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  1. 1. Paris 2. Paris 3. Paris Did I mention Paris?
  2. My first game in the ELC EVEN 90....damn
  3. Doc1.docxDoc1.docx For all you Arty haters...lol T92 Gore's Medal
  4. Does anyone know of another site to keep up with your stats?
  5. Yes, right click on each crew member and train to 100%..this cost gold. not sure why this is using the cross out, can't get it to stop.
  6. Just thought you would like to know. From the site: vBAddict is closing It was summer 2011 when I decided to create a site dedicated to visualising the games I'm playing in WoT. Since than, the site was growing and getting a reference for data you couldn't find anywhere else. I'm not playing WoT for almost three years. For almost two years it feels like a burden to keep the site up. It requires a massive amount of time to keep up with the WoT updates. In the last months I didn't always had the time, required updates were delayed. Additional, but not decisive, the amount of donations and banner revenue are not even covering the server costs. To make a long story short, I'm giving up with this. Site will be online at least few weeks. At the end of September vBAddict will be shut down. Thanks for all the donators and for all the veterans keeping up with me and motivating me each day. P.S. Anyone serious interested in the difficult to understand PHP/Python source is invited to contact me via marius.czyz@gmail.com
  7. I've never used them, but when I got my new HT system threw the book at my 21 year old step son and said..."Set it up". Works great. He never opened the book.
  8. I'm going to go with just old Silnt
  9. Good for Slayer. If you find him tell him to team kill me...I need the gold.
  10. Hello everyone.  Jester39 here.  56 YO with 5 sons.  4 by my SO of 14 years and 1 of my own.  We also have 5 grandkids between us. Thanks to DorJammer for the invite.  Talk soon.
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