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  1. Count me in for this, could be fun. 1. Cpl_Maida 2. Juggernaut41 3. SilntMercy
  2. I will only have the credits to buy one of the two, need help deciding which one though. Leaning towards the Kran at the moment.
  3. When does this start again? Don't feel like scrolling back through all the comments.
  4. Might sound odd, but depending on how much you have going into your system you can build a simple entertainment center for cheap. I built 2 of them in my house for about $50. Both are mounted to the wall and the TV's sit on them. All of the cables are behind and well hidden until you get up close. Will have to take a picture of it when I get home so you get an idea.
  5. Not feeling the love right now and your first sentence has a grammatical error in it.
  6. The fact that you put me into the same sentence with these folks just made my day. Much appreciated. And anytime you see me online and you would like to toon up, feel free to ask.
  7. My first tier X was the IS7 and the stats at the time were horrific. Total tomato. I ground it out though, literally doing nothing but playing that line for weeks, if not months and didn't really know what I was doing. Didn't know about being hull down, angled armor, just run and shoot as often as possible. I ended up learning how to play by watching streamers such as QB and Circon. What really helped me out a lot with learning was recording my videos and posting them up on youtube. By watching them back again, I was able to see what I was doing wrong or mistakes that were made. Could also watch some of the purple players while doing this and see what they were doing right. Since, with the exception of 2 tanks (E4 and 140), all of my tier X's are blue. To answer the question though, I do feel like I have topped out as to where my ability is going to be. I don't have the time to dedicate to playing for several hours a night anymore. I find it more fun to platoon with people then to try and play alone. Being alone causes me to get ticked off way faster and then my play starts to really take a nose dive. BTW, the T-100 is amazingly fun!
  8. Might give a heck of a grind tomorrow night with the Emil II if you would like to toon. T54ltwt is also up there and needing to be finished. Think you have it in your heart to toon with someone who hasn't been around in awhile?
  9. Damn, this sucks to read. Sorry to see it happened buddy. I don't have any money to spare, but if there is anything we can do to help, don't be afraid to ask.
  10. Haven't been on much lately, but curious how this will turn out. The west server plays different then does the east server. Curious to how that will change the game play once this is completed. Might have to log in for a bit to find out.
  11. Interesting observation after last nights show. There are 3 Targaryns alive. John Snow, Daenerys, and Tyrion. Here is my thought process. - All 3 of their mother's died during child birth, or died because of it. - Those 3 are the only ones who have touched one of the dragons. - There are 3 dragons, which would imply there also needs to be 3 dragon riders. Something else to ponder. We know for sure that Daenerys is off spring of the mad king. We are all pretty sure that Jon Snow is as well. Tyrion raises the questions though, but think about this. The Lannisters were in King's Landing while the mad king was still ruling, clearly as Jaime killed him. Tywin hates Tyrion so much, likely because he knows that he is not his child. He knew about the affair. My thoughts for the remaining 2 episodes for this season. Littlefinger dies in the next episode and the fight with the white walkers starts (finally). There will not be a battle for Kings Landing, that will be next season. Daenerys will come in this season, bringing her dragons and the Dothraki to finally kill off the white walkers. Next season is when the fight for Kings Landing will happen with Daenerys and Jon Snow working together. They will also both learn of their origins and Jon will be the rightful heir to the thrown. Given her complete desire for the thrown, her and Jon will marry so she can still be the Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.
  12. Sly won't be back for awhile. I foresee a marathon in his future.
  13. The Blood moons get progressively harder as you go. Tier 1 is 0-50 days, tier 2 is 51-100, and so on. Ideally, we just keep going until everyone is frustrated or we start getting out behinds kicked. Would love to see us get into the 100 day realm or possibly 200 before we start talking about restarting.
  14. Okay, so we have all agreed to start a new map tonight. People have raised some ideas about changes they would like to see made. Although I will try and keep everyone happy, we won't be able to do all of them. Here is a list of some of the things that we can change. -Game Name: This will determine the map. Each letter (capital letter and lower case letter) will determine how the map is generated. Thus far, Die Hard seems to be winning. -Map Size: Don't know current size of our map, but 1 is the smallest and 5 is the largest. Size 2 seems to be a great sweet spot. -Game Difficulty: 0 easiest, 5 hardest. Right not it is set to 0. -Zombie Speed: default day/night walk/run. This can be changed to never run or always run or left alone. -Day Length: Right now is set to 120. This means a 24 hour day in the game is 2 hours long. The lower the time, the shorter the 24 hour game period. The higher the number, the longer. -Day Light Length: Right now is set to 20. This means 20 hours of daylight, and 4 hours of night. The lower the number, the longer the night. The higher the number, the shorter the night. -Blood Moon Enemy Count: 8. This is how many zombies will spawn per player/per wave during the horde night. Zombie Difficulty: Right now is normal. The other option is Feral. Feral zombies are the glowing green ones that are a bit harder to kill and they also tend to be faster. Max Animals: 75. I changed this from 50 awhile ago as we weren't getting any animals. We seem to be getting a decent amount now so would prefer to leave this number alone. Air Drop Frequency: Right now is 24. I'm still grasping how this one works, but it is supposed to be one per 24 hour time frame. When I started the server, I had it set to 12 and was getting one a minute. Think we might leave this one alone for now. Okay, that's the ones that most everyone has brought up at some point. Need opinions please.
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