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  1. Mykk

    Love Death and Robots - Netflix

    Where were you yesterday. I was looking for something to watch last night on Netflix to fill 60-90 minutes. Ended up on Cheers. No regrets.
  2. In theory, I'll never see an anime tank... either they'll be an option in-game... or out-of-game...
  3. Thanks Vikinger. You made me want to look up the tier 8 and 9. At "thedailybounce" I found that all 3 tanks appear to be the same: Commander, Driver, Gunner
  4. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    Ugh again, but I think mx119 is right, you can self-destruct. Even worse???
  5. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    Ugh! Seriously???
  6. Mykk

    February Scavenger Hunt

    So that was a lot of work to get a free 40k xp. But that's another 40k of arty xp I didn't have to play or free xp.
  7. You think the skill level will be high? I picture it as I approach the top of a ridge, my gun depression magically gets better?
  8. Mykk

    Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

    I checked your channel to make sure I had followed (I had). Got this message on your video just as an fyi: "Audio for portions of this video has been muted as it appears to contain copyrighted content owned or controlled by a third party."
  9. Good running with you tonight. See you soon.
  10. Mykk

    taking a break...

    lol at Sizmic...
  11. Mykk

    Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

    I'm watching (on and off) you guys with 4, and seems like you're rolling teams
  12. Mykk

    Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

    Hey, you're in G now. At the point I was logging in, you only had 3 out of the 4. Good luck!
  13. Sure can! You can have it open as a tab in your browser, or install it as a program on your PC. Little better as a program, but I use one or the other depending on what I'm doing I guess.
  14. Mykk

    [DHO] Strongholds - Tier VI - Wednesday Night

    And that is an awesome post! One thing to consider is instead of specifically mentioning DHO-X can also run with you, you might include DHO2, DHO3, DHO4, DHO6 because you never know. Good job!
  15. Mykk

    Stronghold Resources

    It's like they knew the clans were using up all their boxes.
  16. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    I'd have to check the replay, but pretty sure I went from Private to Captain defending Zone C last night. Game started, parked my defender in it's usual spot, then lived for what seemed like 10 minutes, clearing the cap twice, plus random pot shots. We did too good a job defending. Won the match quickly, otherwise may have been a General.
  17. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    Agreed on the right-side ridge of C. I like to start with the Defender because I feel like it's going to be a brawl early. (On C, where I seem to end up most of the time, I push the Defender up the left-side--I guess that would be west--side of the circle. It allows okay hull down, 3 good lanes to fire into, and the possibility of sneaking into the cap up against the cliff). From there, as much as I'd like to keep to just 3 tanks, I typically use around 5. I will bring out the T34 if I think we still need a heavy, but it does seem to get shot down pretty quick. I use the Scorpion "of course". Then I kind of alternate between the Progetto and the Lorraine. At the end of the battle, it allows you see credits earned by tank. The Defender and Progetto do well. I've noticed my Scorpion credits always seem low. The star of the show so far though is the Lorraine, which seems to always come out on top by 10k or so. I probably average Captain. I haven't hit General yet. I'm popping personal reserves for Credits and Crew XP and just grinding through.
  18. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    For starters, I have a strong dislike for any game or mode with re-spawns. Second, "doesn't really matter if you win or not"... what the heck? In fact, the only "bad" thing is if a game ends too quickly? Huh??? So it doesn't matter if you die. It doesn't matter if you win. It doesn't affect your stats. It's ALMOST as if there is NOTHING to the mode at all! But credits you ask? Maybe a little easier, but given the number of pub games per hour vs FL games per hour, we've already determined FL is not the HUGE credit earner it's made out to be. I guess you earn xp in tanks you haven't elited? But most will play in premiums. Tier 8s not seeing tier 10? Not a super-strong selling point, but okay. It's fun? Not for me. If not for the reward tanks, I wouldn't bother. But given reward tanks... I plan on watching a lot of TV and videos while mindlessly pressing W and my left mouse button, and every time I die wishing the game were over, but instead it just goes on and on. I don't mean to be a downer, I won't harp on this all year.
  19. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    Thanks everyone. I'll probably try to commit to most nights an hour or so. I really dislike the mode 😞
  20. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    I'll probably have to research this more, I didn't pay attention to the initial stuff, but... Let's say "hypothetically" I HATE Frontlines, but want reward tanks. What is the absolute minimum amount of effort an average player needs to put in. If someone knows, great, if I figure it out, I'll post it.
  21. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    How far do you think we have to get each stage to have a chance for reward tanks at the end?
  22. Welcome, glad you found us!
  23. Mykk

    Alita: Battle Angel - Feb 14, 2019

    I'm also thinking of all the movies that are among my favorites all-time that are probably horrible movies, but I watched them when I was too young to know better, the jokes were new to me, and it was probably marketed towards teens anyway. Heavy Metal and Highlander come to mind. Not on my list, but I recall at the time thinking Porky's was funny...
  24. Mykk

    Alita: Battle Angel - Feb 14, 2019

    Those eyes, lol. Looked bad to me, but I was watching the commercial with my 11-yr old son, and it occurred to me he might think it looked like the best movie ever, so I kept my opinion to myself. And hey, it might be good, you never know.