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  1. Thank you Grant for all the updates.
  2. No harm in trying it out, we'd love to have you. Go ahead and drop tags when you're ready. There is a 24 hour cool down. Might be too late to get your 5 battles into Clan Wars so you can bid on tanks using your bonds, but maybe, and there's always Advances. ScHwErV really advanced the idea of an earlier start time for Clan Wars, and it's been working out great.
  3. @M1Garand If you can commit to Clan Wars, you could consider DHO-X. Otherwise we'll get you into DHO no problem.
  4. Makes sense, so we don't get advance notice from EU. What about the other servers, I wonder if they are synced?
  5. No, some are gold, some are for straight up credits.
  6. I'm going 7.15. We'll see in the morning. Kind of stupid for a tank I'm sure I'll almost never play, but whatever--it's in black haha.
  7. I'm thinking I'll bid around 8 mil, maybe 7.5. Just as a collector. I figure 6 mil is a Tier X, right, so maybe a little higher? It is credits for a premium tank after all.
  8. I've seen some great looking MSF articles published here recently. In general, I can vouch that gaming with Dads is a good thing.
  9. Hi Skullz. How's your availability for Clan Wars and Advances? Right now we're focused on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights 10pm eastern.
  10. Check out my new channel, "dho-news-events"
  11. What is your preferred way to get clan news and updates? Doesn't matter what sub-clan. The two choices are: 1) Discord 2) Forums I created a WoT channel in Discord where I can keep you up-to-date, but I guess what I'm wondering is how badly do I need to copy stuff here. Thanks.
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