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  1. Reviving a slightly old thread Blanton's - my current favorite Angel's Envy - very good, aged in port wine barrels so it has a hint of port wine in the flavor Willett Woodford - not bad at all I looked into Pappy's awhile back and getting your hands on a bottle at non-insane prices is almost impossible
  2. So far so good with the new MM and Tier VIII. I had a few Tier X matches while in a Tier VIII but nothing like it used to be. It's actually kind of funny because I've spent so much time fighting Tier X's in my Tier VIII I have to think about the soft spots on the Tier VIII's.
  3. Congrats! Wow, I just realized I'm coming up on 6 years myself, yikes......
  4. The little hills and bush at H7/8 is a good spot for a TD. Good visibility into the town down several of the streets. The tree at j4 isn't much good anymore since they blocked some of the views into F 5/6. North spawn td spots are meh. The B0 spot is kind of ok if you are defending, not so great for assault
  5. I agree that West is important but if you ignore the "peninsula" then you have an equally big problem. South Spawn - With no heavies, a red push from the north will roll up the flank as the TD's at K7 get spotted and clobbered. There's very little cover - bush or rock to hide in. Sometimes you can retreat into the hills but normally you get killed by heavies and arty as you try to escape. If a few heavies do go, those and the TD's can stop a push. North Spawn - The peninsula is important as well as it is very tough to defend if the reds roll up and right into your base. TD's can't support the peninsula as well from a northern spawn. I may go to D 7/8 to grab some early shots at south heavies crossing but then head west as I can be more productive.
  6. This is a pretty good map. Depending on the spawn either the bottom ridge at k8 or the g1 ridge to cover the ditch or any scouts/meds moving up/down the K line. The sniper spot at f1 is generally pre-aimed by arty and you get hammered. I try to avoid that until I have to. I miss when this map had assault mode. For a TD it was good shooting!
  7. Outta shells, damaged engine, and 6 hp's left. Stug Life.....
  8. gotcha, I misread that there was no cable between the two. That's a bummer on the cabling.
  9. ok, not to digress here, but why have 2 routers like you described? Instead of routing, just use a switch for your living room that is plugged into your main router. A switch gets you dedicated bandwidth per port, no double hop, and no bridging. You will actually add slowness by adding another network hop to the sequence. Just a suggestion
  10. Be careful with those powerline ethernet devices. Devices need to be on the same electrical circuit in order for them to work properly. By "same" circuits I mean on the same breaker in your house. They definitely don't work across sub-panels. It's worth it to have your house wired for Cat 6, or at least for your PC's.
  11. If your new trace shows your local network as a problem, you will need to disconnect devices one at a time to see which is the problem. It can be a virus, broken network cable, bad nic, bad wireless router, etc. I don't think that's what this is because your trace shows the current timing as 12.5 for your local network. Though that should be a little faster for local. When you do the stop and start also look at the "Cur" number as that is the current response time. Some PL is normal but when it is sustained on a hop then there is a problem or if the response times get over 150'ish then things get laggy.
  12. yeah that latency is bad. The problem with your trace is that it appears to have been running for awhile and what happens is it can all turn pink. These spots look bad tbone.rr.com ibone.comcast.net They have the most packet loss (pl%) at least for the screenshot you posted. PL causes your system to have to re-transmit the packet and with enough of that it becomes unusable. Try stopping and starting the trace and then watch for the spots in the trace that pop up as problematic first - i.e. highest Latency (AVG) and highest PL. Some of the "hops" will show as blank/100% and that is normal. They are hops that are likely set not to respond. As long as the traffic flows through to the next hop in the sequence it's likely OK. If you stop and start several times you can see the pattern of where the issue is. Unfortunately, if the problem isn't at the WG servers then there is little you can do about it. The providers along your route won't respond to an email from you.
  13. Siege mode takes awhile to get used to. Now I find that I try to do it on my other tanks as well.
  14. i play it a lot and like it. It would be nice if it had a little more speed but otherwise it's a good tank. It makes good credits! I might actually prefer the udes just because of the camo. I did much better in it before the T8's became T10 cannon fodder.
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