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  1. Wargamming has given us another American tier IV tank, the M8 medium tank. If your a fan of the M5 Stuart or M8A1 then you already know what to expect from this little fun tank. Its quick, and just as nimble as the M5 (still turns like the M5), but it is slower then the M5 and M8A1. The M8 Scott ( although Wargaming just calls it the HMC M8) retains the turret traverse speed of the M5 and can either use the 75mm Howitzer M2, or the quicker firing 3 inch M7. Hull armour is identical to the M5, but the turret sides are the same as the M8A1. But its a welcome change to have a US tier IV with a turret and some mobility over the M3 Lee. Since picking up the M8 last night I sold off my Caffee (as its not fun anymore with the nerf) and moved the crew to the M8. So personally I'll be playing this tank alot and it did rather well facing off against tier VI heavies and TD's with the 3-inch gun.
  2. Well I was trained by our government to operate in 4 man squads. [emoji16] Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  3. I am. Although my headset died on Saturday, and won't have a new one til Friday. Until then I'm renting my son's. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  4. There is 3 different ships to play with, a large ship with a 4 man crew, a medium ship with a 2 man crew, or you can go balls out and sail in a little ship all by your lonesome. Did the little ship today, met another player in a single ship at an Outpost, sunk his ship then killed him. Arrrr... Yea it was mean to do but I waited til he cashed in his treasure first. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  5. I got rid of all my Soviet tanks during the summer and just play US, UK, and German Mediums now. Just running my Sherman line for tank bowl. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  6. I've been doing the pass mainly for my kids. But this is great news and gives you a chance to try out Sea of Theives upon release! Personally I have been having a blast playing the Alpha and now the Beta. Hell you can even cheap out and do the 14 day free trail for game pass when Theives is released. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  7. Wow now I feel old, had some of those in 7th grade. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  8. Just bought it tonight. First match was a blast once i found a car then just kept running people over!
  9. Just bought it tonight. So yea I'm up for squads!
  10. Uggg... It's fun for a little while... I do enjoy it alot more then moon tanks and ghost tanks! Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  11. Don't sweat it I only have 17 but getting ready to clean out a line I just don't play much. I took a few weeks off of WoT myself. But picked up the Boilermaker and been doing a little crew training with it and my AC4 Experimental for my British crews. Your welcome to hit me up to platoon anytime. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  12. Yea I hear ya. Spent about $200 on Friday on sales and some dlc the kids just had to have. So now I'm having to bring a lunch to work all week. Sent from a little black box. Xbox GT: T1K16OD
  13. And I just bought the Boilermaker for WoT on Xbox since it's back and only $19.99 on the store not in game. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  14. Man these sales MS keep having is gonna make me broke, or in trouble with the wife if she finds out how much I have spent in the last month alone! Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  15. Oh damn! See thats what happens when i dont check the forums often enough... Well im up for it on Xbox next time!
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