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  1. ok cool... we're working on getting you a spot.
  2. I probably could as well... I'm meaning on WoT's website... it doesn't show you're profile. I'm a bit old-school, I typically use the website to invite guys but friend me in game and I'll invite you that way instead.
  3. the DeltaIce account has 6 battles... is this you?
  4. you name doesn't come up when I search it...
  5. have you received an invite yet?
  6. invite sent... welcome back to DHO!
  7. that's cool... I'll invite you to DHO... as well as the link for our discord server -> discord.gg/YKpADaU
  8. hey welcome to DHO! We have space in one of the sub-clans for you but to better fit you in here's a quick question... how active are you planning to be in tanks? i.e. everyday, once a week, from time to time... that idea.
  9. hey, welcome back to tanks... so are you interested in org play or are you more of a casual tanker? FYI: DHO is the casual side and DHO-X is the organised side of the clan. also... oddly I can't find you by the IGN Haikon72
  10. Welcome back to tanks... DHOriginal currently has 1 spot open... we're looking for an active Dad who wants to platoon and play skirmishes regularly while hanging out on discord. How active are going to be? Sent from my SM-G970W using Tapatalk
  11. I played it all week for maybe 5 battle per night. My focus is mostly credit grinding with a little xp grind to a tech tree tank thrown in as well. I enjoy it early in the week but honestly by last night I really started to hate my decision to play. The extra bonds are nice once you finish the 15 levels but perhaps not worth the frustration of the lower IQ player base. I think I only participated in 1 steel hunter battle last year... so I'm not sure what to expect and that makes me uncertain if I'll be able to get the second tank even though I'm up a token.
  12. I can identify with your thought... I played a lot with my youngest as he was in his final year of HS and now that he's adulting (post-college) not to mention covid-19ing we're back at tanking together again. enjoy it sir!
  13. It's an estimate I suppose but most long time guys will have at least one meta and one specialist tank... so that would make sense.
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