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  1. Mykk

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    I'd rather not tonight (my work start time is early tomorrow), but hope to check in to make sure you're set. Can help defend tomorrow (Tuesday) night.
  2. Mykk

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    There's some history there. Some DadsHideout historian will be able to fill us in. Some original dad's grandfather's unit or something.
  3. Mykk

    Whiskey Recommendations

    My preferred method of drinking liquor is to use a small glass maybe slightly bigger than a shot glass, put in one ice cube, and fill the liquor to the top of the cube. Given that, are there some that make more sense than others, or are they all equally good or bad if you're just drinking it straight over ice?
  4. Mykk

    2019 Goals?

    Buy my first house.
  5. Mykk

    Whiskey Recommendations

    I'm considering Maker's Mark as my next purchase. I get 3-5 bottles of liquor/year. I like to drink in basically shot glasses, maybe a little larger, with one ice cube and some liquor poured over top.
  6. Mykk

    Welcome Tracer001 to DHO!

    We get the "12 year old" thing all the time. I think most dads it's revelatory when they join DHO.
  7. Mykk

    Premium Ammo Changes in Supertest

    Not a big deal to me--I'm a filthy gold-spammer!
  8. Mykk

    Premium Ammo Changes in Supertest

    Maybe at this point, yes. I don't have high hopes they figure it all out within the lifespan of this game.
  9. Mykk

    Premium Ammo Changes in Supertest

    Ditch premium rounds altogether, they wrecked balancing from the get-go. But I'm sure it was/is a money maker for them or they wouldn't have introduced them in the first place. Now? Just various degrees of broken.
  10. Mykk

    Belated "Welcome" to:

    A little. DHO played 12 tier6 battles and 5 tier8 battles last month. Congrats to DHO for running tier8! (hadn't been done in a while). DHO-X played 19 tier6, 21 tier8, and ran 6 Advances (which are tier10), also last month.
  11. Mykk

    Update 1.4 - Estimated Release Info

    I assume they are splitting up NA into Central and East for ping issues, because for sure I'd rather have one huge pool.
  12. Mykk

    Update 1.4 - Estimated Release Info

    Yes to 20-25k. Broke 25 on a couple of the busiest days lately, but not sure if that's a trend or holiday-related. (26k last Sat 10pm est, 29/28k Sunday 12/30 10p/11p est). But that gets split between 3 servers now. They dropped East approx 11/5 and brought it back approx 12/12. SA/LATAM gets 0-2k and peaks 5pm-10pm est. Central consistently beats out East approx 60%/40%, like 14/11 or 12/8 at night.
  13. Mykk

    Holiday Ops 2019

    That's what I did. Who knows what WG will do next year though. No RNG on the 2017 collection, so your shards go farther.
  14. Mykk

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Everyone platoons together, so except for Clan Wars, DHO works just as well.
  15. Mykk

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Awesome intro. "dank"..... lol