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    Clan Wars - Season 11 update

    Sorry it wasn’t much good during the clan were you guys let me play in. I couldn’t get discord to open up. So I deleted it, but wasn’t able to reinstall it. I did find a link To a Web version which somehow wouldn’t let me talk but I could hear you.And world of tanks was very choppy and I couldn’t tell if anything was even coming out of my gun when I shot.


    I know it's only tier4 but its a lot of damage for me.

    Avoiding CW technical default

    I’m not really sure why it. I’ll check for updates.

    Avoiding CW technical default

    Also there are many people in the clan who have not played in months, so before you complain at guys who have showed up to play maybe you should reach out to those guys first. Just my two cents, hope I don’t Offend anyone.

    Avoiding CW technical default

    I joined what must of been the second battle last night, I try not to do CW because discord for me sucks. I can’t hear, it cuts on and out so I stopped logging into it. The numbers of people on is only going to get worse with nice weather coming.

    Frontline Returns!

    Funny ,I’ve played it now each night for 2 hours or so and I’m over frontline. Credits are good but I’m not having fun . Feels like a grind. So Back to regular tanks I think. Maybe even ships.

    Game closing when not being played

    No error, just walk away for a bit and come back and wake laptop up and game is gone. Not sure started this past week. Black might be right, maybe it’s my computer.
  8. It’s happened to me three times today I walked away form the computer and the game closes.Anyone else having anything like this

    SPG Re-balance

    Wheeled vehicles are going to be the new bad guy
  10. MBKKGD

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    And what were the bids?
  11. MBKKGD

    Oneround, MBK and Beefy, I got an idea!

    Love the tanker helmet ⛑ , where do I get one
  12. MBKKGD

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Yes I remember something about that some guy name Joey. But I’m not really sure if that’s relevant anymore. With the way things have been consolidated,chopped up whatever you wanna call it if you’re looking to get new and fresh people maybe we need to have a complete and total revamp.
  13. MBKKGD

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    Just a thought, has anyone given any thought maybe changing our clan logo? Me personally I never really understood why we have that logo. It doesn’t speak out dad’s only, my thought is were a Bunch of dad’s and should have a more witty .emblem.We might be able to draw a few more people to look at our clan page to see the picture and learn more about us with something more relevant to what we are
  14. MBKKGD

    Yearly battle report

    Not much of a difference. Think they are called garbage tanks. Type 5 is even better!
  15. MBKKGD

    Yearly battle report

    So much hate