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  1. In theory, I'll never see an anime tank... either they'll be an option in-game... or out-of-game...
  2. Thanks Vikinger. You made me want to look up the tier 8 and 9. At "thedailybounce" I found that all 3 tanks appear to be the same: Commander, Driver, Gunner
  3. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    Ugh again, but I think mx119 is right, you can self-destruct. Even worse???
  4. Mykk

    Frontline Returns!

    Ugh! Seriously???
  5. Mykk

    February Scavenger Hunt

    So that was a lot of work to get a free 40k xp. But that's another 40k of arty xp I didn't have to play or free xp.
  6. You think the skill level will be high? I picture it as I approach the top of a ridge, my gun depression magically gets better?
  7. Mykk

    Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

    I checked your channel to make sure I had followed (I had). Got this message on your video just as an fyi: "Audio for portions of this video has been muted as it appears to contain copyrighted content owned or controlled by a third party."
  8. Good running with you tonight. See you soon.
  9. Mykk

    taking a break...

    lol at Sizmic...
  10. Mykk

    Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

    I'm watching (on and off) you guys with 4, and seems like you're rolling teams
  11. Mykk

    Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

    Hey, you're in G now. At the point I was logging in, you only had 3 out of the 4. Good luck!
  12. Sure can! You can have it open as a tab in your browser, or install it as a program on your PC. Little better as a program, but I use one or the other depending on what I'm doing I guess.
  13. Mykk

    [DHO] Strongholds - Tier VI - Wednesday Night

    And that is an awesome post! One thing to consider is instead of specifically mentioning DHO-X can also run with you, you might include DHO2, DHO3, DHO4, DHO6 because you never know. Good job!
  14. Mykk

    Stronghold Resources

    It's like they knew the clans were using up all their boxes.