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  1. Turns out that if I wait until the last 20 minutes to quickly pick a team, that is a better strategy than spending time overthinking it.
  2. If you get really, really, scrape the bottom of the bin desperate, I can join as a legionnaire. All I have at Tier X is IS-7.
  3. I'd post my picks, but mine are essentially the same as sweatshopkid's this time except I have123__ instead of Burd.
  4. Sly, if you want I can rejoin the clan so that you can kick me.
  5. Welp, really hope no one went with my lineup...that hurt.
  6. Spiritwalker Halo__MeU PhotoFinish drawkcaB Aggressor JoJoJacKy__hi Rude_Awakening This is my current line up, but I keep going back and forth on whether to Sub in Emus for TT member. Probably going to play it safe and keep the above line up.
  7. My understanding is that TT will finally have their full team as of this Thursday and will be playing their starting line-up (instead of starting subs). The thought is that they should play more cohesively on Thursday, but no clue how that is going to affect individual player point distribution. I think they will beat o7 in 7 matches or less. I'm still undecided, but leaning towards picking 2 players from this matchup.
  8. F7 vs Dare Rising - I think this matchup has a descent chance of going long. Right now I have 2 players from Dare picked, but may add Halo_MeU and drop a Dare or eClipse player. o7 vs Elevate - I'm going to pass on picking from this matchup. eClipse only picked up 2 games from Elevate and I don't see o7 picking up more than 1. AM60s vs eClipse - I don't see this going longer than 5-2, but don't think it will be as bad of a stomp as the Elevate game. Right now I have 2 from this match, but may drop down to one and pick up someone from F7. Teal Team 6 vs Top Tier (TT6 vs TT) - I don't see this match going less than 5-2 and expect that it may go longer. I'm picking 3 from this one based on TT6 strong showing last week vs o7 and TT's relatively weak showing in both their matchs last week. JoJoJacKy__hi (TT), Rude_Awakening (TT), Emus (TT6), T1_Diabetic (eC), PhotoFinish (eC), Aggressor (Dare), 123__ (Dare)
  9. I know right? Who would have expected the new teams to make the showings that they did? Could make this season interesting if they keep it up.
  10. My picks for tonight are really similar to Sweatshop kid's. vetro (ELV), Oxmathus (ELV), Positive (eC), PhotoFinish (eC), MRMAN58 (AM60s), Aggressor (Dare), 123__ (Dare)
  11. prem ammo is so expensive in it though. I think I broke the bank this weekend trying to snipe a Maus when there was just lights and arty on our side vs their 2 heavies and a med. Think I was 4 for 18 prem rounds or something horrible like that (we won though) vs the Maus.
  12. Last night was the last day of the season for the purpose of prizing. Thursday has different prizes just for that day (similar to the weekly prizing).
  13. Today was a rough day at work and forgot to post my lineup here. Hype 59 secured. Gratz to all that made it into the top 100!
  14. I hope next Tuesday is the last match for this season, I should finish in the top 3 unless I pick horribly wrong (4th needs 368.6 points to pass me). Think I finished 20th for the week.
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