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    Mykk reacted to jojofelix123 in Greatest Dad Wins Ever!   
    first time i knew i was doing something right as a father:
    my 5 year old(at the time) daughter and i were at shopko, looking at the poster binder thingie, and we saw a poster of a younger justin bieber. my daughter asked me, "why is that girl wearing so much makeup?" win!
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    Mykk reacted to ZeeBoomZ in Introduce Yourself Here #6   
    Hi all.  I've been looking for a clan in WOT and found DHO.  I think that suits me just fine.  3 kids, living on the Gold Coast in Australia.  Seems like there is a lot of information on this site, so time to start reading!
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    Mykk reacted to britishtanker65 in WoT Clan Invite Requests   
    Hi guys. I'm Steve. I am 55, widowed with 3 grown children. I am recovering from open heart surgery in April 2020, and have been playing WoT more and more each week. Have spent the better part of the last few years spinning my wheels with this game, playing primarily British tanks. Just dropped tags from a social clan who hardly have any members on to platoon with. While I continue to play my British tanks (just fully upgraded my Conqueror and grinding to the Super Conqueror), I have also decided to go after the Obj 277 and Obj 140. Anyway, looking for a permanent place to call home, platoon, have fun and maybe play some clan wars down the road.
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    Mykk reacted to Nighthawk1978 in Introduce Yourself Here #6   
    Hi guys, I'm Mike Falbo I'm a project manager for a mechanical construction company just outside of Chicago. I am about to get married again and have one 15 year old daughter, one 10 year old soon to be step daughter, one 17 year old soon to be step daughter, and one 19 year old soon to be stepson who is in the Navy. I have been playing WOT on and off since it was in beta however many years ago that was lol. I enjoy cracking a few beers and playing for fun, I did clan wars years ago and definitely don't have the time to dedicate to that (nor would my future wife allow it). I am an avid motorcycle rider... I think that's all the highlights.. 
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    Mykk reacted to Bombaybacon in Light Tank Game Play   
    Picking up where you left off. Welcome back Blackroan!
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    Mykk reacted to Blackroan in Light Tank Game Play   
    RU 251   Top Gun/Dumitru's:
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    Mykk got a reaction from xtc4 in DHO World of Tanks Contest - Win a month of Premium!   
    7/16/2020:  1,390 xp (and first Ace in the T29)

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    Mykk reacted to Bacon_Jäger in Introduce Yourself Here #6   
    My name is Adrian, father of two precious daughters, 7 month old and 4 year old : ) 
    IT Specialist, sit on my backside all day and wonder why I have a spare tire lol. Recently picked up a passion for cooking after getting hooked on Sam the Cooking Guy youtube channel. Enjoy throwing lead down range and am a MAC Patreon supporter. Recently picked up fishing after not having gone since I was like 10 or so. Love SciFi Movies and Shows. For gaming these days, really only into WoT, Star Citizen (council member for an ORG), and the occasional Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed games as they release, almost a tradition at this point to keep playing them haha. Played both series from the start pretty much. Other than that, just plain out love my Family, God, and Country.
    Arrived here in search for a WoT clan after having played for about a year. Really been enjoying the game. Wanted to experience what all a clan has to offer. I joined one group via a friend of mine, but that clan was not active at all. Officially left them yesterday. No hard feelings, wish them well, then again I never knew any of them cause they weren't active, haha. Searched and searched. Contacted another clan, filled out app, joined there Teamspeak server, no one ever got to me. Found you guys and seemed like a good fit so I took a shot. Here I am! 
    If there is one take away here, remember, Bacon is life! haha. See you around the hideout!
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    Mykk reacted to Bombaybacon in Intro - The Bacon Hunter!   
    I gotta hide.
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    Mykk reacted to Vinsent in no topic   
    Still makes me laugh
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    Mykk reacted to xtc4 in Frontline 2020   
    I got to 6 this last time. I can't play FL that much. Don't absolutely hate the mode, but don't love it, and matches are sometimes  too long to fit into my real life.
    The only reason I got to 6 is because I discovered a way this time to semi-enjoy it: I played my wheelie as much as possible and ran all over the map like an idiot. Didn't give 2 f***s. If my wheelie was locked, I did the same with the lt-432. Progetto was only my third option. It was amazing what could happen in seemingly vacant corners of the map: picking off arty, circling lone tanks, sniping rears from a distance, and capping undefended bases. I got some higher ranks than I usually get by not caring.
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    Mykk reacted to Bombaybacon in Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)   
    I picked up the M40/M43 after selling it back in the fall. This was my first game back.

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    Mykk got a reaction from oldguy70 in WoT Clan Invite Requests   
    Great! You sound perfect for DHO "DHOriginal", we'll get you an invite "dad-soon" 🙂
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    Mykk reacted to britishtanker65 in WoT Clan Invite Requests   
    Accepted my clan invite this morning. The clan logo looks awesome on my tanks!!! Thanks guys. Glad to be here. 
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    Mykk reacted to britishtanker65 in WoT Clan Invite Requests   
    Hiya xtc4... I remember both you and bad animal. Glad to see you guys here. Can’t wait to get my tags and get started. Grinding up to both the Object 140 and Object 277... just in case. Who knows what the future holds. 
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    Mykk got a reaction from SGrant7 in Leaving DHO -- Thank You for Everything   
    "You can check out any time you like
    But you can never leave"
    Plenty of dads in DadsHideout wear other tags. No big deal, don't be a stranger.
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    Mykk reacted to xtc4 in April Styles and Camo   
    They wanted to keep it classy.
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    Mykk reacted to Sib78 in UNDER CONSTRUCTION DHO-X Guidelines and Clan Wars Info Hub   
    The tank list looks fine to me. If I were to tell someone what to get it would be the 140 and then the 277, in that order. Reason being is that there are more options for replacing the 277 than the 140 in a match so its easier to fill the 277 spot at this time. There is only 1 tank that is swapped for a 140 and its the 907. 277 can be swapped with 5A, 260, cheif, or even the IS7 in a pinch. Get the tank that is harder to replace then work towards the other. And all this is if you are starting from the same point in the tech tree. Otherwise go for the one you are closer too.
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    Mykk reacted to Bombaybacon in Register for the 9th Anniversary, get stuff   
    You need to register to the the missions, then you play, then you get the stuff.
    Of course there is a pay option too, which you register, pay, play, get more pixelized stuff.
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    Mykk reacted to HI-MOTHER in Introduce Yourself Here #6   
    My name is Pat father of one and almost a grandfather. My granddaughter is due Easter Sunday 2020. :)   I've been gaming for quite a few years and even owned and ran a game server provider company for years, currently just an old IT director and looking for a place to play some WOT with like minded people when not working.  I am based out of Chicago.
    Also I typo'd my name hahah and it should be HIS-MOTHER no HI-MOTHER, hopefully I mod can fix my fat finger mistake on my forum name.
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    Mykk reacted to gpc_4 in Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)   
    Aces with @Hepius



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    Mykk reacted to SHOGUN08ss in World of Tanks: Mercenaries (Console Only)   
    Yes I'm still here! Still repping our group...[DHO] SHOGUN08SS. Currently working on the final stage of "The Machine" contract. Ugh!! I like playing the full range of tanks in the game so staying specific to the contract requirements can be a bit of a pain. I'm using the Tier 9 and 10 Ru mediums, heavies, artillery...and just repurchased the Obj. 268 to try and complete the contract. Being an "average" casual tanker with a full time job and on-call 24 hrs a day can be challenging, but I will finish the contact.After the contract, not sure if I want to grind Swedish line for new meds...or complete my British garage going after the Deathstar. Only 2 British lines I don't have are artillery and Deathstar branch. Good Luck out there tankers! ROLL OUT!
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    Mykk reacted to Qui_Gon_Razz in Introduce Yourself Here #6   
    Hey all, lets see ….. I was a member here way way back in 2013. I even remember launching DHO-X and being a part of that build.  My game name back then was “therazzster,” it changed when I was fooling around in another clan TeamSpeak and what emerged that day is my current name. Anyways, I play a lot less but still like to shoot tanks when time permits and wanted to retire in the clan that started it all for me, with my fellow Dads. Its good to be back.

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    Mykk reacted to VikingATC in Introduce Yourself Here #6   
    Dad of a 10yo girl here. Girldad for the win! Hoping to find some likeminded Dads to spend a little time unwinding on nights and weekends when I'm not with my wife and daughter!
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