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  1. Thanks for running this again, guys. It was fun! Last year I didn't have enough derps to play but I guess this year I got lucky with the battles :)
  2. Here's my entry for the kill count contest:
  3. Whoops! Sorry Grant, I'll make sure to post those too next time.
  4. Reserved for me, even though someone else will win. lol.
  5. Hi Guys, I got a clan invite, but it expired before I could get to it... could you send it again, please? Sorry about that... Dirk, aka kalvinbal
  6. Hi All, My name's Dirk. I'm an expectant father... (my wife Megan is 14 weeks along as of yesterday), 33 years old, and saw this group as a clan on WoT... and was intrigued! You guys have a great support system here, and as my family grows, I hope to take advantage of that! Thanks for inviting me to join, and I hope to talk to you guys soon. Thanks, Dirk Handle: kalvinbal (yes, as in Calvin and Hobbes' greatest outdoor game in the world Calvinball!!)
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