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  1. gpc_4

    Aquaman - Dec 21, 2018

    I will only see this if someone can promise me a giant octopus will play the drums.
  2. gpc_4


    So...looks really bad.
  3. gpc_4

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    I’ve been thinking about this as well. Never spent any bonds and I’m never going to earn a CW reward through a campaign. Might as well go all in on a chance for this auction. Screw the 907 though, gun depression Brit HT FTW!
  4. gpc_4

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    According to people that understand CW much better then me, if I get 5 battles I can try and spend my bonds on something cool. So I’m going to try to be there...for at least 5 battles 🙂 I have 20k bonds.
  5. gpc_4

    DHO Debate: Bad Maps

    Somebody misses Winterberg and Ruinberg On Fire.
  6. gpc_4

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    Really low damage ace in the 50B where I fail to help @Golfcrazyor @Juggernaut41but dig out a win. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4740716#serene_coast-gpc_4-amx_50_b
  7. gpc_4

    DHO Debate: Bad Maps

    Empire's Border: Win middle or lose. I'm not sure if there is another map that has such a singularly dominant location. Basically Thunderdome in about 20% of the map and if you aren't winning there then you lose. Not good map design. Erlenberg: Amazingly it makes old Derpenberg seem good. Just too campy. Outside of the middle area along the river just about any aggressive move, or even just trying to get spots, will be severely punished. Paris: Not as punishing as Empire's Border, but once again there is an area of importance that you need to win...the south. Middle is suicidal. I've seen successful pushes across the field but it is very rare. From the first time they showed this map it seemed clear that it would all be about winning south and that is how it has played out.
  8. gpc_4

    The ALMOST carry...

    Hax, always hax.
  9. gpc_4

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Stop messing up my pinned posts. Make a logo post if you want to discuss it. The deleting begins...
  10. gpc_4

    Gillette & "Toxic" masculinity

    Gj @Juggernaut41, bring everything back to tanks. Men are not under attack...except for @Cpl_Maida.
  11. gpc_4

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Personally, I do not favor a logo change. I like the logo and doubt a more expressive logo will matter regarding recruitment. (Also, who is going to create it?). However, I’ll bring it up with the Directors and Rew.
  12. gpc_4

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Memory is hazy here, but someone who was involved early on had a relative that was part of US TD forces in WWII. That’s the panther thing, emblem of United States tank destroyer forces.
  13. gpc_4

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Please no, those people are the worst.
  14. gpc_4

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    I bump our clan thread on the WoT forum a couple times a week. That’s pretty much it.