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  1. gpc_4

    Tier X Contest: Quien es mas macho?

  2. gpc_4

    Tier X Contest: Quien es mas macho?

    I will take your gold! 5392 damage.
  3. Welcome, sir. You can request a clan invite on this thread; http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/263-wot-clan-invite-requests/&page=398
  4. gpc_4

    SPG Re-balance

    Meh. I’m fine with arty as is. Looks to be a minor arty nerf so...good, I guess. These are not interesting or dynamic changes.
  5. gpc_4

    Tier X Contest: Quien es mas macho?

    Getting it started..... 4709 damage. 5991 WN8.
  6. gpc_4

    Update 1.4.1

    It was a minor update. The known issues are always listed at the bottom of patch notes.
  7. gpc_4


    Welcome, sir.
  8. gpc_4

    Dealing with wheelies

    There seems to be some spaced armor but the wheels themselves are absent on tanks.gg. Makes me think the models aren’t accurate.
  9. gpc_4

    Dealing with wheelies

    They should not mess with these. At this point the people with high tier wheelies are the same people with reward/CW tanks. They are going to be played well. Need at least three months, probably more like six, before messing with anything. ...okay, maybe the wheel armor could be altered a bit but that’s it!
  10. gpc_4

    Tier X Contest: Quien es mas macho?

    Kinda agree here...and I need a freaking break after FL grinding.
  11. Honestly, view range would be a good place to start nerfing/balancing tanks. The view range saturation at high tiers is crazy.
  12. Fairly sure 420 is the highest in the game (Fatton, maybe something else). Update: 420 is the highest; Fatton, M60, 121B, Sheridan, and Panzerwagon.
  13. gpc_4

    Frontline Returns!

    I worked on crew training this episode so I made some weird tank choices. However, generally start with a HT; I did use Defender a few times but usually went with Caern AX. I think the Caern is good because you get the high RoF and pen. More shots, more resets. After the initial tank, mostly meds for the flexibility. Once I have 3 fully boosted FL consumables, I’d go HT first and then mostly LTs because they are fun (EBR and 432 in Episode 2).
  14. gpc_4

    Tier X Contest: Quien es mas macho?

    What’s a pacific time?
  15. gpc_4

    Frontline Returns!

    Episode 2 is over tonight. How is your FL progress? I'm staying a bit ahead of the curve with 2.20 after Episode 2.