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  1. The tank list looks fine to me. If I were to tell someone what to get it would be the 140 and then the 277, in that order. Reason being is that there are more options for replacing the 277 than the 140 in a match so its easier to fill the 277 spot at this time. There is only 1 tank that is swapped for a 140 and its the 907. 277 can be swapped with 5A, 260, cheif, or even the IS7 in a pinch. Get the tank that is harder to replace then work towards the other. And all this is if you are starting from the same point in the tech tree. Otherwise go for the one you are closer too.
  2. Id be up for this, Im on most nights and all day on mon & tue
  3. I'll be around most every night with the exception of Thursday night this coming week.
  4. Im on most nights so I'll try to at least shoot invites out for tier 6's. Im sure most nights we will have enough to run at least a few
  5. No worries Cking, it happens to us all. We all know that when you are on we can count on you to help. And we dont want you to go anywhere.
  6. I see you didn't add the M53/55 to my list but let me clarify, the M53/55 is more recommended over the tierX T-92. Therefore I will not be grinding out the tierX T-92.
  7. T57 Heavy, E100, IS-7, T110E4, and I also have the M53/55 tier 9 American arty
  8. We enjoyed having in the group Archaic, come do some platooning when you can.
  9. Indian motorcycles are not what they use to be. I will however say they are very well running machines now. We recently had a couple here at the store and the quality of the actual components on the bike are more on the lines of metric bikes. That does not make them good or bad but it will cause the lifespan of these newer bike to be a lot shorter than the bikes build in the past. Harley-Davidsons no longer builds bikes to withstand time as well. I think most companies are too focused on the way their bikes look rather than the overall quality of their product. All that being said, Indian nail
  10. Good deal. I dropped on Delaware also. We usually don't have enough for a 7cst match so sitting out is fine.
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