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  1. ThatRandomJanitor

    Internal Jobs

    Sunday will mark the end of my probation period with my current company. At the interview I was very clear that I would like to move into an office job at the company...well it just so happens they've had an internal job open up in records. Just by looking at the requirements I am over qualified. The pay is potentially more than my current position (driver & security) and days along with an option for 5 8's or 4 10's for shifts. With the blessing of my manager and the go ahead from HR I am going to be working on my resume and cover letter over the weekend. Any suggestions that apply to resumes and cover letters when applying internally? I've never done this. I think they know what I am capable of with my background plus my growing academic portfolio.
  2. ThatRandomJanitor

    Toner Q

    Any particular brands or websites you recommend?
  3. ThatRandomJanitor

    Toner Q

    I misquoted my toner prices for name brand...would be more around $300 for the set. Looks like off brand is going to be way cheaper.
  4. ThatRandomJanitor

    Taxes- How do you file?

    Exactly. Got a feeling a lot of private information (address, phone number, income, etc.) probably get sold to 3rd party vendors for advertising. Heck at JH privacy and bank statements take up more paper than the actual 1040s (both state and fed).
  5. ThatRandomJanitor

    Taxes- How do you file?

    Not gonna lie I am deeply wondering how these sites provide "free" efile.
  6. ThatRandomJanitor

    Fianances are being killed

    Took out one consolidation loan for massive CC debt I pretty well had to use to survive when we first bought house. It'll be paid off once taxes are back in (completing return this weekend). Opening up a 2nd savings for actual savings instead of put back bill money. Gotta find a way to cash flow what I am estimating to be a 3,000 to 5,000 soft bathroom remodel for upstairs...last person laid carpet and didn't know what they was doing last remodel.
  7. ThatRandomJanitor

    Toner Q

    After nearly 1000 prints on my Cannon the toner that came with it is finally starting to get down to around 20%. With Comp I now starting I'll be printing off way more. All my toner from Cannon would run around $250 but I can get reman for around $100. Are reman non factory the same? First laser printer and shooting blind here. Thoughts on reman toner?
  8. ThatRandomJanitor

    Fianances are being killed

    Thank you for the advice Shaun. She has been applying to jobs like crazy and she finally started going out to the state WorkForce center for help with interviews and resumes. With her jumping on education and really an overall lack of experience having worked in a gas station the job offers have been killed at compensation offers. Literally school district offered her $7.25 an hour for WRAP Around program (watching kids after and before school).
  9. ThatRandomJanitor

    Taxes- How do you file?

    Exactly why I started going to a professional (and then become a professional). Free ain't free, odds are if you wanted the credits and deductions you would of paid up.
  10. ThatRandomJanitor

    Dad Live Tweets His Son Trying to Sneak Girl Out of House

    Depends on how old the girl is. Hell I'd probably crack em' open a cold one and high five him.
  11. ThatRandomJanitor

    Auto Save to two places?

    I'm curious is there a way to auto save to a computer plus a flash drive at the same time? I like to keep copies of budgets, expenses, etc. on both my hard drive and flash drive...just getting tired of having to save twice.
  12. ThatRandomJanitor

    Zombieland: Double Tap - Oct 11, 2019

    Can't wait!
  13. ThatRandomJanitor

    Taxes- How do you file?

    Just being a tax preparer that someday hopes to open a home office I'm curious as to how fellow Dads get their taxes prepared.
  14. ThatRandomJanitor

    Fianances are being killed

    This is something I might of talked about slightly in the past.... I'm now going on 3 years of being a young homeowner. Alone between my seasonal tax preparer and FT work I pull in around $30,000. My wife chooses to keep a low paying management job that barley pays over $20,000 a year. Shes lied to me in the past about how much she makes to get me off of her back. This year is our first year filing MFJ so needless to say I see all since I am also preparing them. It seems as though every time I check the bank its in the NEGATIVE zone for our checking. My wife is in charge of the finances since I work and I'm enrolled in college. I'm at wits end. Her lack of willingness to get a decent paying job is killing it for me even in the bedroom. This has always been an issue especially since I've invested into her education back when we where teenagers! I paid for her gas money to go to clinicals to have her parents blow it so I had to pay for more and she never went into the medical field. She also blew through a semesters worth of excess refund money. To put a stop to this I made sure to put the money into a CD. Its disheartening that I have to fire my own spouse from doing finances. I'm lost on what to do. If I file divorce I'll defiantly be forced to give up the house. My name is the only name on the deed and loan.
  15. ThatRandomJanitor


    Replaced other one last night. Heck of a lot better. After just a bit more abuse passenger side played pop goes the weasel too!