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  1. I was missing my Lex... #Top5%
  2. Another Ranked battle. Score wasn't great since I spent most of the match keeping Reds spotted and their CV in check (0 kills) but it was a 3-kill game with 2 of those (including the DD) coming on cross-drops...
  3. Not so lucky in this one during Ranked tonight... 🙁
  4. And, best of all, we actually Won this time... 😁
  5. T8 so it should be interesting!
  6. New best 🙂 Can t8 Clan Battles start already, please..?
  7. Didn't feel I played great after not using her for a while but Top 10% score 🙂
  8. Didn't feel this was my best-played game but still technically Uni damage so... 🙂
  9. Making ribs soon; I’ll be sure to eat some for all of you. 😀 I’d invite everyone over but... 😷
  10. That feeling you get when you take your brand-new Lexington out for it's first battle & don't have Naval Battles on because you're not sure how it will do...
  11. I hope that I don’t “accidentally” shoot my 42 rockets at you during CB some time... 😉
  12. I took advantage of the sale to purchase the Audacious. Granted, I now have a “rather low” silver account so it will be a while before I can use her. Still... 😁
  13. Under $50 The set that died lasted for a couple years and was around $30 from Staples.
  14. My headset died a few days back (can’t hear anything) so I haven’t been able to Discord. Any suggestions that won’t break the bank?
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