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  1. They might be mythical to some people but I'm partial to dragons.
  2. Part of tankrewards.com this month is to play at least 2 matches in T10's. Surprisingly, by just playing those few battles per night I feel more comfortable in them... most nights it's only 2 but some nights I enjoy it and play for an hour. I'd now encourage everyone to play a couple of matches each session in T10's. <- 25 cents worth of advice!
  3. did you just make up a word? I like it! but what does it mean?
  4. I picked this up yesterday with the excess gold I have laying around from opening boxes... seems like a trolly tank in the right hands... not sure that's me but at least I can go back to yolo/ramming with LT's again (just like I used to do in tier 3/4). It should be good in next year's FL as well. The crew lay out feels odd to me... but I guess that's because I'm still in the t54 ltwt... the T-100LT will certainly make more sense having this as it's crew trainer/credit maker. thanks for your thoughts on these tank Grant!
  5. hey welcome back... DHOriginal is the other active clan. @rewguy79 will set you up
  6. the implication of course is months and months of DHO Derpsgiving...
  7. after I lose 7 in a row... I stop playing tanks. yes, I'm a quitter but then again I don't put my fist through my monitor, pound my keyboard into tiny pieces or throw my mouse across the room. how often will I see 7 losses in a row?
  8. I use rammer, GLD, and vents on my V.4. It's not a sniper... you still need to use GLD to hit an enemy at close range.
  9. by my rough count DHO X is 11-6 in three nights of fighting with a solid 5-2 last night (Saturday)... gg's gents!
  10. Hotel California... my Atlantic bro
  11. wouldn't that be terrible if you had to pay full price?!?
  12. Heya, I just put this on Discord: the new CW season starts tomorrow night! We'll make at least one landing (probably a couple)... however, since it's the start of the season and every province is a landing it's only about a 50/50 whether we see a fight or not.
  13. I usually don't have prem tank buying regret until at least 50 battles... just sayin.
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