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  1. 7/19 - 8/2. Gonna take around 15k.
  2. Progetto, TVP, or Patton 48. All great X's. All amazing IX's.
  3. I find it hard to sit down in front of a computer over the summer. It's light late, warm outside, there is a ton of crap going on. Just hard to put everything aside and find time for tanks.
  4. I mean, another tier VIII prem is always nice to break the monotony of tier VIII Skirms but ffs, not ever gonna choose it over the 432 or M41 90.
  5. FTFY. Best thing you can do on a crap map for LTs is go and support the best player top tier player on your team. Be an annoyance to the other team. People will naturally protect themselves from being shot by your top tier unicum heavy tank. So they'll ignore you, and you can use their pokes to do dmg.
  6. Hey don't be afraid to be up front brawling in ur LT. Some of these garbage maps don't give u many opportunities for vision, so being in the mix is an amazing way to pump out the dmg.
  7. You gotta figure that and the E6 are probably cheap.
  8. A dude in VILIN got a tank for 8500. Believe what you will.
  9. If u bid 16k there is a virtual guarantee you'll get the tank dude.
  10. Thanks. Excited to see how low I can get this reload. Some dude in VILIN just got his down to 4.81 seconds. Mine is at 5.4 with my setup. Have to tweak some things.
  11. A guy in VILIN who got a reward tank in the auction last time says he thinks 9k will win a 907.
  12. 907 might be one of the cheapest reward tanks tbh. Chieftan will be the most expensive. 10k will get you a 907. Last time 8500 got an M60.
  13. @Xperiment2g should probably avoid the line if he's trying to learn how to LT. Best LT line: T-100 I can't say anymore that the US line is easiest because its years since I played it, but generally the US tanks are easiest (and I love the Sheridan) so Easiest LT line: US The French line plays like the Batchat honestly. Just assassinate tanks late game. The Panzerwagon has speed going for it (but now with the Wheelie Bois it isn't unique in that regard any longer). The 131-1 is the worst of the set. It's a mini MT with camo on the move and 390 alpha with a long reload and bad gun handling/accuracy/depression. About the Wheelie Bois: I just started the line last night at tier VI. I played a few dozen SH games in it. It's fun. It's got a few things going for it. It has a few things stacked against it. All told I'm not sure how much time/energy I'll spend on the line. IMO they'll never replace the T-100 in CW and in pubs I think they'll be like the T49. Really fun and not all that useful. Edit: I wanted to add that for some reason the Chinese LT line gets worse as you go up. Tier VII 131 is amazing. The 132 is very very good. The 132-A is not great. The 131-1 is the worst at its tier. I am going to rebuy the 131 at some point and play it for dayz. Tier VII LTs are broken.
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