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  1. I would be up for couch and map area learning for sure.
  2. Thanks I will have to go through mine tomorrow.
  3. It is not active but Dad's Hideout is an in game chat that we have that dads can join to talk and chat.
  4. Sounds to me like its a giant ELC Bis from before the nerf.
  5. I LOVE MY O-Ni! The derp is so much fun to one shot cromwells that seem to thing "he can't hit me moving" HAHAHA
  6. yeah sorry not many of us have been logged on due to other things going on. Give me an idea of your play times and I will see if I can set aside some time.
  7. it can be a fun game or it can be the bane of your life
  8. Hot dang looks like I drug alot of you in the game lol.
  9. OK so I am ready to come home to a DHO clan again. Anyone around to get me back to DHO6 if possible?
  10. if your running free accounts how are you doing so well on isk?
  11. I have helped organized alot of guys into the game very sorry about being gone for so long. I am back now and carrier ratting with flyfishing in discoverings. I am up for a chat in Dad's Hideout in game channel with anyone that wants I might even be able to give new players a ahand so long as internet spreadsheet politics don't end up in the way. Wish I had been around when Jean came back to the game you would be a goon instead of PH lol. I will work on getting all the stuff I have learned about "cheating" the system since alpha clones came out. what to train and which race to even start with
  12. I read the website and it was stating about the christmas missions thought I could could use my point as I earned them but I guess I will wait till the middle of next month.
  13. I love my french lights ELC is my FAV. Will build XP on the 13 90 after the tracks to unlock the bat chat line and the new lights line. I have yet to get past tier 6 on any other light tank lines.
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