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  1. I wouldn't miss them, but I guess they are still not letting back the worst offenders (illegal mods). That said... even when you blow past your first warning, and then get caught again and get banned, you can ask nicely, and they will reset you to zero battles but get to keep all your premium tanks. So you basically become a re-roll, but with all your premium tanks. That's based on rumor, not personal knowledge, so take it for what you will.
  2. MESSAGE FROM SCHWERV 7/1/2020 Update to DHO-X / Metal Wars I know the first 2 nights have been a little bit of a cluster and I apologize for that. When we decided to do this there was skepticism that we would get more than 4-5 people who would commit to this insanity. To really do this and have a chance to get into the top 2200 and guarantee a tank, you're looking at committing to between 4 and 10 battles per night for 14 straight days. Even then the chances are still slim if we don't get enough wins. You all just overwhelmed the system when 25 or more people said "I'm in" and we
  3. https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/metal-wars-regulations/ Metal Wars will last two weeks: June 29 8:00 - July 13 8:00 (eastern times) 1. Several DHO-X members will be attempting to win a reward tank. All DHO-X members are encouraged to support them by filling in spots when you are online and have time. 2. I am promoting Schwerv to Personnel Officer and putting him in charge of this campaign. Juggernaut will be his primary support. The other main callers you should know from last season: Sib, Xtc, and Wotbot. 3. The expectation is that we are going to hit this campaig
  4. I am very impressed with the effort, and I'm glad DadsHideout.com is able to be a platform for this advice.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS DHO-X ON A SUCCESSFUL SEASON 14 CLAN WARS We finished number 100 (out of 264) in the Clan Season Rating. We achieved Veteran status. The top 3 clans were "Winners". Clans 4 through 26 were "Elite". Clan 27 was "Veteran" with 153,274 victory points. We had 42,728 victory points. The last clan to obtain "Veteran" status was number 132 with 21,543 victory points. After that, clans 133 through 198 got "Warrior" status, and the last place team there had 3,111 points. I think we are awarded a style (and some decals) from Wargaming for our efforts. https://worldoftanks.com/e
  6. Thank you Bombay! Definitely, if you want to make a push for a reward tank, I think they have at least 10 tankers already. Contact myself, Juggernaut, Gpc, Schwerv, Wotbot, Xtc, Sib, Sly, etc. Most guys are posting in the Organized Play channel in Discord. Even if they don't get 15 commits, the rest of us will support them when possible. Given that--if you are not trying for a reward tank, please don't feel like you have to be on every night for this campaign. Chip in where you can. Thanks.
  7. I talked with Bubba earlier, so I already know you want an invite to DHO-X, and that you are a dad. I'll PM you shortly.
  8. I doubt I'll get to 15 this time. I probably played the same amount, but I played tech tree tanks missing modules and considered that gaming time free xp. Was it worth it? Not sure, it's a lot of time for little result. But, I got my Char 4 somehow anyway, so at that point I wasn't sure I needed to keep playing FL at all this season.
  9. Welcome back! Jump in Discord during prime times, you'll find others to platoon with. In the meantime, we'll get you some tags.
  10. Geesh, I played it for a bit, classic. Can't believe it's free though, wow.
  11. Great! You sound perfect for DHO "DHOriginal", we'll get you an invite "dad-soon" 🙂
  12. One month left in Clan Wars Season 14: Revolution There isn't a website to track your number of battles in this season. The official WG website will show you number of global map battles overall, or 28 days, or 7 days, or 1 day (inaccurately). What's a DHO-X member to do? I grabbed everyone's global number from the start of the season. If you look at the spreadsheet attached, you can see your starting number. From there, it's pretty easy to see how many battles you have, although forewarned, it sometimes takes a day or two before WG records them all. I'll keep my analysis short
  13. Happy to have you. I'll have a Commander get you in invite soon.
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