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    Mykk reacted to Hapa_Fodder in What is “Fair?” Explaining who I am. Life after Divorce.   
    Well my lawyer has sent her the summons since she is not answering my lawyer now. Also a judge called me to ask if I was sure I wanted to pay the amount we agreed on since he saw the letter I wrote to the courts outlining her attitude and personality towards me over the years with phone logs and a chronological time frame of her moving and me having to move because of the Navy, as well as bank statements and credit history. I think reality is hitting her that she is not the princess she thinks she is, because she is texting me (first time in over 5 years) crying and griping about things. I am optimistic this will be resolved and over with soon.
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    Mykk got a reaction from Hapa_Fodder in What is “Fair?” Explaining who I am. Life after Divorce.   
    Awesome post, and thank you for taking the time to write this out for us. Maybe more for yourself? But I bet a lot of us can relate.
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    Mykk reacted to Mexas in Homeschooling: No Tie Required   
    We have " homeschooled" for many years now.  We actually use a Public virtual charter school.  Not every state has them but Texas does. WHat that means to me is the following. First,  since it is a Texas charter school all costs are paid. Instead of tax dollars going to local school district they go to our Charter school. Second all online teaches are certified by the State of Texas . Classes are similar to skype.  Parents are considered " learning coaches".  State mandated standardized tests  are still taken. They are given at a remote site. We have a love/hate relationship. I hate it that all schools teach towards the tests. On the other hand my son takes and passes the same state ( STARR) test as all the other kids in Texas. You can't say I am feeding him the answers, we aren't even allowed in the building where they test.  The whole things is pretty flexible. If our son is having a good day maybe we go long. If he is having a bad day we cut short. If we want to travel we test or study in between stops. ( Actually we try to work slightly ahead all the time. So If something comes up planned or emergency we have a cushion.)  We live in a busy neighborhood with dozens of kids. Our son spends time with his friends. He also has Karate and church. So he has plenty of social time.
         Teaching / learning coach has been challenging at times. Its been years since my High School chemistry or algebra. However, there are ways around it. One of the big advantages we have is this. In a brick and mortar school the teacher has to get say 30 lights to come on before moving on to next subject. We only have to get 1 to come on.  If a class is easy we can double up or use the extra time on a class that is hard.  Also....youtube !!! Almost any subject you wish to teach/learn is available on youtube. ( If you need something in addition to whats taught in class).     
      Sorry, I have probably gone all over the subjects you will be touching on. 
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    Mykk reacted to Prudence in DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO   
    My gosh, I can not lie when I say this has brought a tear to my eye and make my heart sink and swoon all at the same time.  For all those who where hear when the doors opened good times and bad times we have all seen.  I my self have found my time here has become all but nonexistent and I hope to change that.  I love this place and have always said it is my extended family.  You all are my extended family.  To the original Admins I say Thank you for this family.  To the new Admins I look forward to what you bring to the table.  I raise a glass and toast to DHO past, present and future, "May the Force be with you, Always".   And for the trekies out there, "Live long and prosper".   
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    Mykk reacted to kilowatt4 in DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO   
    This community is fantastic, although I mainly tank (fairly badly) part of what keeps me coming back on the rare occasions that I get time to is the support, friends and banter I made while doing silly things in pixel tanks.
    Good luck and thank you for trying to rescue this
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