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  1. Kilo

    Wargaming robbed my kV220-2

    Hmm, just checked and mine is still there so it's not an across the board thing. The ticket you submitted should clear up the mishap. Also, for your viewing pleasure Jingles just put a vid out about the T5 beast.
  2. Kilo

    Bonus Codes for Clan Wars Playoff

    Finals: The Guerrillas are king of the zoo again. :) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/308137137
  3. Kilo

    Bonus Codes for Clan Wars Playoff

    Semifinals: -G- beats Mahou in the tie breaker, Youjo sweeps Last. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307688669 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307689827
  4. Kilo

    Bonus Codes for Clan Wars Playoff

    TruVoodoo's stream recording of Mahou's battles last night. They went 8-0 as expected I think. 7th battle against 200IQ was the most tense, and that was only first few minutes until Mahou reacted to their strat successfully. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/306868618
  5. Pick the winner and enter code before Saturday 9/8 7:00pm est. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/tournaments/season-9-playoffs/ http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/586004-season-9-playoffs/ Teams in the Tournament and their Codes REDEEM CODES HERE South America Style [L4ST] Code: L4STSEASON9 SPACE FORCE - THUGZ [_SF_] Code: SFSEASON9 Memesters Accused of Hacking Offenses Undeservedly [MAHOU] Code: MAHOUSEASON9 Villain [VILIN] Code: VILINSEASON9 Fanatical Deplorables Usurping Purples [FD_UP] Code: FDUPSEASON9 Willy Wonka Official's Checking Account [WONKA] Code: WONKASEASON9 Youjo Racing [YOUJO] Code: YOUJOSEASON9 E-SPORT RAO - clã patrocinado pelo maior delivery japonês do Brasil [-RAO-] Code: RAOSEASON9 Big Brain Gaming [200IQ] Code: 200IQSEASON9 CLAWS [CLAWS] Code: CLAWSSEASON9 Sin Nombre >.> [X-T7] Code: XT7SEASON9 GOONZ [GOONZ] Code: GOONZSEASON9 Guerrillas [-G-] Code: GSEASON9 Red Sky [RS] Code: RSSEASON9 Relic Armoured [RELIC] Code: RELICSEASON9 Follow Ones Course Until Successful [F0CUS] Code: F0CUSSEASON9 Code Rewards REWARDS FOR CHOOSING THE CORRECT WINNER: 5x Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP (1 hour) 5x Personal Reserves: +50% Credits (1 hour) 5x Personal Reserves: +100% XP (1 hour) REWARDS FOR CHOOSING THE INCORRECT WINNER: 5x Personal Reserves: +100% Crew XP (1 hour) 5x Personal Reserves: +50% XP (1 hour) 5x Personal Reserves: +200% Free XP (1 hour)
  6. ...and when was the last time you were afraid of facing an E100, at least in another T10? https://tanks.gg/compare/e-100?l=100004&t=60tp_000001
  7. Don't get your hopes up, 60TP is meh at best. Everything it sees can pen it, unless you're hull down and they're in front of you. Long a$$ reload for a heat round that has sub par pen.
  8. Good forum post for us non-clickers >> But remember you can bypass missions by using orders in this second campaign same as the first. Also some of the missions only require stun for the secondary/honors part of the mission. So you can complete those without arty and without burning an order, just not "with honors". There are only three missions that require stun on the primary part and they are all coalition (USA & UK arty) for the first set of missions. There are a few other of each allegiance that have secondary/honor parts requiring stun. So for anti-arty purists you can bypass the arty/stun missions by using three orders and three orders only. << http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/585924-personal-missions-artillerystun-guide/
  9. Kilo

    Ranked, where u at?

    Data: Tank Meta from Ranked Battles Season 2 4 September 20184 September 2018 ~ Motoko I figured some people like to see data regarding WoT. Anyone who plays Ranked probably realized this information already, but WG is always talking about how they collect and review data to improve the game.So I decided to collect my own data. Data Collection: To show the meta for Ranked, I recorded some data within the first week of Ranked Battles a few weeks ago. I observed a few super-unicum streamers on Twitch and recorded which tanks were used for 15 battles on NA and EU, for a sample size of 30 battles. This was within the first week of the Ranked Battles season and it was always higher-rank battles at the time. The data was recorded manually, which was cumbersome. I understand it would’ve been better to collect data over the entire season, but again, the data collection was manual and time consuming. Results: I am listing only the specific names of heavies/meds and their usage because the other classes were barely used and I want to keep the article from being 10 pages long. ALL tank data was recorded though and can be seen in the graphs, but the graphs don’t contain specific tank names. Ranked battles are 15 v 15. N.A *Tech tree tanks not used: Leopard 1, Obj 268, T-62A, Badger, Foch B, BC 155 58, WZ 113G FT, WZ-132-1 EU *Tech tree tanks not used: Sheridan, T110E3, T110E4, Grille 15, JP E100, PZ KPFW VII, Maus, E100, Leopard 1, RHM PZW, Obj 268, K-91, IS-4, Obj 705A, Badger, Foch B, AMX M4 54, Amx 30B, BC 155 58, STB-1, WZ 113G FT, WZ-132-1, 121, Kranvagn Conclusions: It doesn’t take a brain surgeon (Or even someone with a semi functioning brain) to see what is happening here. The meta is dominated by heavily armored mediums and heavies that can brawl at close range to maximize EXP so chevrons can be gained. Sniping and long distance damage doesn’t really pay off because the EXP you get is vastly diminished. Note that tanks with strong turret armor reign supreme (Super conq, WZ 5A, Obj 430U, 907, IS7, Obj 277 etc). These tanks are pretty easy to play hulldown and just dominate anything without turret armor, and their armor can easily bounce even premium shells in many situations. To me the most interesting thing here is the total lack of some tanks being used. It’s no secret the Leopard 1 is terrible and it wasn’t seen in any of the 30 battles. Other older and forgotten tanks were missing/barely featured at all. In general, German, American, and French tanks were barely featured even though they have several tier 10s available. Light tanks and TDs were also barely used. TLDR – Ranked is totally dominated by a handful (Primarily Russian) of brawling tanks and others with strong turret armor. Mobile tanks are also better performers to slower tanks, with some exceptions depending on the map. Basically if it wasn’t for the Super Conq/5A, Ranked would be 90% Russian tanks. But don’t worry, WG “collects data” and will make adjustments accordingly Kappa. Disclaimer: This is my first article here, constructive criticism is welcome. I understand some people don’t care about data so I’m curious as to what the reception of this will be. If people like it, I will post more articles containing data, mostly collected from VBAddict on tank performance, which makes data manipulation easy and quick. Hope I didn’t make any typos. Thanks https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/09/04/data-tank-meta-from-ranked-battles-season-2/
  10. Anyone know yet whether these missions can be accomplished without arty, like the previous campaign?
  11. Kilo

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Karelia

    Me. It mixes things up, so it's just not the same 'ole, same 'ole.
  12. Kilo

    E25 - Limited 68 Hour Sale!

    lol yep, looks like a good weekend to play 7's if you like to stet pad.
  13. Kilo

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    From the Armored Patrol this morning. >> The first wheeled vehicle WON’T be a premium, but is likely to have its separate branch next to the B.C. 12t. << https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/08/23/qa-summary-of-gamescom-stream-22-august/
  14. Kilo

    QBCode 2 hrs to redeem

    Thx Sizmic, code worked.
  15. Kilo

    What Are the Odds?

    I'm not sticking up for arty, I think it should be limited further than it is....but if there was no xvm, clan tags or even ign's for the opposing team until after the battle this wouldn't have happened. It just adds toxicity to the game.