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  1. Herp derp I just realised that >.< You can tell I obviously haven't progressed anywhere on the Brit med/heavy line lol
  2. What are everyone's thoughts on the caernarvon action X? I'm not a medium tank fan, but on paper those stats look fairly decent. I like the turret armor + 10 degrees gun depression, pen is ok and alpha is normal I guess (would prefer higher but it's a med) Only downside to me is the fact that it's tier 8, I'm not sure how much I would play it in never-ending tier 10 matches just to get credits since I'm not even intending to play Brit mediums.
  3. Really? I was pretty impressed with it in that QB review, seemed on paper to be a better E100. I mean, everything can pen an E100's lower plate too unless it's hull down and looking away from you :) But I wasn't going to grind it anyway since all the lower tiers are utter trash...
  4. I just started on them and haven't looked through all the requirements, but I have to say I'm liking this new format. I prefer to have gradual progress in the missions, rather than the first set where it depended heavily on RNG to get the right map/set of teams (I'm still halfway through the t-55A set...). Also it seems that it's not tied as strongly to vehicle classes (although it sounds like there are arty missions from what you guys have said?) which I prefer because I don't often play light tanks and arty. I'm ok with slowly racking up spotting damage in meds/heavies as opposed to needing that one Prok/Murovanka game in a light tank. So even if it might take longer, I prefer it to sitting on a mission for like 6 months until you get that "stars-align" game.
  5. Plik

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Karelia

    I personally think north spawn has an advantage in a certain sniper spot, not sure if it's the one you're thinking of. I generally don't see North being really important, seems rare that it results in winning unless the other team doesn't control the hill i.e. you have to win BOTH the north and also at least be contesting the hill. However I have a soft spot for Karelia because I've had 2 monster 8k damage games with my Grille 15, mostly just sitting in the aforementioned sniper spot :P
  6. Plik

    Ranked, where u at?

    I just bought the O-Ni yesterday on a whim since there were those discounts, I'm enjoying it so far lol it's just a tier 7 kv-2/o-i, feels satisfying whapping people for 500 damage in the turret with no aiming... How was the O-Ho grind, can I just keep derping all the way to tier X?
  7. Plik

    New QB Code

    what are these codes for anyway? At work so I'm never going to be able to redeem them...
  8. Plik

    E25 - Limited 68 Hour Sale!

    Yeah, I got mine when they gave it out free a few years ago. Was it just for logging in X number of times or something? Especially love that description... driving along and suddenly 1 shot by an E25. Guess that's what you get for playing a tank with 120 hp at tier 7...
  9. Plik

    E25 - Limited 68 Hour Sale!

    rofl looking forward to the hordes of 42% players shelling out for the OP E25
  10. Plik

    Fixes to Preferential Matchmaking

    Most of these buffs look totally insignificant to me. I don't think adding 5-15 pen and 0.3s reload is going to have any difference at all when you're facing Defenders and 50-TPs, which is the real problem. It won't make any of the pref MM 8s more competitive at tier 8 (well IS-6 aim time is significantly buffed at least). I agree with gpc, maybe I'm old-school but I also think that's the price to pay for pref MM. I'm fine with them being weaker than tech tree 8s, the problem is that their recent money-grab tier 8s are OP enough to rival tier 10s in some positions.
  11. RIP my only superheavy E100, powercrept into oblivion...
  12. Plik

    Premium Shop Coupons!

    Just got a 20% after a game with a Pascucci's, the messaging said get an "epic" coupon for an epic medal, though I wouldn't really consider 20% epic... So I guess it's tied to performance in some way.
  13. Plik

    WN8 & Wotlabs vs. Noobmeter

    huh and here I was thinking that I got banned from wotlabs or something lol (or that my workplace banned it for installing crypto mining trojan)
  14. Plik

    Tournaments return

    The joy of fighting 3 268 v4s over and over again!
  15. I'm kinda slow grinding a couple of lines and would like some opinions on whether they are even worth continuing on, mainly due to free xp/crew considerations. Guess I'm wondering which of the other vehicles in the lines are keepers/fun to play, I don't want to grind just for another tier 10 which only gets occasional play. 1) US mediums, currently at T20 with Pershing almost unlocked Have no impressions of Pershing, to me fighting them is just like a fighting an uptiered Sherman, shoot them wherever except maybe the mantlet directly. How is the grind through the 8 and 9? I note that the Pershing's initial guns are truly horrific with 160 pen, but I guess I could technically pop xp boosters and run full apcr until I get the top gun. Heard that the tier 10 Patton is pretty good and plays kinda like a heavy medium, which I like since I'm terrible at mediums. I do kinda like the t20 though. 2) Swedish heavies, currently at Emil I with Emil II almost unlocked Definitely like the turret and hull-down, but the gun handling is just terrible. Even firing premium doesn't really solve anything, intra-clip is too slow to be a real auto-loader. Does the Emil II's gun handling improve much? Don't see myself playing the Kranvagn much, seems to be pretty much out of favor. 3) Swedish TDs, currently at tier 6 and hating it Mainly just wanted to get to udes and play around with siege mode, but really not enjoying this much. Is the tier 7 more of the same? Seems really limited to open maps with bushes and un-fun otherwise. 4) Italian meds, currently at tier 6 Seen a lot of people saying that the mid tiers are decidedly meh, how bad is it and how is the tier 8/9/10? I'm finding them kind of bland but ok, similar to the Swedish Leo which I expected to hate but ended up finding it alright. Are they free xp sinks and unplayable when stock?
  16. Plik

    New frontline mode

    Thanks! What have I been doing in random battles.... I look forward to shooting Lorraines, Skorpions, CDCs, Somuas, FCMs with my 160 pen instead of spamming APCR against 10s.
  17. Plik

    New frontline mode

    This is probably a stupid question... but can you actually grind normal xp in frontline? If so this would be great to grind my Pershing in...
  18. I second the K5 position, found out about this recently and I find it a much better play for TDs than camping 1 line shooting morons. Good shots on lights poking on the lighthouse, helps support the east side, shots on tanks poking the middle, plus comes with bush and rock.... mmmm. The corresponding A5 doesn't seem as good (although still better than 1 line...) because of the shape of the terrain, there's that big rock in the middle which blocks north but not south.
  19. I ended up free xping the turret and the top gun. Agree about the troll bounciness, it can bounce some strange stuff. However I seem to notice that the Italians seem to eat track+hp damage very easily, even when relatively unangled. I was trying to track one frontally after bouncing on it a couple of times, was surprised that it just went right through the track and damaged as well. But the problem with the top gun is the troll accuracy is back, even with the same listed dispersion number....
  20. Plik

    Opinions on a few grind tanks?

    Helpful feedback guys, thanks. I went ahead and bought the Pershing, moved the t20 crew up into it. First couple of games went pretty alright, although I'm not sure if it'll be a keeper. If the tier 9 is as good as indicated I might have to start training another crew in preparation for the 10. 2nd priority will be Swedish TDs, although I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do in something like Himmelsdorf with no turret, no armor, and lowish alpha... Will drop the Swedish heavies if the 9 and 10 is just more of the same. Just got Mr Meatball last night for Italians, so might slowly grind up to the tier 8 and see how it goes from there. If tier 9 and 10 is pretty much same playstyle just slightly better, might also stop at 8. Incidentally xtc4 sorry for getting you artied to death on Murovanka last night, I wanted to shoot you to put you out of your misery but my p43 bis didn't have the gun depression so just had to sit there spotting and watch you get rained on >.<
  21. Wow you guys are fast. I started grinding the line for the commander, just got to the tier 6 last night. I think I'm done with everything except for the damage (got 20k+ out of 35k) and XP (think I'm at 15k out of 20k?) Really meh tanks, the tier 5 accuracy is truly horrific and another testament to how soft gun stats are way more important than their meaningless dispersion number. Still need to get the top gun on the tier 6 to say anything about it but at least it can hit things.
  22. Plik

    New frontline mode

    I played my 1st game on this last night. Was on defense, had no idea what was going on, ended up winning. Kind of enjoyable, but right now I feel totally lost and end up randomly driving around shooting stuff that shows up. Also doesn't help that I don't have many "meta" premium 8s (t25 pilot, t34, super pershing) so not much in the credits department either. But definitely more successful than the other game modes they've introduced in the past.
  23. Plik

    More Broken: 268 v4 or Wt Auf e100?

    Lemmingrush is tolerable to me, at least he consciously tries to be gracious but yeah when the unicum arrogance comes out its cringe-inducing. Anfield I haven't watched for years after seeing him rage about yoloing around with his e5 and bouncing an IS7 below him because he thought shooting at the auto-bounce lower plate instead of the nice flat upper plate was a good idea. No respect for people who can't admit they made a mistake and blames everyone else. Zeven still the best but I haven't seen him put anything out in a while.
  24. Plik

    More Broken: 268 v4 or Wt Auf e100?

    Definitely going to try that spin-out tracking trick, I've never understood why it happens either and generally treated it as random. Won't work on targets that aren't going full yolo though... I have to admit I haven't been pressing 2 as much as I should have, out of some misplaced idea that this thing actually has weak spots that 276 pen should be able to handle. Will definitely remind myself to do it much more often.
  25. Plik

    More Broken: 268 v4 or Wt Auf e100?

    So what's your best bet for penning this thing? I've generally try to aim for the front drive wheel if it's angled (and most drivers tend to over-angle it) but the problem is they tend to wiggle a bit and move and especially at range this makes it a really unreliable spot. The lower plate is ridiculously small, don't think I've ever managed to pen it. I've never successfully penned the cupola either, even when they're not moving. I saw on tanks.gg that the hull cheeks are actually fairly weak if it's angled, but the visual model makes it hard to tell where those cheeks actually are. I've even bounced off the side superstructure with a Grille 15 ... which was seriously rage inducing.