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  1. The Great Clip Gold Giveaway (March)! 1K World Of Tanks Gold PC Only! How to win? 1. Follow my stream at Twitch.tv/TSgt_Supply. 2. Create your favorite clip during the stream!3. Post the clip to this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CommandCenterGaming/! Include your WOT game name when posting! I will choose my favorite clip and that is the winner! All Clips must be submitted by 1 April 2018! Winner will be chosen on 2 April 2018!
  2. DHO 3 picked up slamfire since he was apart of us a year ago.
  3. I am going to take this as a no....LOL
  4. Hey just curious if there were any DHO Clan Commander openings available?
  5. Travel down this emotionally roller coaster with me in my T-127.... http://wotreplays.com/site/2803762#mines-sgt_supply990-t-127
  6. Every DHO 4 member I kill will be posted on this thread!! MUUUHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!
  7. DADs, Looking to play in todays tourney!! Tier 5 need 4 players. Team Name: DHO UNITED Password:dadsunited Sign up closes in 4 hrs! Join up!
  8. Just found out I am having twins! So games might be taking a back seat for now. I find out the sex in 4 weeks! Twins OMG!! 4 kids!!! God help me!
  9. Dad's, Its official we now have a dedicated public server on the game "RUST"! If you have the game please check it out! If you don't have the game check it out you might like it! The server name is: RustyDadsHideOut Check it out on gametracker @ Check out the game @ http://rust.wikia.com/wiki/Rust_Wiki
  10. Ruiner, I will make sure the server stays good fun and a good reputation for DHO. I am not expecting everyone to play I just wanted to add it to the website so are community of dads have options. The server only cost $20 a month so I gladly pay that for all the great support DHO has given me. So can we add an image to the main page like the ones for battlefield, star wars, and tanks? What do you need from me?
  11. Well the server is still public so it wont be DHO only however, we would probably have the more numbers. I imagine the differing DHO CLANS co-oping and killing each other for fun. As well as directing/promoting our website for new dads looking for a gaming community. Joining the official clan would still follow the same requirements. I would like to link our website to the server if I can and have a image on the main page. Who would I ask for that permission?
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