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  1. I appreciate your running commentary on these, thanks Grant.
  2. Virgin Ace AND a first mark? That's how you do it!
  3. Why is the LT 432 so popular in FL? And is there something about light tanks that gets them more xp in FL? Spotting I would guess? I run mostly mediums and heavies in FL, and I rarely get a Major/General 😞 Also, is there a full list of tanks, or even expected tanks? I could see me buying one, just not sure which one.
  4. My son is probably still too wrapped up in LotRO to start a new MMO, but if he did try WoW, he'd be starting from scratch. In that case, what do you think? Sounds like the non-Classic (what do they call that?) would be better? Because it's easier to solo, and easier in general? I could even re-activate my old account, which as I recall I had an obscene amount of gold or whatever the currency was. Just before I quit, I could afford one of those elephant mounts back in the day, which at the time was rare. So maybe I could buy him stuff, I don't know.
  5. I can't believe @OneRoundShort is still playing. I thought I got rid of him long ago..... [edit: reported for kill-stealing]
  6. Between the two of you I'd be tempted to try Classic. I read several articles this afternoon about it, and I'm still thinking Modern is a better fit (easier leveling, solo leveling). I'm thinking for my son, not for me. That said, even my ancient account has very good characters and way too many credits/gold or whatever it's called. What was that elephant mount? I could afford it, but then I quit.
  7. I can confirm that since Feb 2019, no clan other than DHO-X has done team-based activities (ie tier 6 skirmishes).
  8. Either DHO or DHO4, doesn't make much of a difference. You know the guys in DHO4, but they are less active than DHO. I don't know what chat or platooning is like in either, so hard for me to say. I do like me some Geek Verve though! Good to see you back, if you need anything, please let me know. @rewguy79 @Ayleward2
  9. What's the advantage to starting again in Classic vs playing the current version? I don't see myself getting into it, but my son mentioned it today so it's at least on the radar.
  10. Awesome post, and thank you for taking the time to write this out for us. Maybe more for yourself? But I bet a lot of us can relate.
  11. Also, btw, Shermi said something I alluded to earlier. Between a combination of peer pressure and a desire to make credits every pub battle I play, I start with standard ammo, then only switch after I've bounced someone. Right, they can see I bounced standard then switched to gold, and I don't get the PM after. But what does that get me? It's been drilled into my head that "early damage is best damage". I use every bit of knowledge I've accrued over 30k battles to get myself in the right position at the right time, and take that first shot that could do something useful, I spring my surprise, and woops! Bounce. For what. My team is worse off, my wn8 for that battle just dropped 200 points... But, at least I get some forum cred, right, isn't that why we all play???
  12. I don't know if that's the only tank, it probably is, but I'm going to go with, "I learned from the best!" (there is only 1 reason to use that tank for most of us, and it's to burn through certain missions that come up)
  13. You found a good group. Many of us have been in a tight situation in a platoon or team-based setting, and have had to leave quick to take care of dad and/or family business, and nobody blinks an eye. Refreshing in a MMO.
  14. It's a problem with the game, not the player. Which I'm glad they are trying to address it! Yes, the wn8 score and winrate is the badge, which is the argument for shooting more gold. I hate going to work to put my tank in the right position to take the right shot, and it bounces when it would've gone through with gold, sometimes game-changing. I don't fire that much gold, but I don't want a pat on the back for it. And when I fire it, it's for my own reasons, and I don't want some scrub PMing me after the battle because he thinks I didn't need it. F the "gold whiner". It's like arty, if you don't like the game but can't change it, then peer-pressure the players. Don't like gold flying freely, can't change the game, peer-pressure the players. The rest of you can load your premium consumables, use those new super-special equipment, pay to free-xp the modules, then intentionally gimp yourself on ammo out of principle all you want 🙂
  15. The player doesn't make the game worse, the player uses a perfectly legit strategy to increase their wn8. I'm not aware of a trophy or badge for learning weak spots.
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