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  1. PrometheusEDI

    Wargaming robbed my kV220-2

    The latest reply was that they claim I sold it. BS... I've not played in months other than to pop in when I could to say hello to friends. The bright side is, if I use an 'exception' I'll be able to get it back AND my old GroBtraktor. That being said, I may take them up on it... even if I have to sell off my underperforming machines to do so.
  2. PrometheusEDI

    Wargaming robbed my kV220-2

    I did check filters for sure Mykk, probably more times than I care to admit. Shut them all off, turned on premiums only, etc etc... but it's a valid point to look for in the future. This isn't the first time it's happened to me. Had the GroBtraktor disappear as well, long long ago. That incident never got resolved. Still, I do expect some positive outcome myself... but IF it doesn't then... well as I said. I don't mind if I have to dump some credits to get it back either, really
  3. PrometheusEDI

    Wargaming robbed my kV220-2

    Watched that this morning, which is why I renewed my efforts to retrieve it :)
  4. PrometheusEDI

    Wargaming robbed my kV220-2

    Not complaining outright but between the last time I played and this latest major update the tank disappeared from the garage. I've filled a ticket for recovery. Going to be honest, it's a good little stress reliever tank for me and if I can't get it back I'm probably going to be playing a lot less even though I'm back full time. I don't exactly enjoy getting crap taken without so much as a "we took it, tough cookies" note. Been playing war thunder more as of late and really enjoying it both in amusement and my own ability to destroy the reds. Who knows what will happen after the ticket submission. I guess this is a notice.
  5. PrometheusEDI

    I'm a daddy! (AGAIN! LOL)

    Thanks Gents, sure am proud... my first child, and my last... both girls. 3 boys in the middle... my life is complete now... time to teach the boys how to be big brothers like I was... and how not to take crap from big sis either :)
  6. Allow me to introduce Charlotte Marie-Vae Guthrie :) Born 8:36am local time on the 4th of September 10lb 8oz, 21.5 inches long Finally got my baby girl :)
  7. PrometheusEDI

    DHO2 Strongholds

    Okay fellas, it's time to kick this off then. I'll be friending you all (if I have not already) in the next few days and will try to make this work if enough of us are on at one time :)
  8. PrometheusEDI

    Requesting Child support changes

    Jedi is right Hapa, it can all be done by mail, or electronically (some states however do not allow this method). Some states can even do it over the phone, and send a document for you to read over, sign and return, and they have a staff hearing (or in your case, a simple review of financial documents) which may take a few weeks/months but will eventually rectify the situation.
  9. I can't, or rather won't get into the gritty details much. Suffice it to say my oldest has done something most would consider horrible. Twice. In doing so I was given an ultimatum, which is the most difficult decision I've ever had to face. I had to choose to send him away, or choose to side with him and lose the rest of my family. His stepmother, and his 2 brothers (and soon to be sister). I had a long discussion with him over his actions, let him know exactly what I faced having to do. Then, I made him choose, as a punishment for his actions because I simply could not - to go live with his biological mother, face the legal system (which put the rest of the kids at risk in my view - something I wouldn't allow), or choose to stay knowing the family ultimately will be destroyed (which in essence will happen anyway). It is still a damned tough pill to swallow for me, and I know it is harder for him. My only thoughts are of my children you see, and this is no different. Do I think he'll be better off there? No. Will it be bad for him? Not necessarily. Does it protect his siblings in the long run? Yes. Do the rest of us stand to lose him completely, among other things (and people)? Definitely. First off, the history of his biological mother and I has been full of ... for a lack of a better term, crap. In the past, her decision making abilities have been lacking when it comes to her family life. I can't say mine haven't, but not to the extent she's shown. Secondly, I fought her off and on for 10 years to keep him and keep him safe FROM her family (who I have more a problem with than her). Thirdly, I personally stand to lose a lot more than him if I let him go... and even more if I don't. As the title says, I think i failed as a father. His feelings and well being is more important than my own, even now. I know for all intent and purpose I destroyed his world by making him choose his 'fate' so to speak. The questions that keep going through my head - "how did I let it get this far without seeing it?" "what could I have done differently to stop it before it started?" "is this the right thing to do?" "COULD I have stopped it?" and most importantly... "where did I go wrong?" I truly believe I failed him. And, I do NOT feel I should even call myself a dad anymore for being forced into this position, let alone making him decide. I just couldn't choose between him, or his younger siblings. I don't know where to turn, what to do... for I feel there is no right way out of this for anyone involved. No choice will prevent someone or another from being hurt. Have ANY of you faced anything even remotely similar to this?
  10. PrometheusEDI

    Mods for WOWPS

    that's about the truth. whenever I play against humans, I never do less than break even on a kill/death ratio. bots... well... not so much. You'd think that'd be the other way around eh?
  11. PrometheusEDI

    Future of some maps 1.0

    So basically, any current map worth saving is hitting the chopping block... Again. History is repeating itself
  12. PrometheusEDI

    Misadventures of Wargaming Support System

    That's no joke :) but it sure did suck
  13. PrometheusEDI

    DHO2 Strongholds

    yeah, I do remember that from last time I tried years ago. this time I'm going to be patient. if need be, I can wait. but I'd really like to see the ball get rolling :)
  14. PrometheusEDI

    Misadventures of Wargaming Support System

    Yeah... when you pointed that out, made me think of "Government intelligence" in the same way lol