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  1. The tier 8 premium, Senlac, will be released in September 25. I know you are all hyped.
  2. Giving up on tracking second marks. Just going to post when I get a new third. 3 marks: Chaffee, ARL 44, PzIII/IV, M7, Cromwell, T21, M4 Improved, Skoda T40, Comet, T20, Super Pershing, SpIC, O-Ix, Crusader, VK 16.02 Leopard, VK2801, AT 2, T37, Mutz, Firefly, M26 Pershing.
  3. Made it to prestige IX yesterday. Completing everything this week still seems within reach.
  4. As for the new premium later this week, I haven’t really heard anything that seems concrete. There were some Senlac sightings though.
  5. Do those numbers come up as a phone number for anyone else on mobile? 🙂
  6. 21/21 Kanonen 105. I have no experience with this tank. It doesn’t seem very popular, probably because the Skorpion exists. It is also expensive, I believe around 10k gold. That seems way too high for a TD. Should be 7500-8000 gold.
  7. I'm never going to play a tank without a full equipment and consumable loadout. For five battles the demounting costs make rentals not worthwhile.
  8. 20/21 M41 90. Fast, fun LT with 240 alpha and the 105mm pen HEP rounds. I’d say the Blackdog/M41 90 is the most forgiving and beginner friendly of the tier 8 LT premiums. So, if you’d like to have one, I’d recommend this offer.
  9. 19/21 ELC EVEN 90. This tank is hilarious. If you like LTs then get it. Tiny, like the Brit LTs, but the autoloader gives you more of an offensive punch. Good times.
  10. Go to middle. The end.
  11. 18/21 Lansen C. I find the Lansen interesting to play; good mobility, the 320 alpha is nice, -10 gun depression. It's kinda like a CDC combined with a big gunned TVP VTU...which sounds absolutely awful, but somehow works. Not a tank I'd recommend though, especially since the Swedish med tech tree line is very meh.
  12. gpc_4

    In and Out

    Nope. The tier 9 requires you prestige through all the tiers.
  13. 17/21 Progetto M35 mod. 46. I think we've all seen enough Progettos to know that it is a strong tank. Good for pubs and good for FL, because you have the mobility to flex around the map and your autoreloader has three shots ready to punish someone when you get where you're going. Key to the tank is managing the autoreloader; weighing single shot DPM vs burst damage. This is not an easy skill. I play poorly in the Italian autoreloaders because I tend to lean too heavily into using their clip potential. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Progetto and the Italian line. However, I know there are plenty of people who love them (and they aren't wrong), so I'll let some of them recommend the tank to you. Big downside...it's expensive. Gold price in-game will be 11,300.
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