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  1. Mykk

    Clan wars is back

    As always, I encourage and support anyone from 4 that wants to move to X. Make us proud, boys!
  2. Mykk

    DHO-X Officer Changes

    Love the moves. Glad Sly is still around.
  3. Mykk

    BS Ban

    It's already been said, but it was the shot in the cap circle. Doubt the T-10 bounce had anything to do with it. I've been know to administer a little "dad justice" from time to time, but rarely, sneaky, and on the down low. A track, or some damage, never a kill. I might re-position myself so that the other tank got between me and an enemy, so even in a replay might look like a mistake. Five years, never a ban. Lost my cool a couple months ago, forgot about the whole cap circle thing, put a couple shots in him for repeatedly running into me, and bam, I was blue. I'm not too worried WoT is going to kick me out any time soon 😉
  4. See also, log in, get E25
  5. You'd think "base xp" would at least include Premium time bonus, but easy for me to say. You know what, most that were going to buy the tank are going to buy it anyway. We'll just see at the end of it what our discount is. There were some that weren't going to buy it unless it was 80%-90% off, and honestly, that looks like it's not going to happen. But at least all we have to do is play our usual game play, and get our coupon at the end of 2 weeks.
  6. Mykk

    What Are the Odds?

    Man, you play long enough, it feels like deja vu on a lot of these topics. I don't play arty often, mostly just for missions, but I think there is more skill to it than meets the eye. Mostly in positioning? I realize as little as I play, I spend more time repositioning and wishing I knew "the spots" to be able to support a flank than firing shots off. So to XVM. Hell yes I target high XVM guys, is there anyone who doesn't? Why is this even a question worth doing analysis on??? Since the invention of warfare, taking out an opponents strength is such an embedded strategy I don't know why people act surprised. So of course all things being equal we're going to target the high XVM guy. You don't need an excuse (more XP) for winning, it's about WINNING. Okay, but take the best shot and not worry about XVM. You know who is usually in the most important positions??? The high XVM guys. Do you know which demographic uses XVM (and cares about their stats) the most? The best players/high XVM guys. You know who the most toxic players tend to be? The self-esteemed-challenged basement dwellers who equate their tank skills with being someone in life, who have played their way to high XVM. Who do I like dropping bombs on the most? High XVM whiners with the ultimate WoT humble-brag, which I'm sure I've mentioned before: "Oh, whoa is me, I'm so good everyone targets me. I'm so good. I'm really very good, check out my XVM stats. Oh, why do they use my XVM stats to target me, it's such a drag on my night when people target me because I'm so good. Sure, I live and breath XVM, but I get mad when people can see how good I am with XVM and target me with arty. I wish arty wasn't in the game, it drags down gameplay, but I can't change the game so I'll just try to peer pressure everyone else who uses an in-game mechanic to try to get them to stop using it. Did I mention how good I am???????????????"
  7. Mykk

    Vocation Time

    I just looked mine up, it totals 7 weeks. Yay me! Wasn't handed to me. I've given a lot to this hospital system for 19 years.
  8. Interesting, thanks. Looks like Base XP in my future.
  9. Mykk

    Vocation Time

    Wow, that was hard to digest, lol! BUT like Nickali, I work at a hospital, and have over 15 years, sooooo............ 5 weeks (25 days) + sick time (which I never use, 5 days at least?) + holidays = I get a lot of time off 😉 (ETO = PTO "paid time off" for us. Yes, vacation + sick + holidays is all one pool. Used to be able to cash some at Christmas, think they did away with that last year. Nice setup though, plus health care benefits if you work in health care are usually pretty good? They are for me.)
  10. Mykk

    Wargaming robbed my kV220-2

    I expect a happy ending. Filters can be funny some times. Maybe you had it in Reserve. Not likely I know, but easier to believe than it disappeared altogether. I've never heard of WG "disappearing" a tank. Hang in there, let us know how the ticket goes. I have a tank right now that when I filter on "non-Elites" only, it doesn't bring up a non-elited tank (obj 430 v2?) because originally it was elited, but after a tech tree change it's not any more.
  11. Mykk

    Gamer Life Hack

    "I fell asleep on the couch. So it's *like* I got 8 hours of sleep."
  12. Mykk

    I'm a daddy! (AGAIN! LOL)

    Cool, good for you Dan.
  13. Sounds like a Dinram plan. But even THE Dinram took a turn.
  14. lol, you go xtc! Also, I'm still pretty embarrassed I missed your skirmish opportunities last week, especially the one where I joined and didn't load up a tank. I thought it was an Advance and I was waiting for more people to join! Ugh. I know in DHO4 we did the whole take turns calling thing, and it worked great, though that was 7v7 tier6. I think in X, what they enjoyed was punching above their weight in CW, and they could only do that with experienced 15v15 tier10 Clan Wars callers. So I sort of see their point. But if nobody is around to take that role, then someone is going to have to step up and learn the hard way. (Or go join another clan and then come back?) I feel bad that a lot of guys in 4 jumped to X for team-based activities, especially at tier 10, and didn't really get that. If X doesn't step up, then it's just two social clans.