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  1. advice: if you're going to do fastbois/advances on the regular nights only do credit boosts those nights... you can do a couple but only those nights. more strikes on being made
  2. no problem... 20 of each. let me know how fast you use them. also, I can usually start credit boosts Tues, Thurs and Sat nights for those doing fastbois etc.
  3. The_Dad

    Two redeemable codes for the community!

    thanks Hapa!
  4. The_Dad

    Update 1.0 Grand Extravaganza

    you're sounding more like Maida all the time...
  5. The_Dad

    Bonus Code 500 gold, 7 days premium

    thanks Kilo!
  6. The_Dad

    A political post

    ^ two arty LOVERS!!!
  7. The_Dad

    Flotsam and Jetsam

    dad joke... no?
  8. The_Dad

    Flotsam and Jetsam

    some responses to consider: - tap 2 - you mean Malinovka... and spotting field causes natural selection... you just need to pick smarter teams and don't blame MM - I hear ya - please keep this secret... we wouldn't want our compulsive spenders to change now would we? - you pretty much have a 2/3 week grace period after a streamer announces their 'new' strat before it becomes a trap - thanks for being random... never stop that! gg
  9. nice! I'm grinding the 50 120 as well... didn't spend all weekend at it so I'm still 60k off but certainly took a big bite off the grind with all the boosts etc. my general (and honest) question is... how is the 50B better?
  10. The_Dad

    Load up times longer

    limiting the number of mods you use will help increase your load time if you have a slower connection/computer... even with a decent setup I see a 15 second difference without my usual mod pack (usually wait a day or so after a patch before reinstalling mods).
  11. The_Dad

    Welcome VonKluge1940

    nice, mine are in that zone too... I enjoyed the teen years but I'm enjoying the twenties better.
  12. The_Dad

    Welcome VonKluge1940

    hey welcome to DHO hope you enjoy the hideout... take a look around and stay awhile btw - how many kids do you have?
  13. The_Dad

    2018 On-Track Predictions

    actually, the 50B will be in January not the Bat... I was mistaken. apologies.
  14. The_Dad

    Oh Canada!

    my cousin bought so many parts from CT for an old car of his that he started calling it a 'motomaster'!!! more than a weakness...
  15. The_Dad

    Oh Canada!

    A few years ago my daughter brought her roommate home over a long weekend and I took them to the canal for a nice long skate... no one told me she couldn't skate. We made it no more then 100m (328 ft) before I realised this wasn't going to happen and offered Tim's hot chocolate which saved the day. BTW - Ref's responses are as good as the original list!