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  1. The_Dad

    Another Code: 8th Anniversary

    worked... thanks
  2. nah, Russian... gunner was drunk
  3. MM seems to be generous... no complaints... the number of matches were one team rolls the other hard hasn't changed however!
  4. The_Dad

    7 years of WOT

    is that like dog years? multiply by 7 and you feel 49... as a tanker I mean.
  5. The_Dad

    Frontline Returns!

    1.27... took too many days off for RL I guess
  6. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    simply because it's Grant... we only speak that name ^ in whispered tones... shhhh
  7. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    St. Emil... yes of course put the xp on it... it's terrible! If you think the Crusader SP is bad... wait until the tier 8!
  8. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Just knocked off stars/played grind tanks to complete the mission over two days without too much pain. Probably took 4 hrs in total and all the xp went on the UDES... cause I was paying attention. All in all it was pretty easy to do the codes and play the mission... although I disagree with the three day time limit for those who might not have had time this weekend.
  9. The_Dad

    taking a break...

    Hotel California... we're not worried. find what's fun... enjoy!
  10. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Tuesday's code... S2NUWPMV
  11. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    I have a head cold and I'm under the influence of meds so hopefully this makes sense -> please keep in mind that this month long hunt isn't actually sanctioned by WGing HQ... this is NA doing something special for us. They didn't/couldn't incorporate it into proper 'missions'... instead they did this like a special single code event (or January's 4 code event).
  12. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Monday's code... MS57TRFMS57TRFT
  13. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Saturday's code... M23X5FR5
  14. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Friday's code... F4HW729K
  15. The_Dad

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Jerm's code... FMM5XWXT