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  1. Not my best but can't complain about a Top 5% score to start the year 😁 ...No matter what kind of comments I get about playing them...
  2. Ok, let's win some CBs...
  3. Although I'm keeping her around, I just gave Sexy Lexi a proper send-off (144k+) and now have Midway ready to go...
  4. Ok, I’ve had multiple people ask since the weekend so I figured I’d just post it here. Since Audacious is great vs DDs and light cruisers but requires DoT for everything else, I’ll have Midway going & fully upgraded (HVARs for consistent damage vs TTs which DDs laugh at since the reticle change)(although if the majority want me to just spot DDs while hammering capital ships, I’m fine with that) by the weekend. I’m also going to put my Shikoku in heavy rotation so that I can get the Hakuryu as soon as possible for her AP bombs. Kids don’t have evening activities next week (Fall Break
  5. Got the win... and 4 Kills... in my least fav CV... AGAINST ONE OF THE BEST TWITCH CV PLAYERS IN THE WORLD...
  6. Yeah, I’m looking forward to being able to run CV during CBs. Tough to get much time before 10est with kids back in school. Just didn’t want to take one of the 1-or-2 limited BB slots if others enjoy running them, you know? Leaning Alaska but going back&forth.
  7. I’m looking to get a premium to give me an alternative during Clan Battles to my beloved CVs. I have the Yamato at t10 & will have Iowa (9) shortly. When CBs are t9, or when a bunch of us are just running Divisions, would you guys prefer a BB or CA slot be used?
  8. Couldn’t play much this weekend but was happy to see such a big turn-out for Naval Battles after a few rather low team scores. We ran in to a buzz saw but should win a good # if we can get about the same point total. Good job, guys!
  9. I know that some of you guys have accounts on other servers in addition to your NA account. What’s been your experience? I’ve thought that it might be fun to do just with USN CVs so that I could run my Lex vs other play styles.
  10. Bought 2 Summer crates and got it on my second opening 😃
  11. T8 so it should be interesting!
  12. Making ribs soon; I’ll be sure to eat some for all of you. 😀 I’d invite everyone over but... 😷
  13. I hope that I don’t “accidentally” shoot my 42 rockets at you during CB some time... 😉
  14. I took advantage of the sale to purchase the Audacious. Granted, I now have a “rather low” silver account so it will be a while before I can use her. Still... 😁
  15. Under $50 The set that died lasted for a couple years and was around $30 from Staples.
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