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  1. hey welcome to DHO! I'll send you an invite to DHO (casual side) and if you get the lucky roll of having a non-fussy baby and want to switch to X (org side) later then that's no problem. Get yourself into our Discord so you can platoon and participate in drops - http://www.discord.gg/YKpADaU.
  2. Welcome back... I'll send you and invite
  3. drop tags and I'll sent you an invite
  4. if you're starting from scratch then you might as well work toward the Obj 277 first
  5. take a look at this link... it's in there but it also gives you an understanding of the structure and culture of DHO generally. also... I'll send you an invite to DHO(riginal)
  6. DHO(riginal) hangs out in platoons and does the odd skirmish, while DHO-4 is casual... and DHO-X is organized along CW and Advances lines. All get involved in super-drops etc. Which interests you? BTW - Actondad is in DHO-X.
  7. welcome to DHO... if you wish for an invite to one of our subclans you'll need to leave your existing clan.
  8. ok cool... we're working on getting you a spot.
  9. I probably could as well... I'm meaning on WoT's website... it doesn't show you're profile. I'm a bit old-school, I typically use the website to invite guys but friend me in game and I'll invite you that way instead.
  10. the DeltaIce account has 6 battles... is this you?
  11. you name doesn't come up when I search it...
  12. have you received an invite yet?
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