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  1. Forgot where you live but Starlink is out for north states. www.starlink.com to sign up for Beta. I am getting 50-180 down and 20-40 ms ping average. there is a few drop off though.


  2. I've been switching between Warspite and Dunkerque with good results
  3. source: https://sea-group.org/?p=3216〈=en New Mechanic: Smoke-firing Penalty !! WARNING: We speculate that this new mechanic will work as follows. However, unveiling the actual effect requires further investigation. Now, smoke-firing will not be as pleasant as it used to be. Ships fire inside (or around) smoke screen will accelerate the dissipation of smoke. For example: Gearing's 1-click firing will reduce 0.24 (0.12×2) sec. lifetime of all smoke cloud in a radius of 630 meters. Larger caliber guns have better effect on smoke dissipating. The biggest 460mm has the basic smoke-dissipat
  4. Got 5 stars tonight in my 3rd Operation Dynamo game, no one on the team died. Stay with the Fleet East side of fleet until Mid After Mid point, cover north, east and west side of fleet. Take your time and focus fire.
  5. Roll back your Video Drivers a Rev or Two
  6. I'm only playing a couple of games a night, gonna try to not sit around at the end of games and watch the finale, it may make me saner..
  7. I guess I should have mentioned this up front, this is an Adult only server, age 21 and up. I'll add that to my original post.
  8. My daughter is paying for a Minecraft server through Beastnode, I am the administrator for the server and we use a whitelist to allow access. The server is running Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved with (Galacticraft and Modular Powersuits added) We have room for few more players, depending on the load. This is an Adult only server, age 21 and up. If you are interested, send me a PM and I will discuss adding you.
  9. Perhaps we need some input from the DHO leadership and/or organize an official DHO Warships command structure?
  10. Because of all the WGL players ahead of me (not eligible for Prizes) I actually finish in 69th place overall and get 2500 Gold and 7 days Premium Winning!!
  11. Are only the Hard Commits on Slack? I PM'd you my email address, says not read yet
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