you might expect from a Soviet premium, it's a good tank.
  8. Nelson is pretty damn awesome and weird. I'd recommend it. There is still Alaska on the horizon, it could be free XP.
  9. gpc_4

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    @Ziggy_Dogit takes them forever to add new tanks.
  10. gpc_4

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Welcome, Tom. Certainly a place for you. @rewguy79will hook you up with a DHO invite soon.
  11. gpc_4


    Just meh. Played twice and got 5 stars. No desire to play the mode again.
  12. Mines 1.0 Previous discussion: http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/16172-map-discussion-week-xix-mines/
  13. It's not coming back, mentioned by a WG employee recently.
  14. gpc_4

    WoT Halloween 2018 - Dark Front

    Focused on credits near the end of the event. Went well, up to 21 million.