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  1. Haven’t played a CV since the big changes. Not saying I never will, but have no interest currently. I do love DDs with good AA; Friesland and Kidd are my boys.
  2. Two new aces, PzVII and Eagle. PzVII battle might be the most pathetic tier X ace tanker battle I've ever seen. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5183682#himmelsdorf-gpc_4-pz_kpfw_vii
  3. Apologies, mate. We do not have an EU clan. NA only.
  4. We do not have an EU clan. However, you can certainly be part of the community and chat with us here or on Discord.
  5. Generally Discord, certainly for anything time sensitive. However, I think some things should still be on the forum (or on Discord and the forum).
  6. Thanks to @Juggernaut41. Best of luck, @Mykk.
  7. Select the area near your IGN. On the next screen, select the area next to your IGN. This screen will have the badges you've earned, activate one of them. The snow badge in question.
  8. @rewguy79will help you out. And who is the mystery brother?
  9. I’m pretty sure they are hiring a new video person. The goodbye/behind-the-scenes video was interesting. Crazy that it was a little project that became a job for three people. Best part of WoT Weekly was the time one of us won a Somua (it was me).
  10. I have below 40% wins in this tank. Generally not the playstyle for me.
  11. You ever look at the team lists and just know you're going to have a great battle? This was one of those. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5150527#serene_coast-gpc_4-primo_victoria
  12. Day 25, VK 75.01 (K), starting at $64.99. Lol, okay. Our 25th tank is a few months old and it's a tank I'm pretty sure no one was expecting...or wanting. It's also not available in-game for gold and there isn't a tank only bundle in the prem shop. How do they always mess this stuff up? No reason to buy this tank, especially since you'd have to purchase an overpriced bundle to get it. You get big alpha and that's about it. The tank is huge, the armor is not effective enough, there is a cupola weakness, and with that reload you really need to hit your shots. Lowe and E75 TS are much, much better premiums.
  13. Also, free commander when you login...
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