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  1. i was in dho-x for along while and dho-3 i think for a short time. got the game downloaded again. i suck at the game now lol. would be cool to play with people. not looking to do clan wars at all just hang out and have fun
  2. Went into an art of shaving store today. Not impressed
  3. Would be any better if it was a big black seat
  4. I'm loving mine. Every time I shave I get a better shave. I can shave everyday with no issues but I've been doing 2-3 days then one day off. I do 4 passes for the smoothest result. I do have issue on my neck where face and under chin the grain is down but on the neck it's up. So little tricky but no cuts nicks or irritation so no big issues. I've used gillete silver and really like. Also have used a astro blades. Less aggressive so good for morning shave if im in a hurry. I also love my menthol soap it feels better but it's not as thick as when I use the cream. So I kinda use a combo of the soap with a touch of cream to thicken up the lather. Over all best personal grooming investment ever. I'm lucky I have really soft facial hair but baby but smooth cheeks is a nice feeling I gotta admit
  5. harmy4993

    What do You collect?

    I've got baymax. The big red one. Have about 15 marvel 5 dc 33 Harry potter and couple star wars and a walking dead.
  6. It's hard to trash talk when the forum corrects your language haha
  7. Oh I'm serious and I'm trash talking.
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