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  1. Great find. I didn't have a Blizzard account (only really play WoT these days); but registered and then also got DIABLO III game for Free as well! One of my favourite games of its early days. Thanks Loads, Bro.
  2. Thanks to Rebel Texan for pointing me to this forum through the WOT forum messaging. Home is New Zealand (or 'Middle Earth' for any LOTR fans), though originally a Brit escapee. My son (21-ish) introduced me to WOT and now wishes he hadn't, as on our very rural piece of real estate, broadband is very poor and we have to book our online time, and not when downloading TV shows from eztv.it. I play WOT to unwind and am a 'freeplay' player (ie. no premium stuff, unless its gifted). Looking forward to browsing the various threads on DHO and putting my two-penneth-worths in.
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