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  1. I'm not around for much of the time frame... so I'm a nope. I'm fortunate to get in a night or two any given week during the summer but this CW season is the worst possible time for me. Sent from my SM-G970W using Tapatalk
  2. ensk... Tiger 1... no trains to hide behind... 5 of us at tier 4 (level 1)... all of us getting one-shot while spawning back in... Tiger slowly rolls down the tracks and the game is over. That part was so bad it was funny. But after we switched to western front and figured out the focus fire part... it was a fun mode. The 4 gas can thing is a little frustrating but everyone should be fine to do this mode again in the future... we certainly can't overplay it atm.
  3. this was an interesting exercise... Going with the original criteria on WotLabs I found only 4 tanks (cause reasons) 3 being LT's and 1 an HT. When I drop to a WN8 of 1500 I get 2 more HT's and 3 MT's. Excluding the battle count (i.e. including all tanks with at least a WN8 of 1600) I have 19 tanks and 12 of them are LT's. That's a surprise to me. I've enjoyed HT's and TD's at times but I felt my best class was MT's... maybe I should work a little more on LT's since they seem to get me better results.
  4. The LT is dangerous in this mode anyway but taking it to 1 slot seems more like a 'social' reaction as opposed to a balance... the same thing could also be said for arty (3 slots... really?!? it means more clicking). Honestly, this seems like they looked at a forum post and reacted as if there was a huge public outcry instead of monitoring the mode with the underlying stats and balancing the classes. I think the spotting from the guns is an interesting twist. We'll see if it helps with the idiots who need to win the game before anyone has any damage.
  5. be warned... you need 5 games (not a lot) but if you don't show up you won't get the camo!
  6. MM seems to be generous... no complaints... the number of matches were one team rolls the other hard hasn't changed however!
  7. is that like dog years? multiply by 7 and you feel 49... as a tanker I mean.
  8. 1.27... took too many days off for RL I guess
  9. simply because it's Grant... we only speak that name ^ in whispered tones... shhhh
  10. St. Emil... yes of course put the xp on it... it's terrible! If you think the Crusader SP is bad... wait until the tier 8!
  11. Just knocked off stars/played grind tanks to complete the mission over two days without too much pain. Probably took 4 hrs in total and all the xp went on the UDES... cause I was paying attention. All in all it was pretty easy to do the codes and play the mission... although I disagree with the three day time limit for those who might not have had time this weekend.
  12. Hotel California... we're not worried. find what's fun... enjoy!
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