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  1. Tiered system is perfectly fair and acceptable. I think it's great that the players who participated more can get a larger portion. Please feel free to divvy up anything coming to me to the sourpusses who suggested some who played should get nothing. They evidently need it more than I do. 😃 Also, many thanks to the Callers and to those who made room for players that hadn't been in a game. Every time I was in it was fun no matter the outcome of the battle.
  2. I actually had this PC wired at one time. However to do so, I had to run shielded direct burial cat 5e out an exterior wall, buried behind a hedge, under my entire back deck, under a portion of pool deck, up an exterior wall, through a soffit, through the attic, back down a wall, and then to a wall plate. I performed these series of feats in the middle of a San Antonio summer. Less than ONE WEEK after I ran this damn thing we had a lightning strike that fried that very cable, along with a router, GFI circuits, and Direct TV box. This was 3-4 years ago. It's still on my "To Do" list to replace it. 😋
  3. I ran that particular trace for about 10 minutes before taking the screenshot. I'll test starting/stopping along with the suggestions Flyingfish has above and see what I get.
  4. It has always been a wireless connection. No other devices streaming that I know about, but since this issue appeared I've noticed it does not matter what time or who is home, which may not mean anything at all other then my family streaming on their devices are probably not the issue. I left back for work after lunch, but I'll try plotting other servers tonight when I get back. I'll check this as well.
  5. I know we have several networking gurus in our ranks, myself not being one amongst you. Maybe I can get your help in interpreting this ping report and what steps I can take to correct my problem. I've had a latency issue for the past several days making the game unplayable. I'm experiencing spikes, according to the in-game monitoring system, of 600-700ms with occasional lags reaching 999ms. These will last anywhere from 1-10 seconds and then return to my "normal" 40-60ms lag times. I've done what I can on my end that I know about: modem resets, computer restart, and having my IP send a refresh signal. When I finally performed a traceroute, I came up with the following shown below. What exactly am I seeing, why, and what to do next? Thanks in advance.
  6. So skirmishes won't show up on the battle count. I get it.
  7. . . .how someone gets to a Tier IX when their battle history is only 355 matches and with a low win rate? There is not nearly enough experience to buy your way up. How does someone do this? P.S. - I'm not shaming by showing the player name. It's a legitimate question.
  8. My best spotting damage! Only took 30-something thousand games!
  9. I'm a sucker for a premium light, so i bought it and played a game at lunch today (no Ace, however - good job gpc_4). One thing for sure - it bounces shells. I had four ricochet, probably turret shots - it's the way that it's shaped. Three from the front and one from the side. I was surprised.
  10. Well, the 277 was an easy fix. . .my T-10 had nearly 400K of experience tied to it so I was able to research and buy it right away. I still have not played in it yet. I purchased the Tier 9 Conq and re-purchased the W-111 1-4 and put them in the daily play rotation. I have the W-132-1 researched. . .any value to the team? Or is the T-100 LT a better choice? Also curious about the Russian Tier X light?
  11. Do you have a preference between the 277 and the 5a as a caller?
  12. Now that's someone that knows my gameplay style! 😋
  13. OK - I'll put it on the list, although I think you may have some bias for the Union Jack based on your location. 😀 Ah, gone are the days of the T-62A, T57 and E5. Farewell, old tanks, and thanks for the memories. 😋
  14. So it sounds like I'm good with my 140 and working on the 5A and 277 is what I'll do. Super Conq. . .if I have to. 😉 Any value to the Tier X lights at all?
  15. If you heard my kids razz me when we watched Gran Torino together you'd know how funny it is that you said that! 😀
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