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  1. Hmm.... It won't even start for me. Guess I'll have to get rid of the mods.
  2. So what surprised me the most, was how playing the Sau 40 for a couple weeks straight made me better with my Hellcat. Go figure. Or maybe it's just that after playing the Sau 40 for so long, that it just seems that I'm doing better in the cat. Either way, it was a fun little event. Thanks to Ayleward2 for putting it together.
  3. Well, here's my first try with the 105 mm gun. [attachment deleted by admin]
  4. Pretty cool. Guess I'll be starting on the French TD line.
  5. This sounds really good. I should be able to make both Thursday and Friday. Thanks for putting this together.
  6. Thanks for running it, had a blast. Hopefully the next time I'll have the hellcat running better.
  7. Great job on everything. Its nice to be a part of a group that doesn't freak out at the first sign of drama. I'm not a regular on the boards, and I'm lucky if I can play 30 min every other day. But from what I've seen, everyone here has done of good job of keeping their heads out of their asses. I also like the org chart, especially the "OMG! WTF?" part. I might have to "borrow" that for my Fire Officer I class.
  8. At least you've been able to get out there. I've been sidelined because of a malware/virus. . Hope to finally get out there tonight. Sigh.
  9. My work schedule is pretty much all over the place. But if I can make it, any time after 8 pm est. would be best for me.
  10. Good grief. I'm out for a couple of days and everything changes. Stupid computer virus. Congrats to both Amos and Sal. And nice boots by the way.
  11. Yes! I just noticed that last night. My first handful of games go great, I mean things are going great, I'll be getting kills left and right. Then I hit that damned ceiling, and it turns ugly fast. Oh well.
  12. Thanks for all the info and support guys! You guys rock. Next time I will definitely log on to Vent and at least say "hi". Thanks for listening to me gripe.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I was under the impression that to do the platoon, you had to pay for that. I will try to jump onto Vent tomorrow night and take it from there.
  14. Okay, so I've been playing the game for about a month now and I have to say, getting my butt turned into Swiss cheese in every match is getting pretty old. I have made it through a few matches, and even did a decent job a couple of them. But for the most part is seems like I get killed in the first couple of minutes, or my "team" does nothing that resembles teamwork and we all get killed. Money is tight for us right now, and I can't justify spending money on the game. Which means I have to just grind my way through the tiers (right now I'm at tier 4). I don't mind putting in the time and consider it part of the "learning curve". I guess where a lot of my frustration comes from the lack of communication in the game. I know that once I get to tier 5, then I can take part in the skirmishes and then CW. But until that I'm stuck in the land of tanks not talking to each other. Which sucks. Or am I missing something? I'm not ready to walk away from the game, I'm too bullheaded for that. I guess I'm looking for some suggestions, words of encouragement, pat on the back, a milk bone. Anything really.
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