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  1. ThatRandomJanitor

    Buying a home

    Congrats! I am not familiar with VA loans. Best advice shop around with lenders. If you go through RocketMortgage (formally QuickenLoans) send me a PM and I'll send you a promo code.
  2. ThatRandomJanitor


    Sorry to hear about your situation. Coming from a young 24 year old that sub consciously has a dog barking a piece of meat every time a good looking smart woman walks by yet can't stand the thought of his woman being with another guy it is a hard one. Talk to her, spice things up if you can. If need be take some time off of work and maybe try marriage counseling. Like you and Damien mentioned she has past issues. Sounds like she wants to relive some of these. This is always the hardest part about abuse or abusing substances. Once you've done it or been the abused urges/flashbacks will always be there. My wife came from a more unstable background than mine, sometimes it is a b*tch to get her to snap out of wanting to overspend but I do it to keep things on track. Be supportive in healthy ways. In the end if things get to be to much maybe take on some one on one sessions with counseling to help with the grieving process. Good luck, keep strong and keep us updated.!
  3. ThatRandomJanitor


    I haven't even baked a loaf since I first posted this. Maybe an early Saturday or Sunday chore for the kids?
  4. ThatRandomJanitor

    Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

    Thank you for the advice! It does suck. About the only thing that kept me at the FT was the PTO. Being terminated has in a way been a blessing....no more being forced into 403b while in debt and a chance to explore endless possibilities. I was in same boat, after I started my seasonal gig doing taxes I was hooked. I enjoyed learning something new that also paid was I was making at FT, I even had chances to get bonuses with every client. Asides the money its just something I see more long term potential for my own side gig but also employer wise (getting out of the driver's seat).
  5. ThatRandomJanitor

    HP Battery Issues

    Every time I scanned for a battery I would get an error and the computer restarts. I've considered a hard reset but don't want to risk it doing online classes at this time. Might be an option if I order a laptop with my next refund.
  6. ThatRandomJanitor

    Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

    Thanks Jon. I also reapplied back to my part time tax job, my boss is supposed to call me tomorrow. Who knows he might of gotten word from corporate that they are opening up a store front here. I am also applying to a smaller franchise company that is not corporate owned. Sadly just working weekends I didn't get much case variety and didn't see a whole lot. With the smaller company I believe I'll also get more guidance. Iowa requires 150 credit hours to earn a CPA license, however, you may sit for the CPA exam after earning a bachelor's degree along with 24 semester hours in accounting courses. The work experience requirements are pretty standard and require one year of public or non-public accounting experience. If I recall right the company I applied to does to auditing. If memory serves me right they actually audited the company I worked for. Trying to keep positive about this. I've got a small amount of cash put back and I'll be getting all of my vocation hours on my last check (this friday). I'm going to my Financial Advisor tomorrow to have him shed some light on my IPERS account and what I should do. Being forced into it like I was I can say I'd of better w/o it as I'd of been $4,000 less in debt right now with $4,000 less in stress.
  7. ThatRandomJanitor

    Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

    Well the kicker got let go today. Applied to a local CPA that is apparently in desperate need of accountants. Literally the guy at UI office told me to leave, apply then come back to do job searches at UI office. mid-long term I am looking to do something along the the lines of EA and payroll. Possibly collections. Ten years from now I'd either like to be a.) gainfully employed at an awesome company getting overly decent benefits or b.)working from home as my own boss. Currently I am working on just a diploma, although I can roll that into an AAS through the some community college. They do have a few connections that would allow me to upgrade to a Bachelors long term. As far as things I can apply to short term there isn't anything I am aware of. I do have a NCRC but those have fallen to bottom of the list for employer check lists around here.
  8. ThatRandomJanitor

    HP Battery Issues

    MODEL: 15-127wm PRODUCT: N5Y0UA#ABA Its an older HP. First battery was marked 2015. Was a cheap walmart special.
  9. Things at my driving job are not going so well. Operations are expanding and it seems like things are very much going down hill. Asides working with my clients I am starting to truly starting to not enjoy the job with how things have gotten internally. As I've mentioned before I am currently taking Accounting online and work as a seasonal tax preparer. As it sits with me full time gig I get ZERO healthcare benefits (loopholes). My FT job does have some PT workers that only come in a certain days. Any one ever work two PT jobs to get out of a job and into a new career? I am highly considering it. Seems like a lot of entry level accounting jobs around here are PT with potential to become FT.
  10. ThatRandomJanitor

    HP Battery Issues

    Back to no charging only AC use. Starting to think it maybe laptop.
  11. ThatRandomJanitor

    Finally Selling

    Sounds about right. Wife used to have (if I recall right) and 08' with all the fancy stuff. Was a beast in the winter.
  12. ThatRandomJanitor

    HP Battery Issues

    Original issue with old battery: died @ 20% w/o warning and after a few days no charge Diagnosis steps taken: tried two known good AC adapters to charge battery, didn't work. Laptop ran fine w/ just AC. New battery is Genuine HP, numbers are not exact match but it is the same product. Ordered off Ebay (dun dun dun) New battery runs the laptop fine but says unknown time remaining (no AC) and battery not detected (w/ AC). I've done a BIOS update and uninstall/reinstall of AC adopter and battery software. Any suggestions?
  13. ThatRandomJanitor

    Vocation Time

    I've interviewed for a few jobs that are pretty much the old standard. Thought for a moment my company was on the cutting edge of vocation time with others following dreadfully not true. As for converting to Hinduism don't think I ever could.
  14. ThatRandomJanitor

    Finally Selling

    True but no more being able to fit my fat @$$ in the engine bays lmao been looking into 4x4 Durangos. Worst case if I want to haul I i figure I can always add a trailer hitch. Around here decent late 90's and early 00's run just under 2,000.
  15. ThatRandomJanitor

    Broken Vacuum and Wife **NSFW**

    Now what does a remanufactored vacuum and a divorced woman have in common? They both suck better than what they used too