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  1. I would love to start making my own bread seems it would save my family a ton of money with the amount of bread we eat. Plus we all love sourdough in our house but the stuff from walmart doesn't taste right.
  2. bigfabdaddy

    Hop Yard

    Very nice man keep it up and keep us posted. I would love to grow my own but then again I haven't brewed in a long time and I have yet to brew on my own and get my own equipment.
  3. Sorry to dig this up. I personally wouldn't trust a 110 burner to maintain temps to ensure things go as planned. Maybe get a small folding table for outside to use with the grill then your looking at safety and the great outdoors. Everything is better when outside. That is one youtube channel that I have watched when starting out and still check it out every year before the wife and I get started. I personally am looking to update my caner since my current pressure caner doesn't have a pressure gauge of any kind on it only the part that sits there to hold pressure.
  4. I have a dual band hand held but currently only use it to listen since I have not had time to make it to a test day. Now working night shift its going to be a while till I can get to a class/test date.
  5. Sadly I had to put all my brewing plans on hold due to working 50+ hours a week plus a 45m drive each way. Hopefully work will "slowdown" a bit and I will then be able to start building my setup. Plus the area in the basement that was going to be my brew area is now going to be a "training" area for myself and the kids due to a very fast growing interest in MMA and jiu jitsu.
  6. I know that feeling Nickali28 I am lucky to have a MMA gym that is owned and run by a friend. The kids and I go 2-3 days a week for boxing and jui jitsu, I play golf in the summer, and spend some time at the range doing long range shooting and QCB drills. Does tag with my kids count? I can say that just the last few weeks at the MMA gym I feel 10x better than I have in the last 6 years hope as training moves forward I keep feeling even better. Yes there are painful days after a shot to my fat gut or really pushing on ab day but its fun and I hope worth it.
  7. My kids and I just started MMA/boxing/BJJ classes and I wanted until the second month to sink any money in besides training cost I wanted to know they would stick with it rather than burn out quickly. My 7 year old girl is loving it so much I am looking to spend a good bit of cash on some dummies for them to grapple with on off days. I have even ordered a set of mitts so I can work with them on their punching on off days. Honestly I am more than willing to work as much overtime as my work will give me to get the things my kids need for their sports since I know what it was like using the middle of the road and even cheaper stuff playing hockey and football as a kid. I kept getting hurt and my parents couldn't figure out why till the coaches all benched me and told my parents I would stay there till I had better gear. Sure enough my parents pulled me from all sports and even boy scouts. So at this point while I will start mine out with "cheaper" equipment it will never be the lower side of middle of the road so I can ensure they are safe and have what they need to compete.
  8. You think your late to the party, we are not having a "reception" till august HAHAHA
  9. Sounds to me like its a giant ELC Bis from before the nerf.
  10. I went and got married at 9am by the JP to my wonderful girlfriend of 6 years.
  11. Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2013 5 gallons, AG Target OG: 1.076 (adjust grist for your efficiency) 19 SRM, 26 IBU GRIST 10 lbs Belgian Pils (78%) 1.5 lbs Weyermann Bohemian Dark (12%) 4 oz C-120 or Special B (2%) 2 oz Blackprinz or Debittered Black (1%) Mash at 152F for 60 minutes. You may need to be adjusted based on equipment, but as a baseline Iā€™d use about 16 liters to mash, then enough 170*F sparge water to reach a preboil vol of ~6 to 6.5 gallons (24-26 liters or so). I boiled this wort for 60 minutes, but longer (90 min) would be fine too ā€“ just adjust for bittering and boiloff. HOPS AND OTHER FERMENTABLES 1 oz First Gold (8.6% aa, whole) at 60 min to 26 IBU 0.5 lbs D180 candi syrup (end of boil) 0.5 lbs Brun Foncee soft candi sugar (end of boil) Pitch Wyeast 3822 Belgian Strong Dark Ale. If not available, ferment with Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity or Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes. Partial mash version: Mash 1 lb Belgian Pils, 1.5 lbs Bohemian Dark, 4 oz C-120, 2 oz Blackprinz. Add 7.5 lbs Pilsen LME to boil and increase bittering hops to 1.25 oz. This is very interesting to me. We don't have many beers similar to this in my area.
  12. So I was talking to my father and asked him if I could grow some plants at his house. He said "sure, as long as they are not illegal." I told him they would be hops for brewing beer the year after or longer. His response "sure plant as much as you like we can even expand the garden and put a line network over the yard to provide some shade. SCORE!!!!!!!!! So you know what I will be doing in the spring after the last frost. Yes I understand they will not be produce much the first year. I am not planning to just brew beer next year. This is going to be a long term hobby with all the info I have found on it there are many ways you can go with it.
  13. I am looking up some of the things on your list and figuring out what else I would need to pick up.
  14. I have figured out through talking with Flyingfish on discord that my grand plans need to wait a bit and I should get started with a more basic setup for the time being. So I will post up a plan and my brewing adventure in the future.
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