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  1. Stoked for sunset overdrive. Looks like fun.
  2. Leveled to 30 and finished the story. DZ is right at about 15/16 depending on how many times I get killed by rogues. Tonight was a joke. Three guys just kept hunting me down and killing me. Finally after probably the 6th time I just said screw it and left. I can see the DZ is gonna be a pain in my arse especially if I am rolling solo, which I usually am since I play late.
  3. You can also spot enemies for friends by hitting up on the D pad when looking at them.
  4. It's out now in the PS store. Doesn't look like there is a physical release which sucks. Probably gonna pick this up this week. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/xcom-enemy-unknown-plus/cid=UP1001-PCSE00656_00-XCOMENEMYUNKPLUS?smcid=psblog:::ps-blog-2016-03-22-playstation-store-update-435
  5. I probably won't be back on till Sunday. Work Wednesday - Saturday and usually don't have time to play during my work week.
  6. Level 21 and 13 DZ if I remember right. Definitely hit me up. The DZ is a lonely scary place when solo. Spectre on Xbox Live. Let me know you are from DHO though if you send an invite
  7. I know the vita doesn't get too much love here but for those that do have one have you played Freedom Wars yet? I got it via PS+ and initially thought it wasn't for me and I wouldn't play it (like many of the vita games I have gotten through ps+). Ended up giving it a try and after getting through the tutorial and first couple missions the game has picked up and I am really enjoying it. Starting to get into the story now and getting the hang of the combat. Definitely give this game a try if you haven't but make sure you go past the first few missions before deciding whether to keep playing.
  8. Completed the season of Game of Thrones. Awesome. Loved it just as much as the show. Wish season 2 was out already want to just keep playing. Oops forgot to say it was on Xbox One.
  9. Just got my alpha test code. Downloading now. Will try it out once I wake up this afternoon/evening.
  10. Finished Halo 5 on legendary last night. Man I love the halo story, can't get enough of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sweet, wonder if the stores in my area are doing it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Finally a new Vita game I can look forward to. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/10/30/civilization-revolution-2-plus-comes-to-ps-vita-december-3rd/ Played a lot of Civilization both on the PC and Civ Rev on the 360. Will be nice to have a game that will allow my Vita to get some use. Have neglected it for a while. ‚Äč
  13. Don't think I can make it at that time. Probably be hard to make it during the week for me. I'll definitely be available this Friday or the weekend though. Sent from my LG G4
  14. Cool, my schedule my make it more difficult to coordinate. I work 10pm to 8 am Monday night through Friday morning but Saturday and Sunday I can usually find some better times to play. Trying to crank out a few public events when I can during day. Sent from my LG G4
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