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  1. yes i think the boxes were a good deal . 25,500 gold .3,000.000 credits 80 days premium time m-4 ,turan,kv220-2,lef and the scorpion is7,batchat and t57 skin simon claus plus all the ornaments to get festive level to 10 even used some of the gold to buy the pregetto m35 mod 46 i like that tank
  2. hello all formerly of DHO4 then my computer fried took 2 years off now back with working comp and better internet would like an invite had lots of fun with you guys.
  3. its fun for me . great map too wish they would put it in randoms:)
  4. Awsar


    you mean we are supposed to aim ?? kinda like that minimap thing people talk about.......;)
  5. very slow but great gun and trollish front armor . the t30 is worth it tho that big gun ruins people's days i like my t30 better then the e4 good luck kills lots of reds
  6. Awsar

    Rita's Blog

    rita is awsome love watching her stream
  7. well 1 of the funnest artys in the game leads my tanks. top 3 win rate fv304 1210 games -wr 57.85 m36 jackson 249 games -wr 57.03 m4a3e2 305 games wr 55.74 top 3 wn8 wz-131 158 games 2017 wn8 panther 231 games 1791wn8 t-69 230 games 1786 wn8
  8. i use it alot to find tanks and see terrain but i have been switching back to normal arty view to shoot seems i get more hit that way not sure why . played alot of games using battle assissant may be because i have real bad internet who knows just my 2 cents
  9. i agree $50.00 for it not worth it from the looks of it.you spend that much it should at least have pref mm be something special anyway.
  10. Awsar


    yes great guys great clan been fun running platoons with you guys --the teamspeak chatter/BS makes me smile even when oneroundshort (secures my kill) and geek kills me still fun tho :)
  11. they are in my IS-8 rt now then going to be in my IS-7 when i get it . Russian female Crew in a big Russian tank--HOT<<<
  12. MOE 1st mark : MOE 2nd mark T110e4 T-30 IS-8 T-32 no 3rd marks yet but working on them :) T-69 T28 prot FV207 IS-3 T-71 Panther FV-304 KV-85 SU-100 T-67
  13. i think ive been called bad names in my FV-304 then any other arty doesnt do a ton of damage but i can keep that heavy tracked till i kill him lol
  14. pink floyd --chicago rosemont horizon my uncle won tickets on radio station it was awsome sometime around 1984
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