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  1. Living situation sounds like a challenge, but seems like you're up for it. Glad you found us, and welcome.
  2. That's awesome. Pics are up to you. We do get scanned by search bots and google ranks us pretty high for WoT sometimes. My son is 11 now. He's playing the trumpet, like his mom did, he seems pretty good with it so far. I've hinted he might take up guitar, but he hasn't bit. Weekend mornings while mom sleeps in, I introduce him to all kinds of music genres. To my laughing amazement, I think he's an 80s metal-head and doesn't know it. I didn't go for 80s hair metal myself, but his favorite bands right now include: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses... you get the idea. Mom isn't laughing as hard as I am, but hey, you can't dictate what music you like, you know? I swear I played pretty much everything. I'd rather he gravitated to Prog Rock with me, but maybe that will come down the line.
  3. Mykk


    I didn't know that! Not a slow download for me off his site, but good to know.
  4. Mykk


    Yes, official site, also Aslain's. Aslain works with WoT to make sure he's in compliance, so it's totally safe to use. It has an installer. Once opened, it has more mods than anyone could ever want, you want to carefully pick just the ones you need, preferably referred to you by fellow Dads. Once you start using mods though, every time there is a WoT update, you have to update your mods. Becomes old/tedious fast..
  5. Rewguy is on vacation this week (see previous post), so give us a little bit to track down one of his officers. Or worst-case he'll pick you up next week.
  6. Ahhh, don't sweat it. Glad to have ya!
  7. I think I'm at 4.22. A little behind the 1 per month. This past week wasn't great for me time-wise, but the July week looks like it's going to fall well for me. Of course, takes me longer because I don't get many Generals or Majors. I got one General last week. As the week goes on, the number of Captains and Majors goes up though as I get a better feel for where to be to keep my gun going.
  8. Couldn't quite reach 5, but did bag 13 million credits.
  9. Chickens for the win! Seriously though, I have no clue. A pet sounds cool though.
  10. Mykk

    no topic

    Thanks Rew, you too
  11. Why are light tanks easier to pad wn8? Wn8 doesn't include spotting, so aren't you bending your tank role to get the damage in? Or?
  12. My list were three tier 4s, two tier 5s, and two tier 6s. Nothing exciting, and not enough information to say what I'm good at. The two tier 6s were the T-150 and the Cromwell B. I enjoy both a lot, but particularly the Cromwell B which fits like a glove and has one of my best crews. I've always thought I was a better player at light tanks than my stats would indicate because I prefer the spotting aspect and not the damage aspect that wn8 requires.
  13. The current sites that I found were: Tanks.gg Clantools WoT-Life Noobmeter WoTLabs WoT-Stats
  14. Thanks for asking. Life is really busy right now, but what I'd like to do is revisit a project I did a couple weeks ago. I went to six sites and extracted the data into a local Excel spreadsheet. This was easy or hard depending on the site. But I thought it would be a good article for me to write and get feedback on. For quickly looking something up online, Noobmeter is a really good resource right now. WoTLabs had the most stats, but was a royal PITA to export. No good answer for you Grant. I'm thinking an export and a pivot table. ps. Nobody wants to hear your stats anyway 😉
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