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  1. PaNiXx

    Star Citizen

    Latest update (Alpha 3.2) implemented the first iteration of mining. I gotta say they did a decent job with it. They also implemented group Quantum Drive jumping. Decent update and it's starting to resemble a game of sorts lol.
  2. Havent played anything on my Xbox in quite awhile (dang PS4). I activated Xbox Live and am doing the 14 day trial of the Xbox Game Pass to try this out.
  3. PaNiXx

    Star Citizen

    3.0 update is on the PTU. It's a buggy mess, but man it's gorgeous. Lots of good changes though, and definitely an improvement visually from 2.6.3 that is currently live.
  4. I play occasionally. I have it on all 3 platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC)....although lately I have been playing more on PC since it gets updates faster. Xbox One is least played. I am MR17 on PS4, and MR8 on PC. No idea on Xbox as i rarely turn that device on anymore.
  5. My copy is being delivered today, so no comment until after tonight LOL.
  6. I really like the Playstation Gold wireless headset, but the hinges on them break pretty easy. i recently purchased the Playstation Silver wired headphones for the simple fact that you can unplug the headphones from the usb portion and use your own headphones. This allowed me to use my HyperX Cloud headphones, which have much better audio and chat quality.
  7. And if you aren't playing it, you should be. It's a great game! This means you Damian!
  8. There are a few of us that could probably run this with you on PS4. Myself, Azzkicker, PSUApex, BenUr1, LordoftheS1ith, Archie_Griffen, etc. Just send us friend requests if we dont have you on our friends list and pop in party chat if you see us online. Although lately, I have been playing Titanfall 2.
  9. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/dells-black-friday-ad-leaks-includes-really-good-x/1100-6444996/ Dell will be selling an Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle (500gb) with an extra controller and a copy of Gears of War 4 for $250. Heck of a deal.
  10. Hey guys, I created a DHO network on Titanfall2. It is open to public, but hidden so use the link below to access it. For PS4 by the way. Don't know if you have to create a separate one for Xbone or not. https://www.titanfall.com/en_us/networks/playstation/205051/
  11. Microsoft is giving away Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for free it seems. http://kotaku.com/borderlands-the-handsome-collection-is-free-on-xbox-on-1788279322 Link to store page: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/borderlands-the-handsome-collection-unlock-bundle/bvrk77xxgbwb?tduid=(06de94cedc0bfd7f56e1bd6172e3509a)(256380)(2459594)(TnL5HPStwNw-006T0m19OAw6dMEElkJ.8Q)()
  12. Anyone picking up Titanfall 2? If so, what platform?
  13. I have one, but dont have enough time spent with it to form an opinion. From what I have played on it, it seems very similar response wise as a Playstation TV. One thing I wish though is I could have different video settings when using it than what i have set when playing on my PC monitor.
  14. PaNiXx

    Star Citizen

    All flyable ships unlocked for backers until October 17th. Includes Vanduul ships as well. If you have a game package and have ever wanted to try out the alien ships or bigger ships like the Starfarer, now is the time!
  15. PaNiXx

    Star Citizen

    So CitizenCon was this past weekend and they showed a demo of the upcoming alpha releases and schedule of what is to come. By the end of the year we are suppossed to get alpha 3.0 which will include planetary landing and the first gameplay mechanics. The first iteration of a real game instead of the glorified tech demo we have currently. Watch the video below at around 1:25:22 for the start of the demo. Cool thing to watch is this is seamless from space to planet surface. also shows how large the world is, where you can see the actual space station from the surface of the planet and even see the rings spinning around the station. Really is pretty cool technology. This also shows some basic NPC interaction as well as planetary weather. https://youtu.be/XuDj5v81Nd0?t=5122 Once 3.0 drops and any of you guys start playing, let me know. I have created (if I remember correctly) a DHO organization and have some ships that wlll need some crew members :)
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