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  1. OleGoat

    PSA - Wargaming code

    Based on Sly's logic .. it is correct because what I listed is the reward if NA loses.
  2. OleGoat

    PSA - Wargaming code

    Redeem code by typing in NAWINS 5x Personal Reserves: +100%Crew XP (1 hour) 5x Personal Reserves: +50%XP (1 hour) 5x Personal Reserves: +200%Free XP (1 hour) https://worldoftanks...match-na-vs-eu/ Reward will be disbursed after 7/21
  3. OleGoat

    To Defender or not to Defender

    Tks for the input but Olive drab is just more my style..plain & simple..not like the rest of the pack. And I do realize that the Defender camo has slightly better rating but hey, I make so many mistakes on the battlefield that camo ain't gonna save me.
  4. OleGoat

    To Defender or not to Defender

    I might get the Obj 252U regular (just to be different) as I'm just startin to work up to T8's and heavies.
  5. OleGoat

    Promo code 3 days prem and 500k credits

    It's still givin out codes...tks.
  6. OleGoat

    Free code

    Thanks..every little bit helps.
  7. OleGoat

    Billy Goat Videos - Best Climbs in Randoms

    Just to let ya know, my first name is not "Billy" and it is not me in those vids. Hello all, just wanted ta let ya know I still lurk from time to time. If ya see me on the battlefield feel free to "put a cap in my azz" like everyone else. CYA
  8. OleGoat

    Friends list bug

    OK now, let see if friend list really works (if Geek accepts, my friends list will be up to a grand total of almost 1).
  9. OleGoat

    Friends list bug

    List appears to be working as intended as of last night(no lag to see list)..now if I had some friends I could double check to make sure.
  10. OleGoat

    Happy Birthday OleGoat

    Sry for the delay in responding to this. Thank you very much. BTW..like your choice of brews...Genny Cream was my goto for quite a long time. Cheers..
  11. OleGoat

    Trouble Logging In Today? (4/17)

    Just tried and all was good. Maybe just a Monday mornin server glitch.
  12. OleGoat

    Packet Loss - NA East

    Doin good Cpl..just startin to get back into WOT a bit. Hope all is well with you my friend.
  13. OleGoat

    Packet Loss - NA East

    Not sure, butt from what I've heard about Maida, he should probably be checkin "things" out on his "end"
  14. OleGoat

    Well, I've Been Banned

    Not doin too bad Cpl..just startin to ease back into WOT. Hope yer doin well bud.
  15. OleGoat

    Well, I've Been Banned

    Me thinks he was probably makin bad "Goat" jokes.... how is everyone doin..long time no chat Goat