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  1. So I at current do personal contracting, I work for property owners. I do not have any employees or over-heads to pay, and pending the job it is usually just me. There are 2 property owners I most commonly work for.. Well im 4 weeks into a job. A condemned double wide. I was hired into the for my expertise in Hvac, Framing, Electrical, SheetRock and floors. Technically I could have been the site supervisor but told them out right I refused to be responsible for the other peoples actions.. I pretty much work on my own thing all the time..Any way long story short, I'm there 8 am every morning leave at 7 and take no breaks.. The other people usually wont show until 1-2 in the after-noon work a few hours and leave. So I've basically been building this place my self. It was ripped down to just the metal under framing and a few of the walls that were salvageable. Contractor would show up mid-day I'd be the only one there working... He calls me up today tells me to take the day off he's got to do some things... 3pm rolls around one of my co-workers wives starts blowing my phone up telling me i got everyone fired including myself for not being there today.. I knew I wasnt fired but out of curiosity i called the boss man... He tells me yeah,, I've been at the job site since 8am,, everyone walked in around 2:30... I showed them the door and told them I'd mail them their remaining checks. It took me a few weeks to see it, but you are pretty much single handedly building this place anyways,, They duck off, come in half day after you've already got a ton of stuff done and act like they helped with it all when I show up.. I've noticed you get more done when they are not here anyways and the job site isn't in shambles..I didn't want you to have to be here for the BS and have to see the I'm ducking sick of idiots side of me.. I changed out the locks, if you'll swing by my place in the morning I give you the new keys.... Honestly, wow i feel totally appreciated.. Nice to be so highly thought of,, but damn there a lot to do all by myself...
  2. So as some of you know, when i got married I moved from Tennessee to Massachusetts and lived there for 8 years. Well I moved back to Tennessee a year ago. I used to do a lot of street racing and building ricers when I lived in Tennessee originally so I had a lot of law / court problems on file for driving violations.. Well the first thing I did when I moved back to Tennessee was run a background check on myself so to avoid any surprises and settle any problems if there were any, as I haven't been in any trouble with the law in almost 10 years now I didn't want to start off on a bad note.. I even contacted the county clerk and asked.. Back ground checks came back clean, A few months after getting here I got a job working for the state as an agent cell phone supplier for low income families.. ( Government phones ) To get the job they ran multiple back ground checks, foreign and domestic & all came back clean.. I've been at places where trouble has gone down once or twice, ( me not being involved ) but non the less have had my name ran by the police, no issues, no wants or warrants... Well yesterday, the police show up at my job site ( Now a contractor rebuilding condemned homes ) looking for someone none of us knew. But because I was putting my tools in my truck getting ready to go home at the end of the day the cop said I was stashing stuff.. Searched my truck to no avail, ran my name and suddenly I'm being arrested for an 11 year old warrant for a failure to appear in 2006 and financial responsibility.. What the hell,, I explain everything to the cop, he apologizes and says regardless he has to take me. Even the cop at the jail booking me was confused by all this. So 5 hours on a hard bum concrete floor, $150 to a bondsman on a $1,500 bond and I'm out.. I get home and do a BG search and a county docket look up,, still no failure to appear charge on file but my new court date and judge has been added to a previous driving on suspended charge that I appeared in court for and had already been dealt with 11 years ago.. Talk about a fucked up court system.. Got married, had a kid, got my life together, 10-11 years no trouble what so ever and now this poop.. Think the judge is going to believe me when I say I appeared in court on that day and that they fucked up? Not likely but even if so,, I wont get my bond money back, I'll owe new court costs and they fucked up my perfect streak of staying out of trouble.. Way to go Tennessee,, You still suck as bad as you did when I left 8-9 years ago.. Its ok for the random guy who knows where to beat his wife, abuse his kid, get busted with drugs and kill someone, hes still walking the street with a smile on his face,, I do everything Im supposed to, get my life straight, no trouble, but they must be bored and have nothing better to do,,so lets issue a warrant that wasn't there for the last 9 years and pick this guy up,, he wont know...
  3. Depends on frequency, impedance ect... As far as I know you need a radio broadcasting license independently of a Ham license but that may depend on which class License you have, I know the various classes of licensing offer a wider range of frequencies available to the individuals use legally. So It would really depend on what frequency you are broadcasting/repeating at.. I know that as of " Jan 20 2000, the FCC made (LPFM) radio transmission legal without a license... I only know this because I used to run a local DJ/music radio station for a while, but then I moved into being a Virtual DJ. I DJ'd clubs in SecondLife & Utherverse but I had to obtain a license once I made the move from FM waves to digital transmission.. Some possibly helpful info.. Unlicensed broadcasting laws https://jux.law/unlicensed-broadcasting/ HyperPhysics & Frequencies http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Audio/radio.html
  4. Was never a fan of Saab untill i got my first turbo charged 9-3 convertible..Drop top 5 speed, little thing would haul ballz,, then my buddy had to go get a 9-5 with a automatic or switch to shifting paddles on the steering wheel.. Well he hit the freeway one day, had no clue about the paddles & was in paddle mode, he was pushing 50-60 mph in 2nd gear and slung a piston and rod out the side of the block.. Thankfully engine swap on the saabs is easy,, jack the body up, unbolt the subframe and just lower it out as a whole.. Easiest engine swap I've ever had to do..
  5. Bought this rat trap for $300,,, Picked up some new rims and aggi tires, a winch, a fuel tank that fits. Rebuilt the top end and new piston rings, few days of going through it, stripped it down repainted the frame, primed the plastic..and added a backup spot light for those late nights in the woods.. Turned out a pretty nice quad, got maybe $700 total into it... Still need to paint the tank and re-cover the seat.. But I love the old shaft drive Hondas, not much can stop em..
  6. Lmao,, just need a helmet with a pink mohawk and you'd be pimping.. lol honestly I dont think my wife would even want to be seen on that...Like the pink is fine but then pastel blues,, nope!
  7. New note on the quadcopters, I've had several toy grade & a few hobby grade, I've got a DJ phantom 3 with the 4k camera and motorized gimbal, and I've got a ton of 3D collective pitch helicopters, but I'm looking to pick up a FPV racing drone or a collective pitch.. So looking for dads that have any experience in these 2 areas. Can anyone recommend a good FPV racing drone they have experience with that uses 5G for the video and has a long range transmitter... I know I can buy range boosters but I'd prefer and already set up long range unit.. I'm torn between picking up a FPV racer or scooping the StingRay 450 collective pitch quad. Which adds a very unique quality to the flight characteristics.. I have lots of experience with collective pitch helis so moving into a collective drone should be no challenge. Then I can just strap a FPV system to it.. At anyrate any dad into drones,, check this thing out,, it brings drone flight to a whole new level.. [media] [/media] Simply amazing to see a drone doing 3D flight...
  8. LoL,, I bought a skyviper as a play with at work toy, I wish I had seen this post sooner.. I've tore mine down, upgraded it ect, I actually wrote a whole break down on this particular drone on the RC forums Im a member of. I've got the V2400HD viper. But I extended the range, upgraded the batteries and motors ect.. At any rate, kind of a long read but I'll copy the info over to here for yah.. If you want pictures or info on how and where to add the antennas let me know I'll post em up.. Forum Copy Over First I'd like to say I bought this as a bash around toy while at work, it definitely isn't a hobby grade drone but it turned out to be pretty nice over all. I've done a lot of upgrades to it just for fun & to see how far I could take it from toy grade to hobby grade. At any rate, this will be slightly lengthy as I'm going to share everything I know about this drone and the things I have done to it personaly to improve it So sorry for the length of this message but I like to share these things so people can learn and have the option of being able to do and know what can be done. Running the batteries in parallel will double your mAh. mAh is the maximum milliamps the battery has available to supply in a discharge hour. However by having doubled the battery load/weight on the quad it now has to draw more power to stay at a hight it originally would have at about half the draw . So overall if its all you have on hand it may buy you a few more minutes of flight time to parallel. You can buy 3.7v 1000mAh and 1200mAh single batteries that will fit this drone perfectly. Taking this route will pretty much give you a solid double in flight time. As to the motors, they are generic and can be any 8mm brushed coreless motor within the 3-5 volt rating area. You can upgrade to the crazypony 8mm motors for some serious speed and responsiveness.. Front Left & Rear Right are Clockwise rotational. Front Right & Rear Left are Counter rotational. ( You will hear a lot of people say you can just wire them backwards if needed to change rotation ), while this may be true, the micro fingers/brushes that ride the commutator of the shaft in clockwise motors face like this /o/, counter like this \o\... the o being the motor core and the / being the brushes on each side....So the motor turning the way it's not intended to will cause the commutator to grab at the tips of the fingers and eventually bend them backwards or literally grind through them causing pre-mature motor failure. As to the ESC/Speed controller it is heavily intigrated into the board along with a 6 axis gyro and altimeter. Due to being a uniboard and brushed, there is no way to add a brushless ESC & Motors. I've come at it from every possible angle. Only way to accomplish this would be an entirely new main board designed for a brushless system at which point you mide as well build your own hobby grade drone from scratch. There are 3 main parts to the the inner workings of this drone. The 1st is the UniBoard aka All-InOne. This is the heart of your drone and has everything needed for flight. The 2nd is the data logic & wifi radio combo board "V22400 HD model only". This is only needed to use the camera, plug in a SD card and to broadcast the wifi video signal, & 3rd the camera its self. Even when you do not have the camera turned on/connected to a video device it is drawing power during flight. The camera it's self draws a logic voltage of 0.2 volts in a state of whats called keep alive so that the data logic board knows it's there. The data logic board also has a continuous draw of 1.2 volts. the 0.2 volts fed to the camera and 1 volt to supply a radio broadcast signal over wifi so that when you do turn on a video device you can connect to it. Both the camera its self and the data board can be removed. Big weight drop and 1.2 volts of draw gone. Biggest flight time boost you can do, you're saving voltage and using less draw at the motors to carry the now lighter drone. Another trick to save a few amps here and there, if you happen to have a soldering iron. Buy a micro ON/Off switch. Cut the ground wire to all the LEDs. Run all the grounds together to the On/Off switch and from the switch back to any ground on the board. Pick a spot to mount the switch. Now you can turn the LEDs on and off as needed. And last but not least, The upgrade I did before any others. The drone & the transmitter have a printed antenna on the boards.. While functional, this it horrible for range. The output is at 1.8-2dB with a range of about 400 feet on a good day. You can take some spare or buy 5dB Wifi antennas, just the cheap little screw on ones. Solder them into the bridge of the board mounts antennas and Walla... as to mounting them thats your call. I put the one on my controller right out the top like normal, on the drone I pulled the rubber/splastic sleeve of the antenna off and fixed the wire along the inside of the rear left arm slong the motor wire.. This put me up to 5.2dB with a range of 1300-1500 feet. HUGE improvement. Hope this explains some things for who ever reads it, gives you some ideas and helps you out in some way. This is pretty much everything about this drone and what can be done to it. On a side note I cut the LEDs out of mine put the on/off switch in and replaced the fronts with HiLumen Unltra bright white Leds and the rears with Ultra Bright blues for easy night flight. Happy flying..
  9. Ty,, lol,, not bad for styrofoam.. Brings building a model to new light when you hand craft each part prior to assembly lol...Got 50 something photos of the build..took longer than I expected but its in for judgment.. Heres hoping..
  10. After many changes in parts, paint ect, I think it is finally ready. I will be submitting it tomorrow after a few mild touch ups in the paint..... Wish me luck..
  11. How to platoon while wargaming is having these issues such as contacts not working, messaging and not being able to receive platoon invites. Firstly to get together and be able to invite one another simply go to chat channels and create a channel all parties wanting to toon can join. From here you will be able to send out the invites. Now some people are having no problems getting the invites, for those of you not receiving them, a little trick I found out, go into your settings and uncheck accept invitations from friends in the garage. You should now be able to receive the invites.. Hope this helps some of you out. Good luck and happy tanking...
  12. Redid the turret lid, was a little too small, Got everything locked in, the lifters on the lid and the little 50cal machine gun finished, that thing lemme tell you, rounding out a piece of foam that small for the barrel was a pain in the ars.... Started the camo pattern,, few more days i should have the shovel, tracks tow cables and all on it and done...
  13. Well it gets better now.. My old man went out of state for a few months as a QC pressure vessel consultant for Exon. Well during his time away I picked up a Booster stage, so now itll go twice as high, got an hd mini can mounted to it and a gps locator incase it end up in lala land we can recover it... He just got back, so should be launching soon, is a matter of weather.. Will post up the vids from it when it happens..
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