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  1. ThatRandomJanitor


    Replaced other one last night. Heck of a lot better. After just a bit more abuse passenger side played pop goes the weasel too!
  2. ThatRandomJanitor

    2019 Goals?

    Whats are your goals for 2019? Mine include... Paying off ankle biter debts Cash flowing remodel for upstairs bathroom Finish Diploma for accounting Pass Bookkeepers tests
  3. ThatRandomJanitor


    Bit of an overdue update on this... I was able to replace my driver's side strut. The old one came out in three pieces and needless to say is the majority of why my rear end was so damn bad. As for the passenger side the new ones seemed to be fixed and I was unable to align it with the holes in the body and it also had some differences that raised some red flags. New one should arrive today or tomorrow. But wait there is more (bad) news! There are two brake line brackets that have to be removed. The lines on this appear to be bone stock and rusty. Well on the passenger side the little bit of movement caused a line break on the passenger side. With my WC and issues in my right arm I didn't have to miss with it. Being New Years Day only one big brand garage was open so I had it towed. Day after NYD they called and said they broke their only flairing tool. Two days later and keep getting excuses and being told "it will be done today". If the work ain't done today by 4:30 having my wife go with a tow truck and having it towed out to a local shop. On the big upside just from my little drive to driveway waiting for a tow it seemed to be a lot better. Firm if you press that might lead to some roughness on the road but we shall see. **edit** Got my traveling device back yesterday. I can tell only one side has been replaced but it a hell of a lot better. I plan on replacing other side Friday (I bargained for a day off). Bit firm but doubt its settled completely. Off hand I'd say if you want to cheap out on an older vehicle Monroe Road-matics maybe the way to go.
  4. ThatRandomJanitor


    Ordered some private label Monroes off Rockauto. At this point I'm calling it a late gift for my 4 year old who says "owe" after every little bump. I'll post back on how they handle. I've seen mixed reviews.
  5. ThatRandomJanitor

    Whats everyone do for work

    I love getting to work from home for seasonal tax prep...nothing like a rum and coke while doing mandatory modules online! If only I could get away with it at Wal-Mart when I am doing actual tax prep...
  6. ThatRandomJanitor

    Advice/Experience - Used Car Shopping

    Look up Steve Lehto on Youtube. Granted yes it does very manufacturer to manufacturer seems as though CPO is a fancy tag tossed on to raise the price.
  7. ThatRandomJanitor

    Raised doors? (literally)

    Debating how to incorporate. If I was single or son was over 18 I would probably turn that half of the upstairs into an open loft type office when floors are redone.
  8. ThatRandomJanitor


    Same here I learned about them from my dad (an ex mechanic). I've heard mixed things on the preassemled struts. Just wanting something quick and easy although if I did go the long route and get a compressor I could live with it. Just don't feel like dealing with a spring bomb in the garage.
  9. ThatRandomJanitor


    Rear struts on my 1998 are becoming unbearable. Anyone ever use cheapo Monroes off Rockauto or have any suggestions? Needless to say with it being a 98' nearing 250,000 miles wanting to go cheap but decent.
  10. ThatRandomJanitor

    Advice/Experience - Used Car Shopping

    I tend to do private sales always just due to the pricing. Watch a few Youtube videos for basics. Learn about common issues and use them to your advantage when it comes to pricing. For example back in the day I was looking into a Dodge Stratus. One of the common issues was if water pump seal was not changed by x amount of miles the seal tended to go allowing coolant into the engine. Since the seller had no idea when and if it had ever been changed at I put it against the price. When in doubt and even if buying from a dealer under the so called "certified pre-owned" have a mechanic YOU are paying to inspect a vehicle if paying a good chunk of change. the $100 or so you pay may save you thousands or they might give you a good heads up on what may break soon down the road. Again use this information when it comes to negotiation.
  11. ThatRandomJanitor

    Raised doors? (literally)

    Random q.... on the 2nd story of my house two of the rooms have floors and doors that are elevated about 8 inches. Any one else ever see this? Why would it be constructed like this? I can tell some of the downstairs rooms where added on such as the back living room and side entry. All of the ceilings on the first story are the same height all the way around, same for upstairs even with the elevation. Any thoughts? While I don't see it being a major value issue long term I would like to find a way to make it less weird for when I finally sell some 15+ years from now.
  12. ThatRandomJanitor

    Whats everyone do for work

    Starting a new job next year working for Career Systems Development. Going back to my three year roots of driving with a bonus of helping people start a new life. Wooo!
  13. ThatRandomJanitor

    Shirt Stays

    Shirt I was attempting to tuck was a standard off the shelf button up from Kmart years ago. Was messy in the back. Another manly lesson has been learned...only use shirt stays with shirts that are made to be tucked. Pretty well loving them for business wear straps don't show through khakis.
  14. ThatRandomJanitor

    Man's Guide to Women

    What if a woman is in the wife zone, you marry her and then she goes to the NO GO Zone?
  15. ThatRandomJanitor

    Wet Shaving

    Saw this on here long ago and made the change as well. WCS starter kit and liking it three shaves in. Skin feels softer and pores have shrunk as well.