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  1. Mykk

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    @Crawdad59 (DHO6) @rewguy79 (DHO)
  2. Mykk

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hi @OleGoat. Are you aware of the recent consolidation efforts? If you are active, you should consider DHO (DHO "Original"). But if you had friends in DHO6 and are joining for social reasons, that's fine too.
  3. Mykk

    Need a new line to play?

    I actually saw Badgers brought out in Clan Wars last night. Which I have. And never thought to see again 😉
  4. Mykk

    Need a new line to play?

    I have the tier 9 on the Grille line.
  5. Mykk

    Need a new line to play?

    The skirmishes is an interesting angle because maybe DHO-X runs tier 8s more often. I want it to be a line I actually want to play, and not just park an awesome crew into a tank that a year from now I have 15 battles in. On gpc_4's suggestion, the 4005 has "the lead" so far. I have the Batchat and am working towards the Maus.
  6. Mykk

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Ayle, we did a Derpsgiving Super-drop last night, had like 8 of us in one battle. I didn't hear of any high scores, but it was fun.
  7. I'm looking for ideas on how to assign some Female Crew Members. Five of them seem permanent. The sixth is an "Elite" Commander I have to use before March 28, 2019--so plenty of time. The issue is I've been playing long enough that I have very few lines I'm not already working. The few that are left, I have no interest in (and they don't seem to have Clan Wars value). For example, the USA tree has 7 lines, and I'm at tier 8-10 in all of them. Here are the tier 10 tanks* where I don't already have a crew/tank between tier 6-9 in that line: Germany: Jz E100, PK7 Russia: 705a, IS-4 UK: FV4005 France: Foch B (rage-quit that line after S35 CA), AMX M4 54, AMX 30 B China: 113 (which isn't really it's own line, and when am I going to play it over the 5A) *Note: I'm not including Arty, I'm not going to "waste" a female crew on it. I have 3 arty lines I occasionally work (USA, UK, France), so I'm fine there. Since I have until March, I'm inclined to hold off and hope there is a new nation or new line released before then. (Wheeled tanks? Another "if you get to tier 10 in this tank, you get 2-for-the-price-of-1 situations? Any new lines/nations coming?) Anyone have any bright ideas? Maybe I'm overlooking something? First-world problem?
  8. Mykk

    DHO4 has a new Commander!

    I'm the new guy in DHO-X. Very strange having DHO-X next to my name. I feel (just a little) pressure to step my game in up pubs. Also, I have to actually remember I'm in DHO-X and start showing up for Clan Wars. Was cool seeing 34 guys online yesterday at one point. I always said the last thing I would do in World of Tanks was to join DHO-X and try out tier 10 Clan Wars. I know the game is waning, but I'm glad I didn't miss my chance.
  9. I just transferred DHO4 to Ayleward. Shockingly, I don't have a speech planned. I can definitely say we had a good run. I became "Acting Commander" on 1/7/2015. I became the official Commander on 2/22/2015. That's a story itself. I couldn't be prouder of my time as Commander, it's been one of the best gaming experiences of my life. I did everything I wanted to accomplish. I knew when I called a tier 10, 15x15 Advance, and every team member was DHO4, that it would be the pinnacle of my career (10/20/2017). The only place left to go was to become a Clan Wars clan, and we already have DHO-X. And I lack the energy I used to, which is the normal progression of things. As a DadsHideout WoT Director, I've supported our recent consolidation. I've cleaned up DHO4 as best I can, and am leaving it with a good officer structure in place. I hope DHO gets active, and I hope DHO-X gets an added boost from all the guys who have joined this year. I'd like to thank Talisker, Ayleward, and Pierre for putting up with me, and being the best officer team a guy could ask for online. Sizmic and Swaber for being there with me from the beginning. I've got a lot of other dads I could "shout out", but I'm going to pick these two for last: BigMike, and Dinram. We held down late-night Vent/TeamSpeak early on. We're the ones who played Strongholds 22 out of 31 nights in January 2015. And they are the ones that when the topic of who was going to be the next Commander came up, encouraged me to apply. I distinctly remember the 3 of us being in a voice chat room and discussing it. And here we are.
  10. Mykk

    The Grinch

    Makes sense there's a Minions trailer. My wife and I saw a commercial last night, and first thing we thought of is the evil guy from Minions. Voice too.
  11. Mykk

    Free Destiny 2

    How did you get Diablo 3 just out of curiosity?
  12. Mykk

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    Someone always has to ruin it for the rest of us, haha. I got 1,061 in my KV-1. Don't say I didn't try.
  13. Mykk

    Disc Golf

    Just checked it out. Good-looking Texas course. Well-rated (4 stars). Looks like they're planting trees and keeping it well-maintained. Tee pads look good. Couple long holes early on.
  14. Mykk

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Yeah, well, here is good too. Now we have you down in the official record--it helps when we stalk you down the line 😉 I did the child support thing for 19 years. Not quite your amount, but enough to hurt. Finished last June, amazing how life "opens up". We're looking to get our first house in 2019 (not a coincidence).
  15. Mykk

    Disc Golf

    Awesome! What course did you play?