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  1. There is no limit on how far back you can go in ClanTools. I can actually go back and see my data from not only Goonz, but previous clans years ago. The key is to sign up DHO-X with ClanTools by emailing the admin, and setup daily codes. When someone shows up for a clan battle, you issue them the daily code and they enter into the website. That simple. When it comes time for a payout, you set the date range and that's it. ClanTools will show the gold the clan made, and the codes (shares) that were entered for that date range, then give you a list of gold amounts to be paid to each pe
  2. To introduce changes to a game mode that are not conducive to the entire player base, is either incompetent or 'we don't give a sh!t' development/testing. You choose...
  3. Setting up codes in clan tools does the math for you. https://clantools.us/
  4. We still use 268v4's on Cliff 2 line and Steppes 0 line, but that's about it now. SConq's all the time still, rather than Chieftain's. Better dpm and hull down, i.e mid FishBay. We will use one or two chieftain's, sometimes if we need to get there quicker, but that's almost always the job for our fast hvy's. 260 is number one fast hvy and we'll run a gaggle of them. 277 next if 260's are locked, followed by 5A's and 113's. Always a gaggle of 907's and 1-3 bat's depending on strat. Interesting, the EBR has replaced the T100 lately. it get's those spots quicker than the T100
  5. I would be surprised if their stats were derived from the NA server.
  6. What's this, the 4th or 5th change now to this failed class, since the game's inception?
  7. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/02/15/frontline-number-of-points-needed-to-reach-level-30/ >> WoT Express has prepared a list showing the points needed to reach the 30th level in the frontline mode. They compared it with last year and it looks like you have to get 11,570 more points to get to the last level. <<
  8. Remember too guys, that you don't have to place your bid until 2/21. Gives you a few more days to play 10's and get more bonds. 13.2. The auction starts with the opening of the window to exchange Bonds for vehicles on Feb. 6 (Note: starting date of the action may change, it ends on Feb. 21 at 06:00 CT).
  9. Vikinger, there aren't a specific number of tanks of each type available in the auction. The top 250 bond bidders are the auction winners, and everyone else loses. You just select the tank you're bidding on, and place your bid. I would hope that 22k bonds would not be the 250th bid position, but who knows. 6.6k bonds does seem low, but if you're not one of the top 250, you get your bonds back.
  10. Probably have enough, but don't think I want to 'blow' them all on the VKK. It's only used on a few city maps, and I've been lucky enough to be able to play my E3 and E4 on those. Now that 907 you just picked up pal, that's a different story. Congrats!
  11. Irrelevant to the point. https://wargaming.com/en/careers/
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