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  1. Sometimes I asks myself......"self........am I warpackin, wolf packin, or am I just fudge packin"????
  2. Yes I am here been playing also where you been lol. Primanti's in Penn State??? LOL P E N N State state state. No I took a job as a chief inspector in cali. I wish I was back in Pa. Cheaper to live and close to Mom. Maybe one day I'll get to live the Pa. and live the dream again.
  3. Guys so happy to hear we are getting the band back together. Lets face it.....6 has been rapped and is basically a feeder division to X. We have lost so many players for whatever reason and it has taken its toll on our match play. I am totally down for playing team games again. Right now my game play is limited because I am still waiting for fiber to be ran to the house . Just got the notification from Race communication that we will be next on the list for fiber drops this March. So in a few weeks I can play more competitively and more consistently. So Yes I am down for more team play but my availability will be limited until my fiber drop to the house. Thanks
  4. LOL Yup I'm here. What's crakin?
  5. Finally Got My Kitty Boys.....All 707hp and 650 ft lbs of torque. Click to enlarge Let no joyful voice be heard... Let no man look up at the sky with hope! Let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake... "THE KRAKEEEEEEEEN!"
  6. It's a beast....I haven't even used track mode yet. It just throws you into the seat and rages down the highway. I love it!
  7. After months of waiting and set backs I finally received my Christmas gift. 707 hp and 650 ft lbs of torque. Merry Christmas to me! Click to enlarge
  8. Jack DeYoung

    1. CrewDoggie


      That's why I like those High School chicks....I get older and they stay the same age....Yes they do....Alright alright alright

  9. Hello All, I am new To Dad's Hide Out and was invited by Rebel Texan. My wife and just moved to the Fort Worth area. I am active duty Air Force and have been since 1995. We Have two kids and have been together for 17 years....(wow that's a long time). I'm a WOT addict and look forward to being yinz's new teammate. Thanks for the invite! Jack
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