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  1. jd_on_ice

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Live Oaks

    Tracks are definitely more important but if no one goes city then it's just as problematic. Kind of like completely ignoring valley on lakeside or beach on overlord. I hate it when they go beach on overlord but dang it if I haven't seen a 3 tank beach push wreak havoc on a match. Especially if they've gotten through unspotted. So, I'd rather see some in city so you don't have to worry about reds on your six.
  2. It was a standard battle, not encounter. I went west to support heavies F0 hardly any went west. Then when I saw we were about to be overrun we (mostly TD's) fell back to just outside of base (D0) and that's where the fight got busy and where I did most of that damage shooting at reds in F0. So at that point it was a close fight not long range sniping. We stopped the push and then we pushed up to H9. And then I croaked...... I get the differences with spotting your own damage, etc. but still seems lame to do that much damage/kills and that's the result.
  3. Not sure how I didn't get anything for this battle. 3 kills and 5500 damage. I've had other games where I've done less damage and kills in this tank and gotten at least a 3rd level or maybe a confederate? Sheesh
  4. jd_on_ice

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    Yeah, actually I take that back. If they are referring to dispersion (on the aiming) then it's right in the same ballpark as german, swede, etc. TD's. The Borsig is .33, udes .34. There are some that are worse. Maybe he was comparing it to the Skorp which is .29 and worded it badly? If the reload is long that makes fully aimed misses pretty frustrating.
  5. jd_on_ice

    New Tank - SU-130PM - Premium Tier VIII RU TD

    oooh, me like. Better camo than the skorpion is good as well. Accuracy is about typical for a russian tank.
  6. jd_on_ice

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    Well that answers my question. I'd been wondering what they did to basically stop the spotting. The road is still important, but just not as useful for those early shots. I was only kidding about going valley, horrible place for a TD.
  7. jd_on_ice

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    Yeah, dunno. Something is different. Lately I've seen most of the team make it by (north or south) without getting spotted. It's now the rare tank that gets spotted. Where before they'd be spotted and you'd see them even to the red lines. Oh well, time to change tactics. Maybe i'll go valley......
  8. jd_on_ice

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    well, I've seen it with higher and lower tiers. At higher tiers I'd expect the scouts to have the crews that would spot a heavy or other tank heading towards the city. I could understand it at lower tiers where you have a higher chance of crews without skills/equipment and/or players that aren't as good. It's just something I've noticed but I don't have an answer. And it wasn't like this before, I'd head up or down the road for the first few minutes of the battle, hit the heavies as they went to the city, and then redeploy elsewhere depending on what was needed.
  9. jd_on_ice

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    Something I've noticed on this map that didn't happen before it was re-worked is that the spotting seems different. Scouts seem to need to go farther down the road to get the spots. Most of the time they don't go far enough and no reds are spotted. Anymore I don't even bother (TD) going down the road to get those opening shots at tanks crossing towards the city. We won't talk about Valley pushes anymore, its a bad thing. Though it seems to happen a lot, same with beach in Overlord.
  10. jd_on_ice

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    For the Tier 8's its definitely more challenging than it used to be. I think a big factor may be the "new and improved" MM, i.e. more T10 battles. Getting damage/kills in T10 battles is not nearly as consistent and makes it hard to keep up the averages. The battles where I could vaporize lower tier tanks in my borsig are basically gone, sniff....
  11. jd_on_ice

    BS Ban

    Yeah, they're automated system leaves a lot to be desired. I had a bulldog start crashing into me at the start of a match the other evening. He wouldn't stop no matter where I drove and since I was in my borsig he could just shove me anywhere and he was much faster than me so I couldn't get away. Another teammate even shoved him away but he kept doing it. I finally TK'd him and of course I went blue. I contacted WG, sent them the replay and their response was that they can't do anything to reverse their automated system and that I should have just let him crash into me and shove me around. Sounds like these guys have the same mindset as kids defending themselves at school - Don't do it, just let them beat you up!
  12. Good game in the udes. It was a loss, but good damage and kills
  13. Yeah, I generally don't shoot gold, too cheap I guess. Plus I usually see the Type 5 in my Borsig it seems. But you're right I probably should, the 311 pen is a big improvement.