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  1. I have daughters in their 20s and a son who is 11. Nice coincidence! Welcome aboard.
  2. Mykk

    no topic

    Who let Tali-scrub and his crappy taste in Bourbon back in...
  3. I wish I could, but I won't be home in time. And thinking about it, CW and FL make this a busy week.
  4. Thank you for the write up. I got it, was going to play it more, but got sucked into Tank Rewards a little, then had the 10-10 sale, and I think next week is FL? Good on WG for offering up content. I didn't even do the races. ps. Hey, how do you think it compares to the Primo Victoria, the other rock-band tank?
  5. Mykk

    Rudy PSA

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up!
  6. I only bought 3... you put me to shame on this one! By my calculations, you saved over 4 million credits! While less flashy than buying tier 10 tanks, my emphasis tonight was on crew retraining/resets. I dropped about 8k gold. Retrained crews to 12 new tanks, some of which I already owned (having bought in previous sales). At least one crew (Pantera/Progetto) got BIA. Plus random stuff. I saw the E50 was on sale (On Track), so my total savings was almost 3 million credits. If 8k seems like a lot of gold to spend, it would've been 16k if not for 50% off!
  7. What's the occasion anyway?
  8. Just got home. I have 3 tier 10s to buy, so not too bad. Plus I'm just not excited by them. Yes, I'll get the IS-7. But iffy on the Patton 48, and I don't know of any need to buy the 113 other than "it's there". My real bottleneck right now is at tier 9 where I have seven tanks waiting to buy.
  9. Lol. I'm out of town, can't wait to get home and look up how many tier 10s I'm going to buy.
  10. It's a miracle! Someone slipped up in NA
  11. I appreciate your running commentary on these, thanks Grant.
  12. Virgin Ace AND a first mark? That's how you do it!
  13. Why is the LT 432 so popular in FL? And is there something about light tanks that gets them more xp in FL? Spotting I would guess? I run mostly mediums and heavies in FL, and I rarely get a Major/General 😞 Also, is there a full list of tanks, or even expected tanks? I could see me buying one, just not sure which one.
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