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  1. invite sent for DHO(riginal)
  2. Welcome to DHO! I'll let @gpc_4 decide if you'd be a fit with X first... if not you will definitely be given tags for DHO(riginal). Have you found our discord info?
  3. sounds good... I'll send you an invite tomorrow. edit: looks like Rew already sent you an invite.
  4. welcome to DHO! Would you mind popping over here http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/forum/13-dho-central-general-discussion/ and introducing yourself? Thanks! You need to drop your clan tags for me to invite you... it takes 24 hrs before you can accept a new clan invite after dropping tags. I can only invite one of your profiles... which one are you interested in using here? Here's your Discord invite http://www.discord.gg/wbBn73dF22... you can use the chat/voice channels immediately.
  5. invite to DHO(riginal) sent... welcome home!
  6. welcome to DHO... invite sent
  7. I can't find a profile under this name. I assume from you post above that you're not on PC. If you have a WGing profile other than this IGN please let me know.
  8. not an issue... just wondered if you would like this account or another (main) account... invite sent
  9. Heya and welcome! I looked you up on the WoT site to send an invite... I assume this is your alt account with only 140 battles. Do you have a main account with DHO?
  10. invite sent... when your cool-down ends you'll be able to accept
  11. Hey Obi, welcome back! Invite to DH(Original) sent. Welcome... and you can use the discord for both WoT and WoWs so check it out. Invite to DH(Original) sent.
  12. welcome to DHO! invite sent for DH(Original)... simply go to WoT's site and accept the invite
  13. welcome to DHO! Once you accept the invite please say 'hi' or something along that line in clan chat so the guys can welcome you. Also, we use discord for voice and text chats... you can find the info in the link below if you haven't already seen it.
  14. I'm guessing with the site down over the summer and guys using discord a lot for sharing idea/info they probably don't watch this much.
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