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  1. The advantage for me is although I have the KV-2, I don't always have a crew for it. This would solve that problem (but not worth $33 to me).
  2. You're not really saying anything we don't all already know. But also, don't get mislead by "logged on" vs "active in-game". WG doesn't have an auto-logout feature for better or worse. We're working towards people thinking about DHO-X and DHO as a 200 person clan. Top 100 active guys get to be in DHO-X. But since DHO-X is supposed to be a Clan Wars clan, maybe we'll need 3 clans (we can bring in DHO2/3/4 as needed). Maybe DHO-X come June will be 50 members instead of 100. But you can count on those 50 members to support team-based activities. Then 100 in DHO. And another 50 in DHO2/3/4. So long as dads are having fun tanking, it's all good, right? Also Grant, yes, some stuff is better for a different thread, good to keep it focused.
  3. You can remove the part about being removed after 28 days of inactivity. I'll kick whenever the hell I want.
  4. ScHwErV uses one on Karelia. The driver sucked, but he tried...
  5. Honestly, I thought they were going to make a giant yellow rubber duckie skin.
  6. Panzer Corps 2 was just released. I'm a little too involved in other games myself, but fyi to those hex-game warriors out there. https://www.matrixgames.com/game/panzer-corps-2 Reviews: https://kotaku.com/panzer-corps-2-the-kotaku-review-1842371397 https://www.pcgamer.com/panzer-corps-2-review/
  7. We are scheduled to have our first battles tonight, 9pm eastern. Get in early to get your spot and go over strats, etc. Edit: I think our first battle is actually 9:15pm eastern, so show up around 9.
  8. Sounds good to me then. Drop @rewguy79 a message, drop tags, and after your 24 hr (48?) cool down kick me if I don't get your invite right out. @Dutch_323
  9. Our normal nights are Tues/Thur/Sat, roughly between 9pm and 11pm eastern time. No one is expected to hit them all, but how does this work for you in general?
  10. Weird the way they are overlapping these "missions", but not complaining! I'm hoping it's not a mistake because I wasn't planning on buying tanks/retraining crews until... Saturday I guess. Also, not sure I have any tanks to buy because I recently went on a "F*** it, I'm rich, biach!" and bought a ton of tanks. Though surely I have some retraining to do? Hope all our fellow tankers are taking advantage of this though, tank discounts and retrain discounts on the same weekend.
  11. Welcome! We'll get a recruiter to you shortly. @rewguy79
  12. I'm going to send you a forum PM.
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