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  1. ThatRandomJanitor

    Shirt Stays

    Any advice to positioning and adjusting y style? I have an interview on Friday. They must love my resume because they are willing to work around my PT appointments for shoulder if need be because of my experience.
  2. ThatRandomJanitor

    Jim's Vocation

    For years on end Jim worked 7 days a week. On his so called vocations Jim's wife kept him busy along with the kids. A few weeks before Jim's next week off he tells his wife he wants to go on a trip alone. His wife being protective instantly says no. Jim knowing he needs some time off from work and family knows he needs to do something to get away so he comes up with a plan. On his first day of vocation Jim goes into a mental health center and requests a mental evaluation. While in the waiting room Jim randomly starts talking to himself. He literally starts to ask himself questions and responds! About 15 minutes into this Jim is taken back and put into a straight jacket. Now Jim gets to enjoy a week away from home in a nut house with three meals a day and all clothing provided away from his wife and kids! Smart man!
  3. ThatRandomJanitor

    School Laptop

    Laptops have just become another consumer bs product in my OP. All about advertising to look good to get the average consumer to buy then be screwed when they realize it is garbage. Just my .02
  4. ThatRandomJanitor

    Shirt Stays

    They arrived yesterday. Granted they have no actual field use yet I am damn impressed. Comfortable, well made and the icing on the cake MADE IN THE USA at a very competitive price! https://shirtstayplus.com/
  5. ThatRandomJanitor

    I'm in a Contest!!!

    I agree. Need that link.
  6. ThatRandomJanitor

    Professional Boundaries?

    Very true. Seems a bit odd but back in 2012 when I was working for actual contractee for contractor I am at now seemed like the old school method was still in place. Literally blue hats (management) had special parking and tensions always ran high with union. Now is 2018 only special parking is for USDA and some office employees and blue hats often eat with regular employees. Lots of change in such a short time. Gotta admit I am a bit out of touch with the trends...I need an update
  7. ThatRandomJanitor

    Professional Boundaries?

    Thank you both for the insight. Granted I am young being raised around my grandfather...was pretty well raised with the thought process that bosses and regular employees only relationship is at work.
  8. ThatRandomJanitor

    Shirt Stays

    I've got a few interviews coming up. Might order a pair tonight and hope they arrive on time hahas. Thank you Rob! Ordered a pair from a USA mfg. company. Price was slightly more than the ones shown on Amazon but with S&H included (I paid $3 for three day) came out about the same. I'll post a link if they are any good.
  9. ThatRandomJanitor

    Fashion Secrets from Dad - Shirt Stays

    I was in JROTC as well. Wish the instructors would of mentioned them. Great post!
  10. ThatRandomJanitor

    Shirt Stays

    Thank you for the links Rob. Do the ends cause any damage to socks or shirts? Have you ever tried the garter style out of curiosity?
  11. ThatRandomJanitor

    Shirt Stays

    Any suggestions for shirt stays?
  12. ThatRandomJanitor

    New DHO Logos - Need Input!

    2nd orange and both of the moderns for my vote
  13. ThatRandomJanitor

    flowers for my wife

    Seems like some of the small local shops partner with the big websites. Shop around a bit locally see what comes up they might be able to do something in house. Lots of chain shops as well.
  14. ThatRandomJanitor

    Professional Boundaries?

    While at work my wife asked if she could watch someone's kids overnight. Thinking she met our daycare providers kids I responded yes (they both have same first name). Instead if was her co-workers. Apparently the alcoholic dad has randomly disappeared and the wife had to work. My wife is the asst. store manager and I am also the woman's tax preparer. I've only met the husband once and he was drunk. I find this to an overstep of boundaries that are unwritten. Now my night becomes hell because of a damn alcoholic that won't grow up and be an actual adult. I've brought this issue up with my wife but she enables this time and time again watching the kids randomly and even covering for this person. Professionally I see this highly unethical and just stupid. I'm at the point of pulling the dad aside and telling him to get his S together but I find it highly unethical and a cross of boundaries professionally. Suggestions/thoughts?
  15. ThatRandomJanitor

    w/c the joys

    Bit of a good update on this. Contractor that arranges the appointments called last night. I'm finally getting an MRI tomorrow but its an hour away (no joke). Also got some ointment on my 2nd dose seems to be helping with the pain.