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  1. Cpl_Maida

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

  2. Cpl_Maida

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

  3. Cpl_Maida

    Exercise in futility

    Usually I find the hardest part of nights like that is walking away. I constantly amaze myself as to how I will dig myself a deeper and deeper hole while I'm watching it happen and am powerless to stop it.
  4. Cpl_Maida

    Naming and Shaming the Biggest Jerk Ever

    You found my alt.
  5. Hey - I'm consistently average in my heavies.
  6. Cpl_Maida

    Ranked Battles Season 2

  7. Cpl_Maida

    Ranked Battles Season 2

    How do you get placed in a league?
  8. Cpl_Maida

    New Maps: Empire's Border & Lost City

    Variety is the spice of life.
  9. Yeah. Pretty sure. Slow ain't my thang.
  10. Cpl_Maida

    New Map: Minsk

    Pilsen was bad because 80% of the map was not playable, and tanks immediately ran to the buildings, where the winner of that brawl would generally win. It was the exact same thing every time.
  11. Cpl_Maida

    New Map: Minsk

    Now u just trollin.
  12. But! It's a bad tank.
  13. See this type of post is why I teach kids not to use drugs.
  14. This. I need to train some crews, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.