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  1. So as some of you know, when i got married I moved from Tennessee to Massachusetts and lived there for 8 years. Well I moved back to Tennessee a year ago. I used to do a lot of street racing and building ricers when I lived in Tennessee originally so I had a lot of law / court problems on file for driving violations.. Well the first thing I did when I moved back to Tennessee was run a background check on myself so to avoid any surprises and settle any problems if there were any, as I haven't been in any trouble with the law in almost 10 years now I didn't want to start off on a bad note.. I even contacted the county clerk and asked.. Back ground checks came back clean, A few months after getting here I got a job working for the state as an agent cell phone supplier for low income families.. ( Government phones ) To get the job they ran multiple back ground checks, foreign and domestic & all came back clean.. I've been at places where trouble has gone down once or twice, ( me not being involved ) but non the less have had my name ran by the police, no issues, no wants or warrants... Well yesterday, the police show up at my job site ( Now a contractor rebuilding condemned homes ) looking for someone none of us knew. But because I was putting my tools in my truck getting ready to go home at the end of the day the cop said I was stashing stuff.. Searched my truck to no avail, ran my name and suddenly I'm being arrested for an 11 year old warrant for a failure to appear in 2006 and financial responsibility.. What the hell,, I explain everything to the cop, he apologizes and says regardless he has to take me. Even the cop at the jail booking me was confused by all this. So 5 hours on a hard bum concrete floor, $150 to a bondsman on a $1,500 bond and I'm out.. I get home and do a BG search and a county docket look up,, still no failure to appear charge on file but my new court date and judge has been added to a previous driving on suspended charge that I appeared in court for and had already been dealt with 11 years ago.. Talk about a fucked up court system.. Got married, had a kid, got my life together, 10-11 years no trouble what so ever and now this poop.. Think the judge is going to believe me when I say I appeared in court on that day and that they fucked up? Not likely but even if so,, I wont get my bond money back, I'll owe new court costs and they fucked up my perfect streak of staying out of trouble.. Way to go Tennessee,, You still suck as bad as you did when I left 8-9 years ago.. Its ok for the random guy who knows where to beat his wife, abuse his kid, get busted with drugs and kill someone, hes still walking the street with a smile on his face,, I do everything Im supposed to, get my life straight, no trouble, but they must be bored and have nothing better to do,,so lets issue a warrant that wasn't there for the last 9 years and pick this guy up,, he wont know...
  2. Ty,, lol,, not bad for styrofoam.. Brings building a model to new light when you hand craft each part prior to assembly lol...Got 50 something photos of the build..took longer than I expected but its in for judgment.. Heres hoping..
  3. After many changes in parts, paint ect, I think it is finally ready. I will be submitting it tomorrow after a few mild touch ups in the paint..... Wish me luck..
  4. How to platoon while wargaming is having these issues such as contacts not working, messaging and not being able to receive platoon invites. Firstly to get together and be able to invite one another simply go to chat channels and create a channel all parties wanting to toon can join. From here you will be able to send out the invites. Now some people are having no problems getting the invites, for those of you not receiving them, a little trick I found out, go into your settings and uncheck accept invitations from friends in the garage. You should now be able to receive the invites.. Hope this helps some of you out. Good luck and happy tanking...
  5. Redid the turret lid, was a little too small, Got everything locked in, the lifters on the lid and the little 50cal machine gun finished, that thing lemme tell you, rounding out a piece of foam that small for the barrel was a pain in the ars.... Started the camo pattern,, few more days i should have the shovel, tracks tow cables and all on it and done...
  6. Heres some links to Iowa codes, regulations and info on the situation. I saved you some searching.. http://www.iowarealtors.com/posts/iar-news/2015/07/16/fence-feuds-a-two-sided-story http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/who-can-claim-property-based-adverse-possession-iowa.html http://www.claytoncountyia.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/231 http://statelaws.findlaw.com/iowa-law/iowa-adverse-possession-laws.html Hope it helps..
  7. Look up "Adverse Possession" I had to deal with a similar situation years ago.. Legally because the fence had already been up for some years and no complaint was given or filed whether the fence is on the line or her property either, technically you now own either the line or the land that was once hers.. Adverse Possession is a legal doctrine which gives the encroaching neighbor the right to argue that they have a form of legal ownership of the property covered by the fence encroachment on the basis that the non-offending land owner knew of the encroachment and neither objected nor brought a legal action to protest it for a period of years which is prescribed by state or local ordinance so find the time line for your state or county... The laws of adverse possession are very specific and encourage landowners to be responsible and conscientious with respect to their property rights and to discourage them from sleeping on their legal rights with respect to their ownership and use of the property. Also, If you didnt already know know. To establish ownership of a fence. The posts always face in toward the owner and the finished side to the neighbor or public. Its actually a common law under Fencing Etiquette.
  8. Might be a little late on the info for yah. I'll tell you up front it is definitely worth $. However the down fall will be finding where to sell it and to whom. It can't be used for anything modern so you would be looking for a collector of old photography & print equipment or just an all around antiques junkie. I cant tell you what it would be worth, if you really want to know and want to take the time. Find a local antique shop / dealer & have it appraised. They may even take it off your hands... Now what I can personally tell you about the item, Here's a little history for you..I can tell you its dated from 1921 -1930 and here's why... In 1921 The Commercial Camera Company became the Photostat Corporation and In 1930 PhotoStat was merged into ITek.. As the Dryer has a Photostat Name plate on it, it was produced during that time.. Now, as to the items function, It is an accessory of the Photostat photo Copier set up, one of the original Xerox machines.. The Photostat models 1-3 are chemical photo copiers. Supplied to photostat corporation via Kodak, the machine holds a roll of sensitized paper & the item to be copied is photographed directly to the paper. The photo is then wound directly into a developing bath which is then cut from the roll via a lever. After a count of 30 seconds the print is then drawn into a fixing bath where it remains until all copies are made. The copies are then moved to a water bath where the chemicals are washed off. At this point the prints are moved by hand to your Dryer & flattener..The purpose for it being a heatless dryer is that the film paper used is very sensitive to heat and will shrink up and curl, " Kind of like HeatShrink for electronics" . As this paper dries it will also try to roll up on its self so the flattener keeps it flat until dry... Unfortunately I couldn't find it cataloged anywhere to give you a listing or photo... I used to be a Radio-logical Engineer. I X-rayed pressure vessels and such in nuclear power plants. Had my own mobile dark room and had to develop my own film by hand. In studying to obtain my ASNDT Level III Certs I became quite familiar with film, its history, kodak and all the processes used... At least now you know its age range and purpose.. I'd say take it to an antique shop, kind of a shame to think about throwing away a piece of history...
  9. Is anyone tossing in on the Wot " I Made this for WarGaming " contest...? Figure free stuff so why not.. I have an obsession with building stuff out of foam, Not sure why, just picked up a piece of foam insulation years ago and carved out a plane/glider.. Been making Stuff out of foam ever since.. At any rate I'm building a M36 Jackson from 1/2 inch foam insulation... Going pretty smooth. Got most of it done last night...Still need to make the other track, the track rollers and drive wheels then go over it with some finishing sand paper and make it pretty... Not sure if I'm going to paint it or not yet.. But here's the project so far.... I guess boredom and creativity at its best... lol
  10. Yeah, Its a 1989 YFZ350 Banshee with a Raptor 660 rear end and front swing arms to widen its stance, RDZ Twister Crank, Herr Hi-Flow Jugs/cylinders & Heads bored 80 over with a Nitrous tolerant Chromoly sleeve, Wiseco racing pistons, V-FOrce3 Reeds, Keihin 35mm racing carbs, Hinson racing clutch pack, Vortex Sprockets & a Nitrous-Express 60002 direct port nitrous system. Paid $300 for it, was all stock and I literally had to cut it out of that had grown into it over years of sitting in the guys back yard. Spent about a year and a half building it. Its powerband range is INSANE, low-hi rpm range no problems, If you sneeze while your thumb is on the throttle your going to be staring at sky. Ive got like 15 fourwheelers i've restored/built from junkers over the years. Sorry guys, i know off topic. Was just answering the question.
  11. How goes it guys. Been gone almost a year Due to some fam issues, would really love an invite back into DHO-6. I miss hanging out with my fam in chat and running toons. I've already been pulled back into the DHO original branch but after almost 2 years with my DHO-6 Comrades DHO branch doesn't seem very social. Usually very few people on and no one ever wants to platoon. I remember RebelTexan had a stroke before I left, He was my original Recruiter, and I see he hasn't been in game in almost 6 months If anyone has any info on how hes doing please share I'd really like to know. Hope all is well. Would like to get back into my original group with Blagger, Manny, Eric Metha and all my other Crazy brothers In Arms,... Thanks in advance and its good to be back.
  12. Hey guys, long time no see. Lifes been a pain but I'm back, Have missed my fam. Which branches of DHO are still Clan wars active, I want back in. I've been DHO, DHO-6 and DHO-X. Willing to start back at the bottom and grind my way back up if needs be. I just want back in on the action. Got TS and availability is no issue, I'm retired now... Someone let me know so I can send a request to join in WOT
  13. I'm soooooo sorry guys, I would expect you guys to have kicked me after almost a year maybe more of not being online, As those who know me knew I was going through selling my company in Massachusetts and moving back to Tennessee to help my parents. Well the move went ok, Buying the new property turned into a nightmare, my mother fell 2 weeks after getting here and broke her hip, 4 weeks after that my father had half his intestines cut out, wife went through a few bad seizures, The hard drive on my PC crashed, went over to linux, talk about pain in the butt to get tanks working on linux, took me a week of coding. But I've really missed tanks and all you guys. Would love to be a part of DHO again if you guys will take me back. Ive got my life back under control finally and dont forsee any further issues, I'll be a full time tanker again..... Last I remember I had been moved over from DHO to DHO-4 or 6, not sure which, will start back at the bottom again, dont care, not greedy just want to play with my fam again,.. Just let me know. I can send in some donations if needs be as before to help with Vent ect or what ever. Just let me know. And someone who has some free time fill me in as best you can on what all ive missed, I see wot has added a bunch since.
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