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  1. noticing DHO has an empty spot. would like to fill. IGN is the same as profile here. thanks
  2. I would love both of their returns. I'd REALLY be jazzed with an updated Dragon Ridge.. probably my favorite map in the history of WoT. So many positive milestones achieved there :)
  3. Himmelsdorf, winterburg (sp?) and mines. Problem is, the rotation puts one in too few others already. Himmelsdorf is outdated and too unable to be opened up. Winterburg is largely dominated by the south spawn and mines should never see above tier 5
  4. Premiums in descending tiers in either loot boxes or from gold included in loot boxes - IS3-A Skorpion G Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager E25 M56 Scorpion AT15A AC4 Experimental Turan III T14 Premium time - 70 days Gold - almost 40k All off of 40 bucks in loot boxes.
  5. Actually, I did get the tank, and everything else the 6+ offered. It IS however, a 50% additional exp vehicle... that much I did notice right off. Oddly, despite the obvious changes to the tank it plays much like the old one, at least what I remember... I had it whipping around and scooting all over the place on city maps
  6. Freelancer itself is a space sim from ca. 2001. The Underverse mod (www.underverse.us) is maintained and updated regularly and themed around Chronicles of Riddick. There are still active players, though numbers are dwindling. Events off and on throughout the week (and weekend) for everything from fighter combat (heavy and very heavy fighters on fridays, ultra heavies on saturdays) to battleship events every tuesday, gauntlet races (if enough attend) on a dedicated course, various factions to join and a lot lot of fun stuff to explore. given that the graphics engine is old, it is dated somewhat but yours truly has a ship model in the game and it is WICKED. So if space battles, 'rum and banana runs" to make that money, and camaraderie with some hardcore classic gamers worldwide is your thing, contact me here for how to pick up the game and mod. Or, create an account at http://underverse.us/portal.php and the admin team will help get you squared away. you can find me there under the tag [NEC] Phoenix
  7. 6+ here, and if they didn't 'mess up' it'll mean a beta test. either one I'll be happy with :)
  8. whatever the case, I don't believe I implied or suggested otherwise.
  9. Well, I am certainly glad I jumped ship when I did, no disrespect intended (literally). I felt making room for more active players was a good idea. Though I do wish I had found something more competitive than I had within the clan system - I went elsewhere (again). Too bad things have come to this yet at the same time it makes total sense. Good luck, and hopefully will see some DHO on the battlefield!
  10. The latest reply was that they claim I sold it. BS... I've not played in months other than to pop in when I could to say hello to friends. The bright side is, if I use an 'exception' I'll be able to get it back AND my old GroBtraktor. That being said, I may take them up on it... even if I have to sell off my underperforming machines to do so.
  11. I did check filters for sure Mykk, probably more times than I care to admit. Shut them all off, turned on premiums only, etc etc... but it's a valid point to look for in the future. This isn't the first time it's happened to me. Had the GroBtraktor disappear as well, long long ago. That incident never got resolved. Still, I do expect some positive outcome myself... but IF it doesn't then... well as I said. I don't mind if I have to dump some credits to get it back either, really
  12. Watched that this morning, which is why I renewed my efforts to retrieve it :)
  13. Not complaining outright but between the last time I played and this latest major update the tank disappeared from the garage. I've filled a ticket for recovery. Going to be honest, it's a good little stress reliever tank for me and if I can't get it back I'm probably going to be playing a lot less even though I'm back full time. I don't exactly enjoy getting crap taken without so much as a "we took it, tough cookies" note. Been playing war thunder more as of late and really enjoying it both in amusement and my own ability to destroy the reds. Who knows what will happen after the ticket submission. I guess this is a notice.
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